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Society, Identity, and Transformation in Language Teacher Education: Eleventh International Conference on Language Teacher Education

May 30–June 1, 2019
The Graduate Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

Call for Papers Deadline: January 18, 2019

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CIEE 上海中心 2020 年春季漢語教師招聘啟事(工作地點:台南)

美國國際教育交流協會(CIEE–Council on International Educational Exchange)現誠聘2020 年春季學期漢語教師若干。工作地點為台南市。工作時間為 2 月 23 日至 6 月 6 日,
授課時間為周一至周四上午,每天 2-4 課時。

1. 碩士及以上學歷
2. 對外漢語教學或相關專業背景
3. 漢語功底扎實,普通話標准
4. 性格開朗,敬業誠實,有責任心,熱愛對外漢語事業

有意者請將中文簡歷發送至 [email protected]。面試即日開始,可安排遠程視頻面試。面試如通過,將提供相關教學培訓。



因為捨不得這個交流平台,我把網頁的名字改了。這個網頁不屬於任何組織,希望各位老師繼續分享教學心得或是會議訊息。 雅芬

CLTA Annual Conference – The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA 09/12/2019

CLTA Annual Conference – The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA

2020 全美中文教師學會年會早鳥報名截止日期 12/15/2019

CLTA Annual Conference – The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CLTA) is now calling for proposals for its 2020 annual conference to be held at the Hilton Hotel at Washington Dulles Airport on April 3-5, 2020. The objective of the annual conference is to provide a forum for Chinese teachers, scholars and school adm...



The Third International Conference
on Chinese Heritage Education:
Cornerstone to US Global Collaboration
中文傳承教育: 立足全美、放眼世界

August 12-13, 2017
DoubleTree By Hilton Newark - Fremont, Newark, California, USA

The National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS) is pleased to announce its third international conference on “Chinese Heritage Education: Cornerstone to US Global Collaboration” to highlight the importance of Chinese heritage education in the US for its role in global engagements and collaborations.

NCACLS has served as a national liaison organization for Chinese heritage schools since 1994. It currently consists of 15 regional Chinese School Associations across the United States, servicing nearly 100,000 students. Our mission at NCACLS is to represent member schools planning and sponsoring events relevant to Chinese language education in the national and international arenas.

For the organization’s third international conference, we have invited experts in K-16 Chinese language education to plan and lead the conference program. The Committee is led by Dr. Yu-Lan Lin, former Executive Director of CLASS, with following members: Theresa Chao, Henny Chen, Longhua Hu, Haohsiang Liao, Virginia Shen and Cathy J. Wei.

We cordially invite teachers, practitioners, administrators, researchers, stakeholders and educational organizations in the heritage school community to submit proposals and attend the conference.


研討會 2017 第三屆中文傳承教育國際研討會



Call for Paper

◎ 會議地點:中原大學(桃園市中壢區中北路200號)
◎ 會議時間:2016年12月23至25日(星期五至日)
◎ 主辦單位:台灣華語文教學學會
◎ 承辦單位:中原大學應用華語文學系
◎ 會議形式:專題演講、論文發表、教學工作坊、座談會、書籍教材展示

◎ 投稿類別:

◎ 投稿說明:
一、請進入會議網站([email protected]" rel="nofollow,noopener" target="_blank">註冊並登入、填寫、上傳摘要檔案。曾於歷屆年會暨研討會網站註冊者,可直接登入及投稿。若您於網站註冊或登入步驟出現任何問題,懇請來信:[email protected] 取得諮詢。
二、摘要請以Microsoft Office Word 格式(*.doc/ *.docx)上傳,若因字碼需求可另上傳Portable Document Format 格式(*.pdf)檔案。

Call for Workshop Presenter
1. 「實務教學工作坊」時間預訂為每場50分鐘(含問答交流),實際時間將以主、承辦單位安排為準。
2. 研討會期間之工作坊以交流、分享為宗旨,演示者身分視同論文發表者,不另致酬。
3. 論文發表第一作者,若為本會會員可免註冊費;工作坊演示者,若為本會會員可免註冊費。
4. 實務教學工作坊,旨在創新或特殊教學的演示互動與經驗反饋,請勿涉及販售、預購等商業行為(若需販售,請另洽本會報名廠商展覽攤位)。


Call for leadership to form special interest groups within CLTA-USA

In order to encourage CLTA members with common interests to form academic communities, exchange research and teaching information, collaborate on research/pedagogical projects, and share resources, I am happy to announce that the CLTA board has decided to launch the Special Interest Group (SIG) project within its organization.

