Dharma Raps

Dharma Raps

These are the talks of Gabriel Halpern which we have come to call Dharma Raps


No one wants to be marginalized and yet, when you are down you have an opportunity to punch a hole in denial. Radical change doesn’t come when everything is going your way. Radical change comes when life dumps stuff on you unexpectedly, inappropriately, apparently unjustly (you don’t deserve this) and moves you into feeling out of control. The field of significant action is not the known territory. That which is familiar is not where radical change takes place. In yoga, doing the same ol same ol pose, the sterile way, the normal way, you’ll never move from there. You’ll be doing the same pose twenty years from now. It will be nice but totally unregenerative. You can’t pretend when bad things happen to you. That’s what I mean when I say; it punches a hole in denial.

Gabriel Halpern

Collection of pictures of Gabriel in varying states of seriousnes 06/05/2016
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