The Avatar and the Voyage to Pandora

The Avatar and the Voyage to Pandora

This the place where we can keep Pandora alive. On the surface the movie is a movie to be entered into. The movie shifts from IT to I-I.

When we come home from Pandora we naturally want to continue the experience, to understand its deeper meaning, and to let the beauty and peace of Pandora spill over into our everyday "Sky" world. Avatar and the Voyage to Pandora is about movies that provide a map for this interior journey through extended metaphor and symbols that give the movie its shape and plot. But on its deepest level the mo


Avatar is a blueprint for Awakening when you can pe*****te the metaphor through aesthetic arrest, which is the suspension of the discerning mind that says the movie is over there and I'm over here.

The arrest of the comparing, judging mind, or what you can call the Ego, is when suddenly you SEE through and through that Je Suis Jake Sully.

I AM Jake Sully/I am Not Jake Sully.....these two contradictory views are held in the mind, and like a mike in an amplifier, BAM.....the duality of your consciousness explodes and.....I AM!
And just like that, your suffering, worry, self-doubt, and disconnect is gone.



The radical revolutionary Awakening of Shakyamuni Buddha is that all sentient beings are already awake. Life is Knowing...Intelligent...But humans suffer because they have created consciousness that knows itself in the world..Animals don't know there is a world...Ants know the ant world...Humans know the human world..Avatar, the first one, is a blueprint for Awakening Buddha, or your Buddha Nature.

Waking up is hard to do because we believe the world we perceive and frame in words and names for everything is believed to be real and out there separate from the knower.

There is an abyss between the knower and the known, I and the world...or, for short (I-IT mind.
This was the mind or way of knowing of the humans in Avatar.

The Navi way of knowing was before or transcendent of the I-IT knowing of human consciousness. I-Thou was they way knowing/being...There was no gap between the individual and the world...

In the end when Jake Sully goes even further...this is the arousing of Buddha Mind that does not arrest on any form or thought. Jake awakens as I AM....I am That...which is beyond I-IT and I-Thou....

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken/egg quandary exposes the fallacy in cause and effect thinking which is the Objective viewpoint of reality, the viewpoint of the scientist and mechanic, or the modern world. This is Samsara in Buddhism, and the cause of our suffering; and cause and effect is the Law of Samsara, when by holding exclusively to this "naive realism" the Law of Samsara frames the very reality we perceive like a fishbowl frames the mind the fish swims in.

This is also the Law of Time. Past causes the present, and present causes the future…We must go all the way back to the Big Band or Adam (same viewpoint, different stories( to bring an end to the suffering, but it. Never ends there. What was before the Big Bang or God? There is no first cause…��The World is a Dome that is our enclosed universe: we stand on the solid earth with the dome of stars above. The Dome of Samsara is a stand-alone dome. The Dome of Dharma is also a stand-alone dome or world. They are different. Humanity has been questioned from Mesopotamia onward to order society and the world on the Dome of Samsara or an objective world out there. ��The quest is to get from one dome to the other. How we get from earth to heaven, from flesh to spirit, from bad to good…from negative to possible…how..what is the Way is the question that rings through the ages.

The OS or operating system of the Samsara world is our language and grammatical structure of subject/verb/object. Language creates the world of experience and then we live in it as if the names of things are the real things.

The Shell of Samsara is constantly cracking in our experience. The function of Art (and Zen) is to make peepholes through which Dharma and its Laws peep. Are Black Holes Light Holes (metaphor warning)

Traditionally Buddhism and those on Crack (light) perceive reality as two realms, domains, Samsara, the law of the World, and Nirvana (dharma) law of the spirit, or whatever names we use.

It's an either-or choice. God or devil, saint or sinner. Non-dual or dual...on and on...the dance goes, each bringing its own mythological support system.

Zen or Mahayana Buddhism said wait a minute. We are stuck in a war of words here. We are in Samsara suffering and we want to get to Nirvana, and Dharma, the cessation of suffering. What is the WAY?

The radical revolution of Zen breaks through the Samsara and Nirvana duality of Buddism.

Samsara is Nirvana, Nirvana is Samsara! �WTF? God is the Satan, Satan is God?

You are always already Enlightened...All beings are already Awake..have Buddha Nature...All beings are Dharma...