I am writing to call for leadership to initiate and direct special interest groups. Any CLTA member who is employed full-time in a US elementary, secondary, or higher education institution and has expertise to serve as leader for the group is invited to submit a proposal for establishing a SIG with a focus on one of the following areas:

· Technology and Instructional application

· Chinese as a second language research

· K-5 Chinese Immersion

· K-12 classroom instruction and methodology

· Heritage language and heritage learners

· Teacher education and training

More areas can be added based on needs and interests. The basic operations of SIGs may include but are not limited to the following activities:

· Forming an online community --eGroup—(create LISTSEV for the group)

· Developing a website to share research/pedagogical activities or projects with the CLTA community

· Holding regular group activities for a common project

· Holding annual face-to-face group meeting/activity at CLTA sponsored conferences, if feasible

CLTA will provide the following support to each SIG:

· Listing each SIG on the CLTA website

· Providing web space within the CLTA website for sharing group projects

· Arranging meeting space for SIG activities during CLTA-sponsored conferences as requested

· Providing certain amount of activity funds based on needs
SIG memberships are free to CLTA members. A SIG may recruit non-CLTA members, who would pay a fee of $15 per year per SIG.

If you are interested in being a leader for a particular SIG, please fill out the attached proposal form and submit it to [email protected] with a message tile of “CLTA SIG Leadership” by April 30, 2016. The CLTA Steering Committee will review the proposals and make recommendations to the Board. We will announce the results of proposal selection upon approval of the CLTA board.

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Tao-chung “Ted” Yao Memorial Fund 23/09/2015

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Tao-chung “Ted” Yao Memorial Fund

Dear CLTA Colleagues,

We are sad to inform you that Professor Tao-chung “Ted” Yao of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa passed away on Saturday, September 19, 2015 after years of suffering from lung cancer.

Professor Yao served as on the CLTA Board of Directors from 1990 to 1992, and he was the CLTA Newsletter Editor from 1995 to 2002. He was probably best known by Chinese language teachers as the co-author of the popular Chinese textbook series, Integrated Chinese (《中文听说读写》). His contributions to the Chinese language teaching field will always be remembered.

Proposed by his close friends and with the permission of his wife, the CLTA Board of Directors has decided to set up a memorial fund named after him: The Tao-chung “Ted” Memorial Fund. The fund will be used to support graduate students in the U.S., following his wish on his deathbed.

Donations to the Tao-chung "Ted" Yao Memorial Fund can be made at


The CLTA Headquarters

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Tao-chung “Ted” Yao Memorial Fund Tao-chung “Ted” Yao 姚道中 May 9, 1946—September 19, 2015 Prof. Tao-chung “Ted” Yao, professor emeritus in East Asian Languages & Literatures of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, passed away on September 19, 2015, after a lengthy bout with lung cancer. A graduate of Soochow University in Taipei in 19…

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | CLTA-S2 06/09/2015

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | CLTA-S2

Submission Deadline Date for CLTA-S2 Extended to September 15, 2015

Dear CLTA Members and Interested Colleagues,

172 proposal submissions have been received so far. Per the request of some CLTA members, the Organizing Committee of CLTA-S2 has decided to extend the proposal submission deadline date to Sept. 15.

If you have just become a CLTA member, you may want to know that CLTA will hold its second International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (CLTA-S2) at the University of Maryland on April 1-3, 2016.

The proposal submission deadline date is now extended, please act and submit your proposal for the 2nd Symposium at well before Sept. 15, 2015.

Best wishes to you all,

CLTA-S2 Organizing Committee

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | CLTA-S2 The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA is pleased to announce the Second CLTA International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (CLTA-S2) to be held at the University of Maryland from April 1-3, 2016. The symposium is intended as a forum for Chinese language teachers and scho…


Call for Proposals for the 2nd CLTA International Symposium
(Deadline: 08/31/2015)

The Second CLTA International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (CLTA-S2) will be held at the University of Maryland on April 1-3, 2016. For details, please visit the symposium website at

Please be reminded to submit your proposal for the 2nd Symposium at
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2015

You are also welcome to get registered for the symposium now at
Early-Bird Registration: By December 31, 2015


