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Competition Suit Designer & Stage Presence Coach. Among Winning Physiques We Create a Champions Style!

Shawn's Couture Cuties is NOT your typical physique competition suit company. We are a full-service stage presence company that will guide you in perfecting every aspect of your presentation for the stage. From your walk, posing, hair and makeup to your fingers and toenails and, of course, let's not forget our world famous beautiful and blinging one of a kind couture competition suits. In short, if you need a service provided to perform on a physique competition stage, we have you covered from head to toe! When I work with MY clients, I start with a FREE 1on 1 Stage Presence Consultation to determine what your stage presence needs are. I take as much time as needed to understand all YOUR desires so I can provide you with the best I have. I do not hide behind endless email but rather meet with you in person, by phone or via Skype. If you decide Shawn’s Couture Cuties is a good fit to meet your stage presence needs then I schedule you for one of my Champion 4 Step Couture Cutie Consultation. STEP 1: We collaborate and create your unique one of a kind stage presence blueprint. STEP 2. I implement my proprietary couture deign process that embraces YOUR unique champion style. In short we design a stage presence package that will accentuate your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. STEP 3. My favorite stage and it will be yours as well. Here is where the magic happens, and your blueprint comes to life. Your confidence grows by leaps and bounds as you see all the pieces of your stage presence package comes to life. STEP 4. I make sure you're ready to take any stage in the country with an abundance of confidence and poise. You will feel unstoppable and ready to put the best version of yourself on stage. You can expect every step in our process from my initial contact with you to the day you received your competition suit or stage presence service handled in a first-class manner, and I guarantee it. So if you're ready to solve all your stage presence, competition suit and posing problems fast and forever….I invite you to experience the difference that Shawn’s Couture Cuties can make for you! For Your FREE Stage Presence Consultation: CLICK HERE:

Mission: Our mission is to help female physique competitors design and develop a polished stage presence package that makes and indelible impact, builds unstoppable confidence and ultimately wows the judges. We are committed to working with competitors who aspire to be the best version of themselves while also looking for that ethical competitive edge so that when they are standing amongst winning physiques their champion style shines through. Physique competition is fierce, and you need every advantage you can get if you want to go home a winner. Our goal is to provide each competitor we work with a unique and transforming stage presence package designed especially for them that provides that competitive advantage. That's our passion and it is weaved throughout everything we design and every service we provide. For Your FREE Stage Presence Consultation: CLICK HERE:

Shoutout to our #CCTS2020 speaker @whitneywiserfit
Her topic at this years CCTS will be about creating your own brand in our industry and she is a perfect example of a success story in that department.
Whitney is the promoter of the @nashvillefitshow and will be awarding a prize pack to include a free entry to her show again this year!
@girlatthebar won that prize last year and ended up winning the Bikini overall there in 2019!
Whitney is also a sponsored athlete with @optimumnutrition she’s going to be hooking all you ladies up with some amazing goodies from them too!
The prizes and SWAG are just getting warmed up!
#conqueringcutie #branding #sponsoredathlete #npc

Caught by the Injury bug?
What to do when you’re hurt in your improvement season.

The Gifts and Goodies are coming in!
Shoutout to our Premier Sponsor @fitbodyfusion hooking the ladies up!
Our Goodie bags this year are gonna be off the charts!!
#swag #conqueringcutie #CCTS #goodies #swagbags

Shoutout to our CCTS2020 Sponsor @karenisfitover50 and her business Living Free and Fit will be hooking our ladies up!
🥳She will be providing aromatherapy gift packs with natural incense and oils sets plus a $30 coupon for eye treatment products.
🥳She will also be choosing One lady to Sponsor their entry fee to Charlotte Cup April 18th.
🥳AND she will also give a full core set of skin care products as a prize to be awarded at our Awards Banquet!
Go check her out and thank her for spreading the Cutie Love!
The gifts and prizes for CCTS are always beyond amazing and we can’t wait to see which ladies get to take them home in January!
#CCTS2020 #prizes #gifts #awards #SWAG #conqueringcutie

This is your LAST CHANCE to get early bird access to our massively discounted #1 Selling Show Day Package which expires today at 1:00 pm.