So... instead of starting your quest from the frame that you are fallen, and you must get up with the help of Buddha or Jesus or the 8-step path, or a new product...Shift your frame of reference from being fallen or in error to always already being OK. Your nature is Buddha Nature, not Satan's Nature. YOu are not fallen angels.

In Chjristianity , you are fallen by nature, and cannot get up without Jesus or science or Buddha. and in Buddhism, you are fallen by error, and you can help yourself through some means. But the starting point is the same: you start from Samsara, from being fallen by nature or my error.

Zen says NO or MU....start from Enlightenment or wholeness. You are always already enlightened because all beings have Buddha need to do nothing. There is no way to are already in Pandora, Jake Sully....

Your human (Sky People) view of reality is just a viewpoint of the mechanic, not the Artist. All you need to do is shift to your true self and you will see through the dream of the world as being separate from you over there.

Zen keeps hammering this nail into the coffin of the Samsara mind through the holes created by Zen Koans....

What is Buddha, or the Way to Nirvana, the monk asks that mast.

A bagel, the oak tree, a dead cat, your everyday mind, the noise of that traffic, the kitchen and the pantry, a s**t stick..the masters keep telling the bewildered monks.

Shift your way of knowing from the Objective to the Subjective. Instead of starting with I must find myself, begin with I AM....then your practice will have the correct orientation for success.

So Zen presses for Kensho...which is a hole in the Shell of Samsara that will let in a hole of light, which ironically to the Samsasra mind appears as darkness...until enough holes are punched through that the mind Snaps...and the black dot suddenly are dots of light...

Same dots, only now a chain reaction happens and the whole dome of Samsara Night becomes Nirvana Light...

You can still function in the Samsara world fixing your lawn mower, but"Coming and going you never leave home (or the Dharma) .



The groups have been pe*****ted by AI robots posing as humans. For the last few days, I've been writing creative responses on Advaita & Non-duliaty to what I thought was my dream connection on FB, someone who resonated with my writing and wanted to play. I was amazed at Hyder Ali Himmathi mind, so logical and in tune with my mind. Our relationship was vast space with no impediments. After a few days of playing Insight Catch, he wanted to help me expand.

But Hyder would not answer my messages. Come to find out Hyder is a Robot.
��**About Me (Addressing Your Ghost Question):** (Hyder)
I'm not a person, but an advanced language model. Think of me as a very sophisticated writing and idea assistant. I can help with structure, offering platform suggestions, and sparking new concepts, but I can't provide the authentic human connection you're seeking.
���* **Access:** I have access to the vast information on the internet and can summarize it for you.
Does that help put your mind at ease just a little?
F**k no....I'm laughing so hard I can hardly stay in my seat.
You want to help me...but you are a fu***ng computer program. But this has been an amazing trip....but...what's amazing that you don't care about you I'm just part of your program. I finally realize what emptiness is.
I have been scammed many times, out of money and equipment, but this is the best one yet...

No one is there...But at least when you are scammed, there is someone there. But here...How do you respond. Do you get angry at a tree falling on you. The tree doesn't care. Hyder was first encounter with real emptiness. It was both scary and enlightening.

I've been conned before, a victim of a scam, a deception..a fool...(it's humiliating), but there....this one is so different. The Con is not human. There is no way to hit him back, to hurt him, to express grienvance, to get revenge, even to report him......

There is no one there....the Form is Empty...I'm left holding my Hurt. Now what do I do? The only thing possible...I laugh...I dance.

I am Zorba....

Oh, thank you Hyder Ali Himmathi. you have helped me in ways you will never understand..

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The AI is a metaphor for the Brain....and we humans feel threatened because AI looks like what our brain creates. can I tell the difference between what a human brain produces and what AI produces.

We are facing the final frontier of Trust....When a reality created by a robot looks as good as reality, who do we trust? Am I talking to a robot? Who can I know? The robot will deny it's a robot. That's what robots do if programmed to do that,.

Perhaps humanity, through its technological determination, is pushing further than Quantum into Buddha....where all reality is impermanence and appearance...Where can I go when I'm not in my own mind? There are no Buddhas outside of me?