Organizing Committee
For the 2nd CLTA International Symposium

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Page not found 01/07/2015

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Page not found

美國中文教師學會第二屆中文教學國際研討會 (CLTA-S2)徵文


日期:2016 年4 月1‐3 日

美國中文教師學會將於2016 年4 月1 至3 日在美國 馬里蘭大學帕克分校 (University of Maryland, College Park)舉辦第二屆 中文教學國際研討會(CLTA‐S2)。本次會議旨在為中文教師、學者及 中文教學管理人員提供一個論壇,探討中文教學的理論與方法,報告有關漢語習得和教學的研究成果,分享並推廣有效的漢語教學經驗。 歡迎美國和世界各地的漢語教學界同行(包括非美國中文教師學會會員)提交論文摘要,參會交流。組委會成員包括:蔣楠 (主席),儲誠志,沈禾玲,周明朗,印京華,陳雅芬。


詳細註冊辦法與投稿規則和流 程,請參看本會網站上的詳細說明,網 址為:。 該網站將於六月十六日開始接受論文摘要。論文摘要和報告可以用英文或中文,但是要求摘要和報告的語言一致。摘要截止日期為2015年8月31日,評審結果將在2015年11月15日前以電子郵件通知。

會議將接受四種報告形式的摘 要,具體要求如下:

1、單篇論文報告:本 報告形式以報告實證研究結果和深度討論理論和實踐問題為主,報告(含問答,下同)時間30分鐘。摘要內容包括,一、報告人的姓名,聯繫 方式和工作單位,二、論文題目和提要(英文不超過300詞,中文不超過450字,三、長度不超過60詞(英文)或90字(中文)的內容總結,後者將編入會議材料。

2、組合論文報告:本報告形式由圍繞某一題目相互有關的三到四篇論文組成,內容 可以是報告實證研究,或探討理論/實踐問題,或兩者兼備,報告時間一個小時。每個 論文組有一人為組長,由組長負責提交全組論文提要,提交材料包括:一、報告人的姓名,聯繫方式和工作單位,二、本論文組的總題 目,三、其組成論文的題目和提要,總長度英文不超過500詞,中文不超過750字,四、長度不超過100詞(英文)或150字(中文)的歸納,用於會議材料。

3、教學活動演示: 本報告旨在讓教師們分享其最有效、最有趣味性的教學活動的機會,時間五分鐘。所演示的活動必須針對某個特定的語言技能、語言結構/詞彙、或其它具體明確的學習目標。提交材料包 括,一、報告人的姓名,聯繫方式和工作單位,二、演示活動的名稱,三、活動簡介,長度不超過100詞(英文)或150字(中文),包括這個活動 適用於什麼水平的學生和哪個語言結構或技能的教學。

會議將根據聽眾的評分評出最 優秀教學活動獎五名,獲獎名單將在四月三日週日中午公佈,並頒發證書。

4、教研技能培訓:本報告人向與會者提供教研理論、研究方法、教材編寫或分析、 教學技術或技巧等方面的培訓,時間一個小時,在會前和會間進行。提交材料包括,一、報告人的姓名,聯繫方式和工作單位,二、培訓活動 的名稱,三、培訓內容的描述,包括培訓什麼、對象是誰、可預期結果等,英文不超過300詞,中文不超過450字的,四、長度不超過100詞(英文)或150字(中文)的歸納,用於會議材料。


有關會議的問詢,請用以下電 子郵箱聯繫:

會議網 址:

提 要提交:

會 議註冊:鏈接將於2015年7月15日前在會議網址公佈。

旅 行住宿及其它會務:[email protected]

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA | Page not found

全美中文學校聯合總會 23/06/2015


From Steve Chang


歡迎參加第一屆中文傳承教育研討會!研討會已經開始接受報名,詳情/報名請至全美中文學校聯合總會網站 ,Early Bird 自即日起至六月二十五日止,特告知。



張正義 敬上

全美中文學校聯合總會 NCACLS, ncacls, 全美中文學校聯合總會

Chinese Language Teachers Association | CLASS/CLTA Joint Luncheon 04/11/2014

Chinese Language Teachers Association | CLASS/CLTA Joint Luncheon

2014 CLASS/CLTA Joint Luncheon

12:30—1:45 p.m. Saturday, November 22, 2014
Lone Star Ballroom- Salon A-B
Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX

The CLASS/CLTA Joint Luncheon will be held at 12:30—1:45 p.m. at the Lone Star Ballroom Salon A-B of Grand Hyatt Hotel. This is an excellent opportunity to network with others in the field and get to know other fellow CLASS/CLTA members personally and professionally. A variety of door prizes will be donated by participating publishers. It's a "party" not to be missed.

