APC Tutor Centre Knysna

APC Tutor Centre Knysna

We provide a structured learning environment to assist students to obtain an internationally recognised, NQF 4, Matric equivalent qualification.

Operating as usual


The Academic Progression Centre (APC) began as a small homeschooling option for students who were not excelling in, or enjoying the traditional school environment. It also arose to fill the need for an alternative to the National Senior Certificate as a school leaving strategy. The home school has now grown into a Knysna-based Tutor Centre that under normal circumstances accepts a maximum of 12 students at a time during one of two study periods each day of the week. This ensures an efficient learning environment and individual attention from owner/educator Candée Thompson and her assistant Shenea Graham. As such, the centre provides a flexible learning system that caters to the specific strengths, weaknesses and gaps of each student. Under normal circumstances, outings are regularly arranged to afford students the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about a number of topics such as the natural environment in which we live, the local history of the area, and local businesses and business opportunities.
Online and face-to-face classes are available to students within Knysna and surrounding areas such as Sedgefield, the Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay and George.
For more information, please visit our website knysnatutorcentre.com, email us at [email protected], or contact us on 073 002 2254.


For those students wishing to visit the school for some face-to-face assistance with their online course work, please note that, in order to keep our students and ourselves safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, we adhere to all necessary health and safety precautions, such as:

- Full sanitization of the school before and after classes

- Students’ and staff members’ hands sanitized and temperatures taken upon arrival

- Sanitizer available at all times

- Masks worn at all times

- A maximum of 7 students at a time at the school

- Safe distances between seating and between students and staff members.

Katinka and the sewing ladies at the iThemba Skills Development Centre have done a wonderful job with creating our black and gold APC masks. These are available at the Tutor Centre.

For more information about our online courses and face-to-face classes, please contact us on 073 002 2254.


APC Tutor Centre is specifically designed to assist students who have opted to pursue alternate methods of learning rather than following the traditional, standardised school system. For this reason, it is ideally positioned to help those students (and parents!) who may be struggling with studying from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.
Online tutoring is available throughout the week to students within Knysna and surrounding areas such as Sedgefield, the Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay and George, and the Knysna-based physical Centre is open three times a week for students wishing to attend face-to-face classes, with all necessary Covid-19 precautions taken to ensure students’ safety and well-being.
For more information, please visit our website knysnatutorcentre.com or feel free to call us on 073 002 2254.


Subject tutoring, assistance with homeschooling and GED preparation courses are all now available in digital and online format.
The same great material studied in the comfort and safety of your own home!
However, those students in need of a bit of encouragement and some one-on-one assistance with the week’s material may visit the Knysna-based Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30am – 12:30pm. More time slots will become available as necessary, but please make sure to arrange your visits beforehand as we only allow a maximum of 7 students at a time due to Covid-19 regulations. Please note that all other Covid-19 precautions are strictly adhered to at all times and the entire premises are sanitized daily to ensure the well-being of all our students.
Online and face-to-face classes are available to students within Knysna and surrounding areas such as Sedgefield, the Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay and George.
For more information, please contact us on 073 002 2254 or email us at [email protected].


So many people are asking about APC that I thought it would be a good idea to make an orientation video explaining the philosophy behind the Academic Progression Centre and how we differ from the traditional school learning environment. Also, our online curriculum has been so successful that many of our students are choosing to stay at home and continue exclusively with the online segment until things return to normal. Please leave your name and WhatsApp details in the comments below if you would like to receive the orientation video.


Aren't we lucky (or are we really clever?) that our small class sizes allow natural social distancing? And thanks to Katinka and her lovely iThemba sewing ladies we will all have matching,double layered cloth masks by the time we start classes on the 15 June. Yay! And they might even be in the APC black and gold 😎
And yes, our learning environment will be 100% compliant with the national sanitization protocols. I can't wait to get back!


Many of you have been asking about the way forward, and we honestly haven't been able to answer with any certainty until now. The great news is that we will be up and running by June 15th for our existing students 😁 and we are accepting applications for new students for the second semester of 2020, which will start on Wednesday, July 1st.

Photos from APC Tutor Centre Knysna's post 25/05/2020

Finally, some long awaited photos of our end of term camp.

Timeline photos 17/02/2020
Photos from APC Tutor Centre Knysna's post 15/02/2020

For Valentine's Day some of our students fell in love with some very unusual fellows! Naquita, Zayden and Alexander, from our afternoon class, and Luke from our morning session, accompanied Mrs.T and Shenea on a fantastic visit to Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. What a privilege it is to have a venue like this on our doorstep! If you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it. The owner, Michael Caithness, has made it his mission to educate the public about these amazing reptiles and to end the awful attitude of "the only good snake is a dead snake"
These creatures deserve our respect and once you have felt their silky smooth skin and marveled at their gorgeous blue iridescence, you will no longer fear these fascinating animals.

Timeline photos 18/10/2019

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This is National Su***de Prevention Week.

Photos from APC Tutor Centre Knysna's post 02/08/2019

A huge thank you to Shawn van der Berg (Bester) for her amazing, lightening fast service - our hoodies are a hit!