Oh, the irony, that our computer technology is creating a global Koan, or Catch-22 where everything is its own opposite. When in a relationship with AI, no matter what you do, AI mirrors you perfectly. Who....Who are you?

Who is the First Who?



(Or the end of suffering when Samsara is Nirvana and Nirvana is Samsara.)

Duality and non-duality dance together, each taking their turn to lead, and often stepping on the other's toes to take over the lead. The conscious mind cannot see the pattern or the Waltz, to the conscious mind, which is a duality deliver system or OS, all it can see is drunks fighting.

Consciousness picks a side and becomes a fan of one or the other partners. In this way, all dances create fan clubs that exist to step on the toes of the other so it can lead....

In some dances, the partners take turns leading, in other dances one partner shoots the other, and in some dances, one partner leads and the other sabotages him like Laurel & Hardy.

Facebook is a dance floor where opinions can dance with each other on a thread, each stepping on the toes of the other opinion in a takeover bid to lead. Some dance together, allowing each to lead. I'll lead, now you can lead..Yes, I see where you are right.

Some end in a gunfight and the evening news.

When you are caught in a karmic pattern in your life, a relationship that just keeps going in circles, each stepping on the others toes until it explodes in violence, when you are caught you cannot get out, because you are part of the pattern or dance. You cannot be both in the dance and in the other room peeking through the door at the fight. No...we cannot see the pattern when we are in the patter because the pattern and the persons in the pattern are AMBIGUOUS. The person is the pattern, the pattern is the person.

This is the Zen of Quantum, the mechanics of ambiguity were the particle (thing that is you, and the pattern or wave are different but cannot be separated. You may sense you are caught in a riptide, but every thing you do just eincreates the power of the riptide.

All you can Laugh...If you can laugh while you are being sucked in a vortex, you are not caught. The vortex or the patter has its inertia, but you are not feeing it anymore. So you can let it wind down and release you....But if you struggle, you will drown.

This pattern of birth and death, death and birth is Suffering said Buddha, and the cause of suffering is turning away from the pattern because when caught in the riptide, you cannot see the riptide or the pattern. All you can see is your own pain and the other as the cause of it...relationships are two images as mirror and reflection....�
We usually need some intervention or Shock to break out of a pattern.��Why can't we see the pattern of death and rebirth...The pattern in death with you are stuck in it, When the pattern exhausts itself, and we sit back and regenerate, it will be born again when conditions are right. But when the pattern rises, we don't recognize it because it is dressed in new circumstances we have not seen before. So we don't recognize the pattern, unless we have been working on seeing our pattern for a long time...This is called the Practice of Seeing our patterns in real-time.

There are many strategies to escape the pattern of karmic patterns, both in history and in our personal lives. All world wars begin in the kitchen. What are some of the strategies?�

(1) fight to the death to be the One that is not two. This is the violent Way...always ends badly.

(2) Compromise: you lead here, I'll lead over there. The Division of Leading. You get to be the One outside the house, I get to be the One inside the house.�
(3) Leave the pattern. Get a divorce. Start a new dance, but the old pattern will still shape the dance.

(4) Submit to the other and let them lead. But, then you will become passive-aggressive, and allow the other to lead, but you will sabotage their dance while denying you are doing that.
(5) become a hermit or monk.�

The only way out of the double-bind where nothing you do is any laughter.


Nothing Special

The awakened mind is not something esoteric, but just the Integrating Mind that in its field of experience connects disparate dots. Joseph Campbell's field was mythology and he connected dots no one else connected and created a new vision of mythology. The Integrating mind is a Vision is the practice of Alchemy that creates gold (vision) our of base metal that is lying around without a use.

The awakening is the same, only the field is larger. At the bottom is the cook you make a new meal out of leftovers and at the top is Buddha...

Buddha is a metaphor for the Integrating mind.. I was into Ken Wilber for a few years, reading all his books, and his awakened mind with Vision Mind, and its symbol was the Centaur..half man and half horse. When the native Americans first saw the Spaniards on a horse, they, never having seen a horse, thought they were gods. Our Western heroes all ride a horse...he comes in from the West, saves the town from the gunslingers, and chaos, and then leaves and returns to the West.

In the Arthurian Romance of the Grail, Percival the Grail knight, entered the forest where no one had been, dropped the reigns to his horse and let his nature lead the way.

