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It is true


Can you put the right word in this sentence?


✅ เทคนิคการปรับตัวอักษรให้เป็น "ตัวห้อย" ง่ายๆ


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It's OK for taking these pictures to read and translate into Lao language by yourself. Great meaning of this story.

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aren't=are not
could've=could have
couldn't=could not
didn't=did not
doesn't=does not
don't=do not
gonna=going to
gotta=got to,got a
hadn't=had not
hasn't=has not
haven't=have not
he'd=he had,he would
he'll=he shall,he will
he's=he has,he is
how'd=how did,how would
how'll=how will
how's=how has,how is
I'd=I had,I would
I'll=I shall/I will
I'm=I am
I've=I have
isn't=is not
it'd=it would
it'll=it will,it shall
it's=it has,it is
he'd=-he had,he would
he'll=he shall,he will
mightn't=might not
might've=might have
mustn't=must not
must've=must have
needn't=need not
she'd=she had,she would
she'll=she shall,she will
she's=she has,she is
should've=should have
shouldn't=should not
somebody's=somebody is
someone'd=someone had,,someone would
someone'll=someone will,someone shall
someone's=someone has,someone is
something'd=something had
something'll=something shall/something will
something's=something has/something is
that'll=that will
that's=that has,that is
that'd=that had,that would
there'd=there had,there would
there'd've=there would have
there,re=there are
there's=there has,there is
they'd=they would,they had
they'd've=they would have
they'll=they shall,they will
they're=they are
they've=they have
wasn't=was not
we'd=we had,we would
we'll=we shall,we will
we're=we are
we've=we have
weren't=were not
what'll=what will
what's=what is ,what has
what're=what are
what's=what has,what is
what've=what have
when's=when is
where'd=where did,where would,where had
where's=where has,where is
where've=where have
who'd=who would
who'd've ==who would have
who'll=who shall,who will
who're=who are
who's=who has.who is
who've=who have
why'd=why did
why're=why are
why's=why has,why is
won't=will not
won'tve=will not have
would've=would have
wouldn't=would not
wouldn'tve=would not have
you'd've=you would have
you'll=you shall,you will
you're=you are
you've=you have


Book (V) ແປວ່າ ຈອງ, ຈອງໂຕະຕັ່ງ.
I want to book two-three tables for my family.

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It's very important to know the meanings of these words


Money can buy everything but can't buy the true relationship.


It's very useful to get the meaning of these words in English well.

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Hello 👋 it's been a long time to see you guys....here are some complete sentences to learn


She is telling the truth to her friend 😁


ຄຳວ່າ "ມືດແປດດ້ານ" ໃນພາສາອັງກິດມີດັ່ງນີ້...
✍️ Be black!
✍️ See no way out.
✍️ Be utterly mystified.


It's true!



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Save it


📖 ພຽງແຕ່ເຮົາສະສົມຄຳສັບພາສາອັງກິດໃນແຕ່ລະວັນອີກບໍ່ດົນເຮົາກໍຈະເກັ່ງໄດ້.
✍️ Just accumulate a lot of English vocabularies each day, then you'll be good at it.


ມື້ນີ້ ມາຮຽນຮູ້ຄຳສັບແລ້ວນຳໄປສ້າງປະໂຫຍກນຳກັນ...
👉 Midway (adj) (adv) ຕົງກາງ.

✍️Do you see the midway point?

✍️ There's a small village midway between these two towns.
ມີໝູ່ບ້ານນ້ອຍໆແຫ່ງໜຶ່ງທີ່ຢູ່ຕົງກາງລະຫວ່າງ 2 ຕົວເມືອງ.



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Use it in real life then you'll remember these words☺️


You can take these words to make the right sentences yourself...


This's true.


Try to learn one thing before you'll learn another one to get better.


Someone like you

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😍Today let's learn from these phrases😍😍

Photos from Learning in real life's post 04/07/2020

✍️It's my emotion while being with close friends 😍🐱😍

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✍️ you can improve whenever you have much time 📖


😍I've totally fallen for you.
😮I'm totally into you.
😍I’m infatuated with you.


✍️ Learn how to get good at it📖

☺️ No hard feeling
☹️Are you satisfied yet?
🙂Are you jealous of me?

#ຢາກເກັ່ງຕ້ອງຮຽນຈາກ 0-100👍


🌺Someone you loved🌺


🌺These words are important to know because it has different words.
👉 person 2 people
👉child 2 children
👉woman 2 women
👉man 2 men
👉mouse 2 mice
👉 foot 2 feet
👉 tooth 2 teeth
👉 fish 2 fish
👉shrimp 2 shrimp
👉knife 2 knives
👉wife 2 wives
👉wolf 2 wolves
👉 life 2 lives
👉leaf 2 leaves
👉deer 2 deer


Attractive ໜ້າຕາດີ, ມີສະເໜ່😍
Beautiful ງາມ😍
Clever ສະຫຼາດ👩‍🎓
Confident ໝັ້ນໃຈ💯
Creative ຄວາມຄິດສ້າງສັນ😁
Friendly ເປັນກັນເອງ👬
Royal ຊື່ສັດ🧡
Polite ສຸພາບ
Gentle ອ່ອນໂຍນ☺️
Talkative ຊ່າງເວົ້າຊ່າງວ່າ
Courageous ກ້າຫານ💪
Disciplined ລະບຽບວິໄນ
Honorable ໜ້ານັບຖື👍


📖it's necessary to get these words.
Differ ແຕກຕ່າງ
Different ຕ່າງກັນ
Difference ຄວາມແຕກຕ່າງ
Differentiate ເຮັດໃຫ້ແຕກຕ່າງ
Indifferent ບໍ່ເອົາໃຈໃສ່
Indifference ຄວາມບໍ່ສົນໃຈ

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It's very useful to get the meaning of these words in English well.
Someone like you
🌺Someone you loved🌺
ທັງມວ່ນ ທັງໄດ້ຄວາມຮູ້ໄປນຳ555He is a superb man.
Good job