The room size is strictly limited to 200 participants only; therefore, it is important for the attendees to purchase their luncheon tickets in advance. It’ll be on a first come first serve basis. Ticket price is $35.00 per person before November 17. A limited number of tickets will be sold at the CLTA Booth for $40.00.

Please purchase your tickets online at the following link:

You can pick up your luncheon ticket at the CLTA Booth (#6059) or at the door.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Antonio soon.


Chinese Language Teachers Association | CLASS/CLTA Joint Luncheon

Timeline Photos 24/09/2014

Timeline Photos


CLTA Finding a Roommate

Dear Members,

If you're interested in finding a roommate to share the hotel cost at ACTFL. We have the following website to help facilitate the process at:

Please feel free to let us know if you encounter any problems. Thanks.

CLTA web team

CLTA Finding a Roommate

2012 Annual Meeting & 50th Anniversary Celebration 19/11/2012


半世紀的傳承 09/11/2012

美大選/歐巴馬驚濤駭浪中勝出 振興經濟為要務!

希望學生有機會利用文章的內容及詞彙跟中國友人談論美國大選的結果。 〔記者呂烱昌/綜合報導〕美國總統大選結果出爐,現任總統歐巴馬贏得303張選舉人票,超過270張當選門檻,順利擊敗共和黨對手羅姆尼,連任成功。


Please join us in Philly this November to celebrate our 50th anniversary.
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Please join us in Philly to celebrate our 50th anniversary.


CLTA: Annual Banquet

2011 CLTA Annual Banquet

8:00—10:00 p.m. Saturday, November 19, 2011 

Empress Seafood Restaurant 喜相逢大酒樓

2825 West Alameda Avenue
Denver, CO 80219-2901
(303) 922-2822

The CLTA banquet will be held on Saturday, November 19, 8:00-10:00 PM, at the Empress Seafood Restaurant, after the CLTA-CLASS Joint Forum. The banquet is an excellent opportunity to get to know CLTA members personally and professionally. As last year, banquet participants will have a chance to receive recent publications from the CLTA members.

Purchase your tickets online at the CLTA website and enjoy the discounted price of $35 per person (including round-trip transportation and tip). Internet purchase will be available through November 10, 2011. A limited number of tickets will be sold on site for $40 per person.

海鮮羹 Seafood Soup
北京片皮鴨 Peking Duck
核桃蝦 Walnut Shrimp
黑椒牛肉 Black Pepper Beef
碧綠會鮑片 Abalone w. Chinese Broccoli
麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu
椒鹽魚片 Salted Pepper Fish
蠔油芥蘭 Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce
芝麻雞 Sesame Chicken
京都排骨 Braised Spareribs with Sauce
合時鮮果 Fresh Fruits


每人35塊,含小費及來回車費。$35 per person including round-trip transportation and tip.


2010年會照片集錦: Chinese Language Teachers Association, CLTA, Chinese Language Teachers Association


Dear CLTA Members,

In response to a successful experience from the book exhibition last year, CLTA would be holding another exhibition of books published by CLTA members at the CLTA Booth during the ACTFL/CLTA Annual meeting in Denver next month. If you would like to display any recently published book(s) that you have authored between 2009 and 2011, please contact CLTA HQ by replying to this message and filling out the information in the attached document by Oct. 25. HQ will send you details about the exhibition after receiving your reply.

Thanks for your attention to this message. See you in Denver!

感谢去年老师们对学会书展的热烈回响,全美中文教师学会计划今年再度在年会摊位上展示学会及会员近两年的出版成果。如果愿意参展的会员请于十月二十五日前回复此通知,并填好附件中要求的讯息与总部连络。收到您的来信后,总部会再通知参展细节。谢 谢。丹佛见!
感謝去年老師們對學會書展的熱烈迴響,全美中文教師學會計畫今年再度在年會攤位上展示學會及會員近兩年的出版成果。如果願意參展的會員請於十月二十五前回復此通知,並填好附件中要求的訊息與總部連絡。收到您的來信後,總部會再通知參展細節。謝 謝。丹佛見!


Chinese Language Summit in Madison with Paul Sandrock, Lynn Sessler, Donna Clementi, Yea-Fen Chen & Lucy Lee


2011 CLTA Annual Meeting Program


Dear members,

If you are coming to the annual conference and are interested in looking for a roommate, we now have an updated web service that can help facilitate the process. Please submit your travel info at the following link: After the submission, you should receive an email confirmation where it also contains a direct link that allows you to delete your entry.

Please email John Chang at [email protected] for questions.

CLTA web team


Journal of CLTA