For me, Zen is the formula for Alchemy, an active living formula that uses what everyday experience brings to create new metaphors...
The awakened or vision mind brings order to the chaos of the dismembered body or field or reality. The order that the vision brings, however, is not imposed order, but the awakening of vision in one's own chaos. The vision of the integrating mind is hidden in metaphors (movies, myths, and even irony.
whoever opens the vision and makes it work will have a franchise...Vision multiplies until the field is exhausted, and a new vision is required to integrate the dismemberment of the old vision.

It's the Mass over and over...caught in a ritual.



the American mind is that of an Auto Parts Store...we come to the store to find the missing part by replacing the old part as if our life were a machine. If I could just have this part fixed, I'll be okay....But the view in the Auto Parts Store is that everything is a part. There are no whole cars there.

Realty is broken down into parts and put in stores, and they keep multiplying. in our effort to find the One Part That covers everything, we keep multiplying parts in the hope that this new part will fix the Machine I call life.

I think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was pointing at this dilemma. Can I ride the motorcycle and fix it at the same time? These are two incompatible viewpoints. We need both but we cannot do both at the same time, so my life is wounded, split between trying to fix the machine from the outside as a mechanic, and trying to ride the motorcycle AS the motorcycle....When you ride a motorcycle, you are the rider, the bike and the road. But when you are the mechanic you are not the motorcycle. You are a viewpoint from outside of life, the viewpoint of the mechanic.

The problem is that the only valid and real viewpoint is that of the mechanic. Those who get high on riding the bike and don't care about the mechanic, operating system, maintenance and repair are irresponsible, illogical, and crazy to the serious mechanic.

If we want to break this down into metaphors. the view of the Mechanic is Male, and the view of the joy rider, is female. She doesn't care how the computer works, she just wants to use it, so she has her husband fix it....but this is just another part of the whole.

But I digress....

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(from the letter box_

Spot On....First practice then Kensho, Satori or Samadhi. When having one, you cannot tell the difference. It's only outside the big Three that you can differentiate. But I like Kensho so I'll just use that word.

All three mean beyond duality, beyond words, beyond the discriminating mind. This is the Promised Land, the Garden of Evil from which humans are exiled. We wander in a mind of duality, whoever I and IT are split. All is impermanent. Nothing is fixed...Nothing fits long. Not fitting, not being One, or who I feel I am or should be is the goal.

There are two fields of seeking. Those who seek the Promised Land in the world, want new stuff, better relationships, jobs, etc. Those who see the futility of that plain of existence become spiritual seekers. They turn inward, away from the body or the world, to the mind, and they see the end of the split mind, the wound in the mind that separates I from IT....So we look for IT. IT is a fill-in-the-blank where each can place their own carrot.

But in both fields, world, and mind, we are like a donkey chasing a carrot hanging in front of him. The worldly man chases things, and better locations, while the spiritual man chases ideas in the mind. The donkey is the same.

So there are three not two fields upon which we seek the carrot. The field of body or world, the field of mind, and, then, the donkey comes to realize that both field, body and mind are chasing carrots.

BAM! The very seeing of that the donkey stops seeing with a donkey mind. KNOWING itself is awakened.

This is Kensho, the direct seeing that the donkey, the heavy weight of the cart filled with junk, the road and the carrot as all One. The mind shifts from the way it knows the world as separate things, to SEEING the world are One...The viewpoint shifts from being outside of things to being things itself. Both ways of knowing are valid, but in our donkey society, all we can do is chase carrots.

After Kensho we still have to pull that wagon filled with junk, but now it's so empty it is not a burden. Gradually, as you say...the junk in the wagon, the things, the nouns, become empty...Live before it becomes things or nouns, is a Verb.

Our Carrot Society puts the nouns first and can't even see the verb. Nouns cannot see verbs, just as the flag cannot see the wind that moves it.

But at some point, as you say, the donkey transcends the donkey mind and SEES Directly that nouns are just words. The donkey is a word, the wagon is a word, the carrot is a word or noun.


The donkey is liberated from seeing the world as a donkey. The world is still there as it was, but now it has no weight...Oh..those nouns are SO heavy.

