Optical Dispensing Association of India

Optical Dispensing Association of India

We train and exchange information among the optical dispensers in India.


Last month, I attended this insightful session on Swaraj City by Khaki Lab.
Kaevan Umrigar, our research guru, masterfully unfolded the tales of Mumbai and its profound connection to the Freedom Movement.

From the bustling streets to the hidden narratives, each moment was a revelation, offering a deeper understanding of our city's historical significance.

Grateful for the enriching experience and the chance to delve into the untold chapters of our heritage.



Learn a new skill, try a different perspective, and absorb varied experiences. 

It's not just about facts; it's about applying knowledge in everyday life. Share your newfound wisdom, spark conversations, and see how understanding shapes your world. 

Your growth contributes to a community of empowered minds. Let's learn, adapt, and create a life filled with endless possibilities! 



Santa's Spectacles from - LAWRENCE & MAYO, makes sure Inspite of the massive jingle ,ti**le of all bells - his spectacles are intact


Ever wondered how a compelling story can work wonders for a brand?

Picture this: A captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impression, creates strong connections, and builds an army of loyal fans.

As a seasoned Marketing Leader, I've seen first-hand how authenticity, purpose, and a touch of creativity can make our brand soar.

That's the magnetism of storytelling! It’s time you sprinkle some magic of storytelling on your branding.



In the world of business and networking, I've been fortunate to come across many remarkable individuals. Sharing a beautiful moment with Ridhi, Pallavi Desai, and Gautam Ganglani at Nagpur Corporate Connections Meet up. Our interactions have underscored a profound truth - the importance of adding value to people's lives through networking.

I believe Networking, at its essence, is not solely about what you can gain or extract from others; it's about what you can offer and contribute to their journeys. It's a two-way street where the exchange of knowledge, support, and inspiration becomes the currency of meaningful connections.

Networking is not just a means to an end; it's a path to personal and collective growth. It's about creating a positive ripple effect, where each connection becomes a source of empowerment, knowledge, and inspiration. It's about building bridges, offering a helping hand, and leaving a positive impact on the lives we touch.


&Mayo &M


Ah, the nostalgia of adventures! Throwback to my very own Shahrukh Khan moment from our foreign trips!

In this enchanting throwback picture, you'll find me donning formal attire, standing beneath the majestic cascade of a waterfall. The juxtaposition of formality and the wild beauty of nature perfectly captures my spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest.

The waterfall, a natural wonder in an exotic locale, symbolizes the grandeur of exploration. It's a reminder that life's greatest treasures are often discovered when we venture off the beaten path, embracing new experiences with open arms.


&Mayo &M


In today's digital age, cybersecurity is not just a concern; it's an imperative element in business.

Sharing a couple of glimpses of a Business Workshop on CYBER SECURITY, organized by the Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce. The workshop shed light on the importance of safeguarding our businesses and data from cyber threats.

Knowledge is power, and I'm grateful for the insights gained during this session. Let's all take steps to protect our digital assets and keep our businesses secure.


&Mayo &M


It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to our Founder Member of BNI Abyndance Dr Nitin Parab - a prolific poet, public speaker and a history enthusiast, but a guiding light in our lives. He was a personal friend and adviser to me ,Trainer to Lawrence & Mayo Group, Personal Yoga Master. Will miss the Philosophical talks we used to have.

Nitin ji played a vital role in our Youth4Nation Maharashtra chapter. His contributions were instrumental in making our recent Youth Conclave in Mumbai a success. Just a few days ago, he was with us, moderating a discussion on "Leadership in the new digital era," inspiring us all.

From being the youngest COO at a renowned media house in Pune to becoming a prolific author and the Chairman of the MSME council, Maharashtra, his journey was truly inspiring.

A true patriot, he'll always hold a special place in our hearts. May his soul rest in peace.


The World of Beads,tiny colourful objects ,my first Beads Museum

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