The Most Courageous Project.

The Most Courageous Project.

To help self-aware beings who live on a recently discovered planet in our galaxy. This page is for educational purposes.

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Scientists are now sure: We are not alone in the universe.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why have you not mentioned to which country the space agency belongs?
A1. For safety concerns. The location of the agency will not be revealed because it might become a target of attacks from terrorists. Many believers think this project is against their respective gods. Basically, the God Project is no longer the project of the agency. We are only paying to use its facilities.

Q2. Which state funds the God Project?
A2. No state is funding it. This project is funded by generous people who want to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the project.

Q3. Can a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist apply for this job?
A3. No. The main goal of the project is to help V-humans not ending servants of socially and morally harmful gods. V-humans must live in a moral and sane world, not an immoral and stupid one.

Q4. Why are applications limited to the fans of the so-called “Four Horsemen”?
A4. Because they are the only ones who believe gods can be invented.

Q5. Are the scientists who supervise this project atheists?
A5. Most of them are deists, agnostics, and agnostic atheists. There are also one open-minded Christian, one open-minded Muslim, two open-minded Hindus, and a Buddhist in our team.

Q6. Seriously, don’t the scientists at the agency see that their project is against God? Maybe the Creator, for one reason or another, does not want to reveal himself to V-humans at the moment. Why do you want to take his role? Why not wait till the Creator decides to intervene?
A6. The God Project is not against anyone. The Creator is welcome to reveal himself and excite V-humans. We do not mind he applies for the job as well. In fact, we cannot prevent him from doing so.

Q7. Why do you not wait till V-humans invent a religion and then intervene?
A7. We understand that because you live in a world surrounded by believers such as Christians, Muslims, and Jews, you have the notion that believing in a god is, by definition, a bad thing. We do not want to argue what you believe. However, do not forget that it is a question of time until V-humans turn into believers, because of existential questions such as “How did the universe come into existence?” and “Why are we here?” The scientists at the agency and patrons do not want to fight the idea; rather, we want to control it.

Q8: Why not educate the V-humans on Evolution and the Big Bang instead of taking the role of being their gods?
A8. It is impossible. V-humans have not invented the wheel yet, so how you expect them to understand a lesson about Evolution and the Big Bang? Also, it is a big mistake to do so at the moment. Surely, you do not want V-humans to live, from the beginning, in a world where they are aware that survival is determined by the strongest or fittest.

Q9. How do I apply?
A9. Send your amazing idea to [email protected] and excite us.

Q10. Can I introduce myself to V-humans as a Creator?
A10. You can introduce yourself any way you want. You could also introduce yourself in several ways if you wanted to.

Q11. I won’t be around forever because I am human. How can I be a god for those V-humans?
A11. After you leave this world, anyone from your family can take the job to continue what you had begun. For the V-humans, you will be a god and will remain so even after your death. (Surely, we will not tell them “Sorry guys, your god has passed away.”) For us, you will be a teacher and founder.

Q12. What about the wages?
A12. This job is for volunteers only. You will work on a desktop at your home or office.

Q13. What do you mean by “helping V-humans imagine a god for whom there would be a need even after they learn, by themselves, about Evolution and the Big Bang”?
A13. Providing V-humans with a god who does not mind just criticism. Read Abraham: Father of Atheism for more information on this topic.

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Scientists are now sure: We are not alone in the universe.