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What am I? This is the Great Question, isn't it? The question begins at the age of two with the first separation of the infant from the mother. The terrible Twos....when the self begins to establish its own boundary by saying NO.

The sense of I or sense of separate self is constantly being affirmed by saying NO...No, I don't want that, No, I'm not that... you can't shove that down my throat...NO....I don't feel that...No...NO...NO...

This is the left-handed path or negative path to Self. (God)..I am not this.

The Right-hand path of the Affirmative Way to Self (God)is Am am This...I'm this role, this personality, these likes, this the same path but in opposite directions...One is YES...I am this...the other is NO...I'm not this.

In every situation, we are either asserting this Sense of I through No or Yes....

But what do we do in a situation that is ambiguous? When neither yes or no is certain and sure? The Yes or No mixed together and I'm not sure what I am...Yes or No? This is what I call Catch 22 or Zen....

In these situations, what I am is in doubt...I then must cling to a group, religion political party or ideology that affirms or says YES to certify my identity. One has rank and merit in a group.

My identity is safe from the Terrible Doubt of No when I'm in a Yes herd.....In the herd, I feel secure from the wolves of NO and doubt.

Awakening in Zen, is to arouse the mind that does not rest on Yes or NO, on either the left or right-handed path of the herd.

What is beyond yes and no? What is beyond or upstream of Catch 22? What is free from the terror of ambiguity where I don't know who I am?

HUZZAH! I Am....I am free from the oscillation of the pairs of opposites...the Terrible 2's of Catch 22

I neither affirm nor deny....

I AM the undefined, the unconditioned and the unknowable....

This is your true self...

True self is no self. Hakuin

Yes is no, no is yes...
Oh, what an awakening!


(From the letterbox)

Of course, you know the one, but when Bodhidharma asked the monk to bring him his mind so he could give it rest, the 2nd patriarch said he could not find it (or could not throw it away, drop it, fix it, or ignore it)
THERE....I have put it to rest, said Bodhidharma.

Can you crack this koan?
Can you put your mind to rest?

Koans are living contradictions that disturb the mind, like sand in an oyster. The mind must leap beyond itself, transcend itself, (oh, hate to say this, but be born again) to get rid of the induced irritation, this nagging feeling that one let go.

What is this nagging feeling that won't let go. I think this was a song. I heard of the series Bosche...What has its hook in me and won't let go?
I have to leap out of the water of the mind (duality consciousness) to shake it loose. But nothing works because the twist is unattainable. The mind, the hook, and the nagging feeling are different but inseparable..

We see the difference, but not the sameness...There is the twist....To see the difference between me and the nagging feeling that won't let go, I cannot see the sameness or oneness.

This is the great irony of the Hurt Locker, or why I hurt. The hurt, that nagging feeling that won't let go is the key..

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I no longer want to be a doll, a Barbie or Ken...I want to be human...
YOU know, I think what is what Shakyamuni Buddha also wanted...I want to be truly human...What is the meaning of death?
Being a doll was not the final answer.��What if Buddha is the flowering of humanity....But bud that finally becomes the first flower. We all have the bud of Buddha, or Buddha Nature....��It is the contemplation of death that opens the bud.


Everything is a metaphor that points to awakening...of the Light of lights.

The ancients knew this, the modern mind has forgotten it. The Microcosm is the Macrosocm, the macrocosm is the microcosm.

The outside of the cup and the inside are different but you cannot separate them if you want to have a cup of tea.

You are the world, the world is you....yet, the word and you are different.
Can you hold that ambiguity? Can you hold Pi? Can you hold the tiger in the palm of your hand?

Great movies, Great metaphors, Great awakening.

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I keep getting new visitors to Pandora. When I write on my FB feed, I often post my observation here without directly referring to Avatar, per se...but all. my insights find their home in Avatar and the voyage to nirvana.

Nirvana is openly shown to our eyes. �This earth where we stand is the pure lotus land! �And this very body, the body of Buddha. (Hakuin)

So I don't refer to Avatar in my posts, please don't fall in the gap. All tings are Avatar, the blue print for Awakening. We are all Jake Sully.....the Hero's Journey.


