Little River Windsors

Little River Windsors

Handmade Windsor chairs and other custom made fine furniture, by Master Chairmakers, Fred and Priscilla Chellis.

Both Fred and Priscilla studied under Michael Dunbar at the Windsor Institute in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Operating as usual


Our heart goes out to the family of fellow chairmaker Ralph Quick who passed away last evening in Missouri with family by his side. He was one-of-a-kind, loved by many, especially during this time of year when he played Santa. Sympathies to his wife Caron, children and grandchildren. The family of chairmakers has lost a special member.


It's pretty surreal to still see Fred featured in the WMUR ads for the big League of NH Craft Fair taking place this week in Sunapee. It was back in 2013 when he was featured in a NH Chronicle piece and he's been shown in every little snippet for the fair every year since. Seeing the ad several times the past couple of weeks has certainly brought a smile to my face.

Timeline photos 06/05/2017

Miniaturist William Robertson made this astonishing 1/12th scale replica of an 18th century tool chest.

Timeline photos 17/08/2015

The most comfortable seat in the house.

Thanks for the picture Lisa Tutinas of

Timeline photos 17/08/2015

Spent a day selling raffle tickets at the Guild of NH Woodworkers tent at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair in Sunapee. There were 40 items up for grabs and now each have found a home after the drawing on Aug. 9th. This Shaker Chimney Cupboard was a favorite for sure and I was honored to have a hand in its finishing. Guild member Steve Costain made the beautiful cupboard.

Timeline photos 26/07/2015

Welcomed into the family on July 16, 2015. A future woodworker? A future musician? A future engineer? Whatever he wants to be!

Fred Freeman Chellis III

Photos from Little River Windsors's post 11/08/2014

Days and weeks have gone by since Fred's passing, and tributes and remembrances continue to pour in from everywhere. Last week, the big League of NH Craftsman's Fair was held up at Mount Sunapee and Fred's presence was surely there. He had planned to make 4 Balloon Back chairs for the Living With Craft Exhibit but alas, that wasn't to be. Instead, one of the first Balloon Backs he made was on display right up front for all to see. Also in the Guild of NH Woodworkers tent where Fred usually spent 3 days demonstrating, the group had set up a special display in his memory.

On another note, the Little River Windsors website and blog were closed down today. Fred spent a lot of time designing and reconfiguring them over the years so it was very hard clicking on the "delete" button. However, it was time for them to go as people have been calling to order chairs that they'd seen listed.

Shaun Davey - The Parting Glass 29/06/2014

The day isn't over yet so there's still time to raise a glass to Fred on what would be his 61st birthday. He lived a great life with a wife and family who loved him and a slew of friends and relatives who will miss him like crazy. A great song to bid him farewell.

Shaun Davey - The Parting Glass "The Parting Glass" by Shaun Davey, as found on the Waking Ned Devine soundtrack. Includes the poem Forever In Your Debt by Kirk Jones, and vocals by Liam O'...

Timeline photos 25/06/2014

The workbench is silent. The spokeshaves, hand planes and draw knives have been put down for the final time. The last wood shavings lay piled high, waiting for the last sweep of the floor.

It is with much sadness to write that Fred passed away peacefully at 10pm, Tuesday evening, with his family by his side. As bagpipe music played Amazing Grace, he took his last breath at the end.

He wanted all to know that each one of you played an important part in his life and he hopes you felt the same about him. He wanted more time to make a lot more wood shavings but it wasn't to be.

Again, his family thanks all of you for the special role you played in his life. His last completed chair, although unpainted, now sits at his spot at the head of the diningroom table. He will be forever missed.

A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, July 1, in Somersworth NH. Details will be announced later.


We haven't posted lately because Little River Windsors is going down a path no one wishes to travel. Back in late April, Fred was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer and in pre-op tests needed for surgery to remove the eye tumor, it was discovered he had extensive cancer throughout his body. It's been just shy of two months since the diagnosis and Fred now begins his last journey. Thanks to all our family, friends and customers who have supported us through the years.

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