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eSMMART is a unique training program for Senior Move Managers, Professional Organizers, Stagers, Realtors and other professionals who work with older adults. Individuals who complete eSMMART's rigorous 9-course curriculum are awarded a Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM). Business owners who earn their cSMM can purchase eSMMART training for staff at half price. eSMMART is


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Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day with Seniors: The Gift of Time 03/05/2016

"What many want on Mother's Day is simply a call or visit from their children." Share this with as n many people as you can to remind them that the greatest gift is the gift of time.

Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day with Seniors: The Gift of Time Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it is time to start your planning. We often fondly remember the Mother’s Day gifts of our youth; full assortments of macaroni jewelry, handmade cards made illegible by glitter, a breakfast of cold […]

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Try this simple tip to see what you really wear.

This is a great way to see what you really wear. Learn more tips at:

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Living in a retirement community helps you stay physically and mentally active. Learn how the helps you thrive as you age

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Did you know that Roslyn Carter founded the Roslyn Carter Institute for Caregiving?

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How would your life change if your mother broke her hip? Learn more about at:

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Memory loss is not . Don't label people with loss as having dementia. Learn more:

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If you know 100 people, chances are that 5 of them hoard. Learn more about :

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It is important to respect a client's belongings, regardless of their material value. Learn more about loss and letting go:

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Storytelling is not a distraction! Telling stories about an object can make parting with it easier.

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It's amazing how much safer a hallway can be with a $2 nightlight. Learn more about safety tips at

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What you eat matters! Learn more about how nutrition impacts brain health:

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The good news is, you will bounce back to your normal self after the move. Learn more about how impacts at

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Lowering the thermostat to 120 degrees increases safety and COSTS NOTHING! Learn more about low cost ways to increase safety at:

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Caregiver stress takes a huge toll.

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