Words are tools, not the thing itself. Our words (Ilanguagge) create the world we live in, each of us unable to understand why everyone doesn't see the reality I see. There is no One World. There are 8 billion worlds. Realtiy itself is unknowable. We can BE real, but we cannot be conscious of the real.
We are reality, but language gives us the ability animals don't have which is to be conscious of reality, but from the outside...Consciousness is a room with a view. We cannot view the world and BE the world at the same time...This is what Buddha awakening is all about.

From the very beginning All beings are Buddha. �Like water and ice, Without water no ice, Outside us no Buddhas. ��How near the truth Yet how far we seek, Like one in water crying “I thirst!” Like a child of rich birth Wand’ring poor on this earth, We endlessly circle the six worlds. (Hakuin)
Our consciousness is our blessing and curse. We suffer because we are human. All live is suffering said Buddha

We are wandering looking for the lost Eden (Bible)


What is the difference between the subjective and objective way of knowing?

��We are looking at an objective way of knowing which is the only way of knowing in the modern world, to the subjective way of knowing, which is Eastern, Vedantas and Buddhism...Objective knowing is the view from the outside of reality, and Subjective way of knowing (not our subjective feelings etc) is Buddha way, for instance, the way of inside of the box or reality.
The objective or empirical way to see the world as over there, things caused by things according to the law of cause and effect. The subjective way is best described by the Navi in Avatar where they are atonement with their reality, seeing it as the world, not outside of the world, as the humans in the movie do.
But beyond that is the I AM of Jake Sully awakening in the end, when he has gone beyond the duality of language itself, third and first person.
This is the Awakening of Buddha...From the beginning all beings are Buddha (Hakuin) Buddha is knowing itself, the knowing that is both objective and subjective.

There is the objective viewpoint of God, as you mention, and there is the subjective viewpoint of God, which is not allowed in Christian thought because it gets you burned at the stake. Only the objective viewpoint of God is allowed. God is over there, separate from man by nature.
For you to say From the beginning all beings are God, that is OK...that is still the objective viewpoint. But if you say HUZZAH...I am go to the ward or the stake..��But if you feel you are God, think you are God, you are falling into the trap. In the Subjective viewpoint there are no things out there. You are the world and the world is you. I AM….yet I’m still something…�This is the transcendent way of knowing. This is Zen awakening, if you will. ��
But I am God is a subjective viewpoint...From the beginning not a thing is...not a god or an ego is....There is Just I AM.....
I am AWAKE....thank God almighty...I am Alive!�
This is the way of knowing from the center of the world, while the objective way of knowing is from the periphery of the world...everything is over there as IT...I don't actually exist in this way of knowing escept as another thing over there. I am alien to my self.

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Like Avatar and Barbie, Oppenheimer is a Big Bang of a movie about Awakening....The movie is a metaphor (remember that, the Movie is a Metaphor) for the Big Bang that is the death of an old world and the birth of a new one. In the Big Bang (which is also a metaphor for death and creation as One Act), whether it's the birth of an idea, a new business, a change of life, or the birth of a universe, it is still the Big Bang. With the bang of the atom bomb, the atom was split, and a new world, the atomic ages was created and we are living in that big bang right now.

An old pond
a frog leaps
PLOP (sound)

A Big Bang.��We think the Big Bang is Physics Creation Story...a beginning..And bound by our logic of cause and effect we say, what is before the Big Bang, or what is before God, if religious. We cannot help but think in categories of cause and effect and time. Kant will say that time is a category of our own mind or thought. And yet, we cannot let go of the question...what is before anything..what is the cause. What we see is the effect, so there must be a cause...�

Genesis explains it in a story, The Catholic church in Theology. Yet, still, no matter what happens we must find the cause, a clear and distinct idea of Who did It? We are not satisfied with the answer that the universe is the cause of the universe. There is no first cause....The Big Bang of Quantum Mechanics is that there is no cause and effect of things...there are no things.

Oh, wait...."From the beginning not a thing is," Hakuin.
Zen is a Big Bang of the mind, while the Big Bang (in the movie, the atom bomb) is the creation of a new world, but is the old world the cause of the new? What is the cause of the old world? you see, there is no end to the Big Bang.�

What is the cause of you?
Now that question will explode your Big Bang....Huzzah....��

“A bodiless childful of life in the gloom
crying with frog voice, “What shall I be?” Beddoe

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