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Dictator 2024 - Fight for Superpower India | तानाशाह 2024 - महाशक्ति भारत के लिए लड़ाई 09/03/2024

Dictator 2024 - Fight for Superpower India | तानाशाह 2024 - महाशक्ति भारत के लिए लड़ाई मेरा उद्देश्य युवा भारतीयों, युवाओं को भारतीय राजनीति के बारे में शिक्षित करना है। हम 2030 तक महाशक्ति बन रहे हैं। इस....


Newtons cannonball is a thought experiment which is written by a Newton in his book A Treatise of the System of the World. He used this experiment to hypothesize force of gravity and its relation with planetary motion. This experiment is the base of modern satellite technology. For full simulation visit



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"What is science...?
There are lots of definitions of science, but I'll say that it's a body of knowledge, and a method of how we learned that knowledge. Science tells us that stuff we think we know may not be perfectly known; It may be partly or entirely wrong. We need to watch the Universe, see how it behaves, make guess about why it's doing what it's doing, and then try to think of the ways to support or disprove those ideas. That last part is important. Science must be above all else honest if we really want to get to the bottom of things..."

- Phil Plait

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Newton's Cannonball Simulation