GIC Faizabad

GIC Faizabad

Teaching standards at Govt. Intermediate College, Faizabad were excellent even during 1965-67.

In fact, all the GICs throughout the state of UP have been well known for their teachers and their teaching skills.


A new group GIC Ayodhya has been created. Please visit the new group.


GIC Faizabad is a government run institution. How do we help the institution to enable itself impart quality education that it been famous for?
Please share your thoughts.


I have created a WhatsApp Group for GIC old boys. Please share your details like your affiliation to GIC Colleges in general and GIC Faizabad in particular on these pages. Please connect with me on Facebook as well as your mobile number so that we can enable some discussions on action plan for GIC Faizabad.

Photos from GIC Faizabad's post 07/01/2018

Today, GIC Faizabad had its 165th Foundation Day. Old Boys' Association was inaugurated.

GIC Faizabad is one of the earliest four GICs established in the state of UP. The other GICs came at Lansdowne, Lucknow and Allahabad.


Shall be visiting GIC Faizabad on Jan. 7, 2018.

Visiting GIC 23/12/2017

Visited GIC Faizabad on November 16, 2017 with the consent of Dr RC Srivastava, Principal. Have plans to help the students .


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How do Indian Entities get interested in IP issues when they do not even recognize potential IP service providers?

Indian entities have been filing nearly 20% of Indian patent applications for past 3 decades and this trend has been pretty consistent irrespective of the technology areas they are working on. Indian entities are also known as copycats and frequently accused of plagiarism. It is perfectly natural that if they continue doing what they had been doing for past 7 decades, they will continue getting what they had been getting for past 7 decades.

Ever since India became independent, there had been a reconstruction of India by building up modern temples of learning such as IITs, DRDO, ICAR, CSIR laboratories and several universities in government sector besides public sector units such as IOCL, BHEL, SAIL, NTPC, ONGC besides MSMEs and other larger units in private sector such as Reliance group of industries.

Private sector has also witnessed the mushrooming of several engineering colleges, medical colleges and management colleges during past 3 decades to cater to the demands of engineers, medical and management professionals that were largely prepared by diverting them from the science and technology mainstreams. Even, non-Indian entities have set up nearly 1000 R&D Centers employing nearly 3 lacs qualified Indian scientists and technocrats during the same.

Whereas Indian academic institutions function as knowledge power house, quite a large number of such qualified scientists and technocrats are employed by Indian industries to develop newer products and processes. Indian entities comprising of academia and industries create IP at their laboratories. However, their IP creation has not been at a satisfactory pace considering the investments made in these modern temples of learning when one moves ahead to compare their output with respect to those by the non-Indian entities.