So if you want to snap up one of these remaining discounted packages-now’s the time!

So what happens after 1:00 pm when early bird access expires?

When the clock strikes 1:00 pm today (that's Friday, November 29th) two things will happen...

1. The price of our #1 selling Show Day Package will jump up by $300 AND will be available for purchase through Cyber Monday

2. We will also open up the sale to the general public. This means anyone that is NOT a member of the Cutie Community will also have access to the offer.
Go to your emails and grab it NOW!
#blackfriday #lastchance #sale

Updates for our Black Friday Sale and what do you do when you get knocked down? Stand up and adjust your Crown!

“Sometimes you just have to throw on a crown and remind them who they’re dealing with.”


Wanna see more of this crown? I wore it in my live feed last night and that will be going up on my IGTV momentarily. Several lucky ladies will be going home from Cuties Conquering the Stage with one of these on their head.
Time to earn those crowns Queens!

Yes tickets are still available too!!
#ccts #conqueringcutie #queen #crown #custommade

Launching TODAY at 1PM EST!
You still have time to register for early access by clicking here....

#blackfriday #sale #earlyacrss #VIP #Exclusive #shawnscouture

Who will be Crowned at CCTS?!
Did you know that each year we award all kind of gifts, prizes, sponsorships... and what Queen Weekend Retreat would be complete without CROWNS?!
We upped our game again with custom made Cutie Crowns and can not WAIT to see who takes them home this year!
The Countdown is on. CCTS2020 is SO CLOSE!
Let’s Get it Ladies!
#crowned #cuties #conqueringcutie #awards #queens #CCTS2020

I had to post this video because it was a PERFECT look at the inside of a competitor’s mind when they get off stage! 🤣😂🤣
Nothing and no one else in this world exists for these two ladies at this moment but them; and their goodies!
🍪 🍪 🍰 🍰 🍭 🍭
Enjoy EVERY moment of your competitive career ladies. You never know when your next show could be your last.
Enjoy it like these two are enjoying that sugar rush! 🤪🤪🤪
Teammates @madisaylaa and @emmaballetti both in our suits. Both on Team Legacy @ryanhinton
#enjoythemoment #liveinthemoment #allthesugar

What that final check in looks like.
@missmickens84 sent this video after hair and makeup and on her way to prejudging yesterday.
This was her final check in prior to stepping on stage. Earlier that morning she sent me a video too where we made a few tiny tweaks ....
THIS check in was MONEY.
And it showed as she just won her IFBB PRO CARD at @npcnationals !
This might be my favorite part of show day checkins with girls... seeing all their hard work just come together in one perfect package.
Congratulations Stephanie!!
Coached by @teamoutlawfit @breakmy5thlaw #shawnscouture #posing #presentation #IFBBBIKINIPRO
#nationals #npcnationals

As finals begins at @npcnationals our next shout out goes to @missmickens84 Who also found her self in first call out of Bikini E! Stephanie came to us for Posing help and has taken her stage presence to a totally new level!
looking like a top three finish let’s cross our fingers! Congratulations and good luck tonight!
Coaching by
@breakmy5thlaw #shawnscouture #npc #bikini #nationals

Our next shout out goes to @ciarap_crew who ALSO made first call out yesterday at pre-judging for @npcnationals !
She looks to be in the top five at her first national show
Ciara is also eligible for our PPP Sponsorship!
I will never forget when she sent me a message that said “I’m going to win a sponsorship with you just wait and see!”
Well girl you are well on your way!
shout out to her Posing coach @jazzyfresh.ifbbpro that also hooked her up with some @cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc that got her make up on point for this show!
good luck at finals! #PPP #Shawnscouture #npc #bikini #nationals

YES we will have a Black Friday Sale!
Click the link in my bio to register for early access so you can get first crack when we open up!
Or click here:
#earlyaccess #blackfriday #VIP #VIPlist

