Ann Moore -Certified Health Coach for Divorced Women over 50

I believe that divorced women over 50 must maintain a healthy mind and body to stand up to the challenges and stress of moving forward. Certified Health Coach/Wellness Chef helping divorced women 50+ overcome emotional eating habits.

Helping divorced women over 50 overcome their emotional eating habits and gain control of their health to face the challenges of moving forward

Every decade brings a new and exciting outlook on life. We will discover the important benefits of nutrition, lifestyle and self care in our aging process. As we work together, we will understand your body's changes, set goals and make a lifestyle plan that works for you. This is a wonderful chapter in our lives, let's live it to the fullest!

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30??? How did that happen??!! Happy Birthday Tory!! Hope it was as special as you are!! Love you and miss you!!❤️❤️😘

30??? When did that happen?! Happy Birthday Tory! I miss those days. Hope it was fabulous! Love you and miss you!

2020 redeemed itself in one short, incredible weekend. So thankful for this whole bunch and the love and joy that was shared for Colby and David. @mosaiccatering @wearepetaloso @meredithcampbellphoto @adorncharleston @stellas @dunesproperties #shoplocal #elopement2020 #weddingofthecentury #iopweddings

Just left my baby girl in Chicago to start her new life. Heavy hearted but so excited for her! You’ve got this @anndmoore_ I’m so proud of you and all you are about to do. Love you #bittersweet #chicagolife #newbeginnings #ihopeyoudance #findthefun #bestfriendliving #missyoualready

#challengeaccepted @smooree Thank you for the love and support you give me everyday. #womensupportingwomen

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl! Loved spending #24 with @anndmoore_ Love you cutie 😘 #happybirthday #happy24 #birthdaygirl #covidbirthday2020 #lakecrabtree

It’s still graduation, even though there’s no ceremony. Wish I could hug you, but so proud of you. You did it sweetheart. I love you!!

Good luck made healthy...Grilled Cabbage and Black Eyed Pea Salad. Who says New Years for one has to be boring! Happy New Year 🎉🥳 #happynewyear #happynewdecade #healthyyou #cookingforone #onepanann #healthyover50 #healthynewyear #annesportions #paleo #healthylifestyle #startthenewyearright @ Raleigh, North Carolina

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Honored and thrilled to be part of this new artist’s opening night at W Andre Allen Contemporary Art Gallery tonight. #loiseau_art #wandreallenstudio #charlestonartwalk #charlestonsc #charlestonart #annesperfectportions #healthycatering #cateringforhealth @ Charleston, South Carolina

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Happy Sunday! Do something new!

What is your trigger? Mine is boredom!

Met some amazing people at the Facebook Small Business Dinner in partner with Civic Dinners. Beautiful setting at Cannon Green and dinner provided by Charleston Gourmet Burger Company. Hope to do it again!

Do something amazing today. Enjoy your Sunday!

[08/17/19]   So important!

Enjoy your day!!

I know I'm not the only one!!!

Some of my best memories are ones I did on my own. The realization I could do it alone was amazing!

Are you a Mindful eater or a Mindless eater?

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Club Pilates

If you missed Ann's Workshop today, she left a yummy batch of homemade hummus and her contact information! Thanks for coming Ann Moore -Certified Health Coach for Divorced Women over 50 :)

Another birthday adventure in the books. Always made special shared with this group...
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Ann Moore -Certified Health Coach for Divorced Women over 50's cover photo

[06/11/19]   Gray Divorce has more than doubled since the 1990's
A healthy mind and body are the best offence for the challenges to come

No matter what your path...

Ann Moore -Certified Health Coach for Divorced Women over 50's cover photo

Happy New Year! Wishing lots of good luck, good wealth and good health #goodluckfood #goodluckstew #blackeyedpeas #blackeyedpeahummus #cornbread #lodgecastiron #itsasouthernthing #wholefoods #wholefoodsmarket #healthylifestyle #vegan #vegetarian #healthyover50 #healthycooking #onepanann #cookingforone #annesportions #emptynesters @ Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Our Story

Every decade brings a new and exciting outlook on life that we look forward to and plan for at each turn. Suffering a devastating set back such as a divorce after 50 brings on a whole new set of worries, concerns and fears. I was caught off guard and vastly unprepared when I found myself facing a new life about which I knew nothing.

I remember being on a family beach trip with my children, my brother and his family and my mother very soon after my ex- husband and I split up. My sister- in- law and I made a grocery store run and, standing in whatever aisle it was, I burst into tears. Her first, and normal reaction was to comfort me and tell me I was better off without him, things would be alright, you know the drill. I finally calmed down, looked at her and plainly said. “I don’t want to be divorce”. That was what took me over the most at that point. I didn’t want to be divorced. What did it mean for me? Where would I start? I’m on my own, with 3 children, a house, decisions to make, and I know nothing of that world. What is the stigma? What would people think? How would I explain it? I don’t want to be divorced…

Like many of you, I didn’t know where to start. Things only got worse from there. Mine is a story of finding myself with nothing and being too stubborn (mostly embarrassed) to know when to ask for help. But when it finally became clear I couldn’t do it on my own, I gave in. We all need help and should learn to accept it from those who want to be there for us . This is too important to tackle on your own.

This is your time to lean on others and discover what your future self will offer the world. You will make it through the transition and we will discover the important benefits of nutrition, lifestyle, goal setting and an honest insight in helping to guide you through this new journey. And it is a journey, to be understood, embraced and well thought out. We will find the strong, self assured woman you want to be and deserve to honor.

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