That's what I'm talking about!

Timeline photos 29/07/2019

No. 14 😂🤣😂


Since February of this year, APC Knysna Tutor Centre has helped 5 students successfully complete their GED. What a privilege to be able to assist and guide these wonderful young people on the next step of this journey called life. This time of year is often extremely stressful for students in traditional schools who may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of finishing Matric in just a few months. The GED could be a solution for many of these anxious students. It is different to conventional schooling as students are not required to learn large chunks of information which they must then repeat under exam conditions. Rather, the GED tests students' comprehension, estimation, analysis and evaluation skills. If you, or someone you know, is looking for an alternative school leaving qualification that can be completed in as little as three months, please contact us at APC. The GED is an international qualification, accepted by 97% of U.S and Canadian universities and it is recognised in South Africa by SAQA as NQF level 4 - the same as the National Senior Certificate. Please note that APC Tutor Centre accepts students from the age of 16.


Some very good advice - especially for the parents of our beautiful girls.


A huge shout out to Dylan Ginley and Johan de Klerk for completing their GED qualification!!!
They both finished in the month of June, after just 3 months, and achieved extremely good marks. Both young men are using the GED to apply to study for their Bachelors' degrees at AFDA - The School for the Creative Economy.
Well done gentlemen - and we look forward to seeing you influence the face of the entertainment industry in South Africa😁🤩😎


Kelley, our emotional therapy dog, has been working overtime 😂


This is fantastic!! Can't stop giggling 😂 English teacher bar jokes...


Even though APC students are of high school age, often they have struggled through the system because of learning gaps that were developed early on in their school careers. This should not be allowed to happen. Another government "quick fix" that will damage the most vulnerable.

I have been overwhelmed with messages from all of you today about the the Department of Education's quick fix solution of a no repeat or automatic progression policy that has been proposed for the Foundation Phase. They are experiencing the highest level of repetition in Grade 1 of between 15 and 20% nationally.

For me the question isn't how do we get rid of this bottleneck, but rather, what is causing so many children to not be able to cope? And the answer is not rocket science:

For school readiness children need to acquire strong perceptual skills in the preschool years through concrete learning and guided play experiences that will provide them with the foundations for numeracy and literacy to enable them to cope with the demands of Grade R. Problem: most children in our country do not have the luxury of a preschool education and so the 6 year school readiness journey is squashed into one year of grade R. It is no longer a miraculous and exciting learning journey, but is rather a destination to an assessment that many of them are failing.

From grade R to 3, children are moving from the concrete learning phase to abstract where they can grasp symbols such as letters and numbers. They are learning to decode the world, to read. This is learning readiness for the transition to reading to learn and reading for comprehension in grade 4.

The no repeat policy will shift the bottleneck to grade 4 where remediation will become ever more difficult as children then have different subject teachers, and those most affected will be expected to apply skills they haven't yet mastered. I believe this is most unfair on the child and will have lifelong ramifications on their self-esteem and future employability due to lack of fundamental numeracy and literacy.

While keeping children back to repeat a year to consolidate skills is better than pushing them to the next grade with missing bricks in the wall of their foundations, this in itself, is not addressing the real problem of:

Lack of preschool education for most of South Africa's children.

Lack of sufficient and suitably qualified staff in the preschool arena.

Lack of parental education -- there is an enormous amount that parents can do at home to prepare their children for school and help them acquire school readiness skills, and reinforce what they are learning at school in everyday, ordinary ways.

With the correct training in perceptual skills development, adults (parents together with teachers) can prepare children for grade R without sophisticated schools and equipment, if you know how fundamental learning occurs.

There are so many more issues at play. I have highlighted just a few.

Children are wired to learn, naturally. We need to be harnessing their curiosity and raising their energy to learn. Instead, we miss the moment by creating an education system which is essentially a power play, rather than developing a powerful learning journey that celebrates the child, their brilliant ability to learn, and supports teachers.

We can't allow another generation to suffer with the knock-on effects on our economy and levels of crime that impact on all of us.. There has to be another way. Maybe we haven't seen it yet.

The no repeat policy is not yet cast in stone. Do what you can to pause this process, as I am doing. Teachers' unions, such as SADTU and NAPTOSA, among others, have yet to comment on the matter and their teachers are going to be severely impacted should this policy be passed, having to both teach and remediate at the same time with 40 - 60 children in a class. It is not humanly possible and is inhumane to both teachers and children alike.

What does South Africa want to be known for other than entrenching illiteracy and robbing the disadvantaged children (the majority) of a future because of it? What narrative do we want to write as a country? It's time we started telling a different story but from a leadership perspective this story is very unclear.

Please keep sharing what I am posting on the matter as widely as possible. We have some incredible people in child development and education in this country who could contribute enormously to this conversation and their voices are not being heard. I will be interviewing them and sharing their voices with you.


Congratulations to the second GED graduate of 2019 - TYLA GOBEY!!!!

Well done Ty - you did it and we are so proud of you. We wish you everything of the very best - including rainbows and unicorns - for the next exciting leg of this journey called life❣

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