Next shout out goes to @madisaylaa ALSO first callout yesterday at @npcnationals !
We have had the privilege of seeing her grow this year too! Looks to be somewhere in the 3-4 place spot for finals. So cross your fingers and you never know what could happen tonight!
Mariséla is ALSO eligible for our PPP Sponsorship program if she wins her IFBB Pro card tonight!
Great job girl!
Coaching by @ryanhinton
Posing @jazzyfresh.ifbbpro
#PPP #Sponsoship #npc #national #bikini #shawnscouture #customsuit

This has happened at EVERY National show this year.
I have multiple clients in the same class all in first callout. And here it goes again!
Iron Sharpens Iron y’all!
@bshane_bfit hitting that center spot and our posing client @missmickens84 beside her.
They are teammates in @teamoutlawfit and they both came to REPRESENT!
Love seeing this happen for them!
@breakmy5thlaw @npcnationals @shawncarla_ifbbpro #shawnscouture #shineglitterstar #npcnationals #procardbound #npc #ifbb #teammates #cuties

You guuuuuuuyys!
@bshane_bfit just held down the center of that First Call out like a BOSS! We are crossing our fingers for top 2 and that IFBB Pro Card tomorrow.
Actually EVERY ONE of our Cuties killed it today at @npcnationals !
We will do video updates for each one of them but this one goes out first as one of our PPP eligible athletes! If she does take home that Pro Card tomorrow; she also takes home a life time sponsorship with us!
She has grow SO MUCH this season we could not be more proud of her!
Working with us on her presentation, posing and suit!
Coached by @teamoutlawfit
#conqueringcutie #shineglitterstar #PPP #ProPerformerPromise #shawnscouture

Are you coming to CCTS2020?
Do you want to win lots of fun prizes and awards?
Then listen up!
At our awards banquet one lucky lady will earn the title of Social Media Star 2020!
@mjfitselect Muriel was our winner last year and she put together this awesome montage of videos clips from her entries to show you how it’s done!
We want to see YOU and why you’re excited for CCTS. What makes your journey special? Why do you love competing? What are your goals for the new year? Tell us all about YOU!
Have fun.
Be creative.
And get people talking!
Lastly be sure to tag us and @shawncarla_ifbbpro any time you post!
Also use the hashtags #CCTS2020 and #SocialMediaStar
This contest will run from NOW til the CCTS weekend begins. So get rocking and YOU could be the BIG WINNER for 2020!

PPP Alert!
@bshane_bfit is also eligible for our Pro Performer Promise Sponsorship!
We have been working with Brandi all year on her presentation needs. From suit to posing and glam coaching she has gone from a local show threat to Top 5 at Jr USAs and missing her IFBB Pro Card at North Americans by one spot.
She’s one to look out for at @npcnationals this weekend and if she comes home with that Pro card; she comes home with a lifetime sponsorship with us too!
Good luck girl!
Coaching by
#conqueringcutie #shawnscouture #couturecutie #npcnationals

Good luck to @ciarap_crew at NPC Nationals this weekend! She is eligible for our Pro Performer Promise sponsorship.
If she wins her IFBB Pro Card this weekend; she will automatically win a sponsor with us for the remainder of her competitive career JUST for wearing our suit on stage when she does it!
Yes this is a program available for ALL of our suit clients!
Inquire how this can be made possible for you!
#shawnscouture #conqueringcutie #ppp #ppg #sponsorship #winnerwinner

A few clips of out PPG applicants taking home hardware at Jr USAs last night.
More videos and pics to come!
#shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas #shineglitterstar #cutiebeautie

@_grahams killed it today taking First Callout Split Center in both Women’s Physique AND Figure!
Looking forward to seeing what happens tonight!
Glammed by us with @cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc!
How bout that Heartbeat lip velvet though!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas

Show Day Coaching: Stop Screaming & Start Teaching...

Cuties @girlatthebar and @bshane_bfit BOTH FIRST CALL OUTS!
#shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas #shineglitterstar

Cuties @girlatthebar and @bshane_bfit BOTH FIRST CALL OUT!!!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas #shineglitterstar

Cuties @girlatthebar and @bshane_bfit BOTH FIRST CALL OUT!!!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas #shineglitterstar

Stop by our booth today at Jr [email protected] check out our Show Special... Shine Glitter Star package!
I’ll post more details on here soon...DM me for more info!
But come to the booth now if you want to grab one!
Also want to try our @cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc ? We are doing mini makeup make overs. Try before you buy and find your perfect colors!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar

How cute is @elle_trainnc ?!
Wish her luck today in Figure at Jr USAs!
Hair and makeup by us @cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc #cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #jrusas

The Cutie Life with Ashley Odom.

Cuties in the house!
A few of our sponsored girls and we can’t wait to cheer @girlatthebar on Saturday!
@desi_lipova and @buffnfun are here to work our booth and @mysportyshop too.... that’s the coolest thing about our Cutie Community... the constant support system!
Here’s to another great weekend ahead!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar #jrusas

Setting up here at Jr USA and just wanted to show a preview of an IFBB Pro Figure Suit getting ready to hit the stage soon!
#shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar #cutiebeautie #jrusa

Here's How to Overcome The Pre Show Jitters

Haters & Critics: How to Deal With Both

The pets were on the prowl yesterday. Every one of my clients had their pups and their kittens intently watching them pose. This clip is too cute!
Repost from @girlatthebar using @RepostRegramApp - Even the dog said “Damn” when she looked up and seen these glutes. #PosingPractice and #PosingSuit brought to you by my #BikiniGuru @shawncarla_ifbbpro creator and owner of @shawnscouture.
#shawnscouturecuties #teamlegacy #glutes #bikiniglutes #npcelite #GoingPro #competitionprep #peakweek #womenwholift #goddessinthegym #overallbikiniwinner #futureifbbpro #shapeandbalance #iambikini

Information Overload is Killing Your Progress and Here is Why....

So much sparkle it’ll make your head spin!
Another one off to Jr USAs!
#cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar

Suit Tops: Here's a Simple Way to Solve Drooping and Sagging.

This suit tho! Headed home today. Maybe you’ll see it on stage in South Carolina this weekend.
Maybe. 🤫
#shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #cutiebeautie #shineglitterstar

PRO Performer Give Away: 5 Cuties Set To Earn Life Time Sponsorships
Announcement: 5 Cuties Set To Earn Life Time Sponsorships

Part 3: The 9 C's to Designing a Winning Competition Suit

Part 2: The 9 C's to Designing a Winning Competition Suit

Repost from @shawncarla_ifbbpro using @RepostRegramApp - LISTEN and swipe for 2 min of what I spoke about with @celestial_fit on her Confessions of a Bikini Pro Podcast!
I listened to the whole thing myself during cardio and lifting today. Even I forgot some of the tid bits I shared!
I really hope you ladies enjoy this cuz I talked a lot and gave away a lot of secrets! 😂😂
Thank you Celeste for having me and ladies reach out if I can help you in any way!
I’ll put the link to this podcast in my Bio here...

Part1: The 9 C's to Designing a Winning Competition Suit

We have just a few slots left for makeup and hair at Jr USAs next week!
Schedules will go on on Monday!
Don’t wait any longer to book. Click the link in my bio now.
Pandora @pandi1210 is wearing
-Dyeshadow pallet
-Star crystals in Ribbon
-Banana cake powder
-Universal blush
-Lip velvet in Majesty and Beyond
-Crystal Clear gloss

If you love your makeup and want to take it home you can!
Cutie Beautie Cosmetics.
@shawncarla_ifbbpro #cutiebeautie #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar

Repost from @l_nikki_bsb using @RepostRegramApp - Southeast Championships. Another one in the books. Continuous work!
Let’s see what we can do in 9 weeks!
Coach @beastfactoryfitness
Suit/sponsor @shawnscouture
Hair unit @duodivas
Makeup 💄 @_bella_glam_ 📸 @jamesallenmedia #shawnscouture #shawnscouturecuties #shineglitterstar #cutiebeautie

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