SpecEd specializes in working with corporate Human Resources personnel to support employees with children with special needs.

Caring for a child with special needs is difficult. Add on the demands of work and life and the task can become overwhelming. We provide a "one stop shop" opportunity - where caregivers may build their own support network to address their child's unique needs.

Operating as usual

Butterfly Buddy Camp – Schoener MusicMan Academy 13/04/2021

I am super excited to share information about a new project that a group of us have been working on for the past two years. 🎉🎊🎉🎊

The Brad Schoener Fund and the Royal Butterfly Special Needs Fund have partnered together to offer a one week music camp for children ages 8-11 on the autism spectrum 🥁🎹 🎶

Children will have a 1:1 Buddy to serve as friend/mentor while they explore both instruments and vocals. The week will end with a live performance 🎤🎵🎭

Since it is our first year and since we still have COVID safety protocols to follow, registration is limited. Scholarships are available for qualifying Upper Darby students!

Application process may be accessed here:


Butterfly Buddy Camp – Schoener MusicMan Academy Butterfly Buddy Camp Fostering Friendships through the Love of Music ~ This New Program is sure to hit All The High Notes! Specifically crafted for the young music lover with special needs, the Mus…

trials of an SN MOM: Processing and Palm Trees 19/02/2021

Palm trees are everywhere here in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania! All we need are some steel drums and the sound of crashing waves to really feel like we are on some fabulous getaway...am I right? For our boy, the palm trees seem to be his lifeline during COVID. We all have a way to process difficult things, right?

I talk about it a bit on my blog: https://www.speced.net/post/processing-and-palm-trees 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

trials of an SN MOM: Processing and Palm Trees It has been a while. I have been reluctant to post anything given the current environment. I did not want to sound like a complainer. The last eleven months have impacted so many people in so many different ways. And while I have tried to focus on the treasures during this period, like more family d...

Timeline photos 14/04/2019

It’s baseball season! We have had such a wonderful experience with baseball...in large part because of the welcoming nature of our league. As we get older, we try to teach our guy about plays and strategy behind the game. Our learning curve is fairly big, but this play set has helped a ton. I highly recommend it for new players...or for those players that need more “visual” practice ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️http://www.kaskeykids.com/product-category/baseball-guys/. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Trials of an SN MOM: Glass Half Full 31/01/2019

Perspective. Positive attitude. Key to progress as we travel on our individual journeys.

Trials of an SN MOM: Glass Half Full So we are back to eating three to four things that do not provoke a visceral reaction (like flying objects). It is frustrating. We went through therapy for this

Timeline photos 31/01/2019

Feeling a little defeated today. Lately, meals have been really brutal filled with crying, yelling, gagging and tonight...projectile household items. Eating should be enjoyed and not stressful. But our guy is in some sort of rut and mealtime is beyond trying for everyone. So, in these less than stellar moments, I try very hard to reflect on the good...because there is more of that than the bad....and I came upon this recent pic. Our family trip to DC from last week...where our guy was able to tolerate an afternoon of touring...followed by a meal out. He survived and we survived 💪🏻. We not only survived, but we had fun. So instead of crying tonight...I smiled. And for that I say...cheers. Glass half full is the way I want to go!

Timeline photos 12/01/2019

Apparently Mario went to the dark side and Luke Skywalker is not doing too well. Pretend play did not come naturally to our boy. We had to teach him...and now he does it on his own. AND he is doing it with new toys!!!!Exciting all around. SpecED can help find the supports that can expand the creative side to those kids who need a bit more prompting.

Timeline photos 09/01/2019

Dinner on the run...literally. Our guy is in OT/food therapy so he is eating (I hope). I decided to spare the other parents in the waiting room from my salmon and veggies and I am in the car 😂. After school activities are brutal for every parent. Throw in a few therapies a week in addition and it’s 🤯. Thank goodness for the prepared foods section at the grocery store and for cars! And, yes, I have my own utensils in the car 🤓.


I am wearing my namaste hat. It is 8am. It is Saturday. That means yoga time! I know I don’t look it, but I am very happy on the inside 😂. Yoga is my release. It used to be running until my body started to tell me otherwise 👵🏻. There is no shame to have a release or to seek help. Being a parent or a sibling of a special needs child can be very stressful - day to day life, in addition to the weight carried thinking and planning for the future, is A LOT. It is ok to say it’s overwhelming and stressful. That took me a while to say. It ok to not have it together all the time. That took a while to say too. A release, professional help...is all good! SpecED can help find the supports needed (or just wanted) by you and/or family members.

Timeline photos 04/01/2019

So we are back in school and we survived 💪🏻. The holidays are over! It’s a horrible way to view the time of year that promotes goodwill and initiates loads of family time and love...but that’s our reality. His nervous smile says it all 😬. For our guy it is pure chaos. The lack of schedule and regularity makes him feel anxious. The anticipation of events creates unease...all resulting in disregulation.

Last night he asked me 10 times what he was having for breakfast. Knowing what to expect the next day creates comfort for him. So...another holiday break in the books. With the new year, mom and dad are armed with new info...and will be sharing info on a new journey soon...

Trials of an SN Mom: Achieving some Normalcy | speced 12/12/2018

When you achieve a feat that is considered easy for many = the best feeling.

Trials of an SN Mom: Achieving some Normalcy | speced So, we are approaching the holidays which means my patience level has peaked. The decorations, holiday events...the anticipation...is all very overwhelming for

Timeline photos 25/11/2018

We have not been to an actual movie theater with our boy in maybe 5 years. We brought sound canceling earphones and a second car. But I think we will be ok. He is SO excited.


It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day stuff and lose sight of how far you’ve come as well as forget the growth that has occurred...and I mean that as a parent as well as with the child. When our boy’s school picture came back it really took my breath away. He looks SO grown up. He insisted on wearing a tie😂 and took special care on his appearance that day. I was so worried about missing the bus I really didn’t appreciate anything in that moment of time. But the picture. Wow. It made me realize that time is flying. Our boy is growing up. And I need to be in the moment more.

Timeline photos 14/11/2018

Found our boy like this last night. He was “studying” just like his big sister. The seizures have taken us a few steps backwards with the academics. Another barrier that requires our boy to work harder. But...we just embarked on a new path (to be shared in a blog soon) that we pray will help our guy. In the meantime, he continues to be the ultimate warrior ninja. He has the will and the drive. And that makes us very proud ❤️. Once we have the seizures better controlled we will be engaging tutors to help support our boy. SpecEd can help families find that academic support as well.

Timeline photos 12/11/2018

Is he practicing yoga or getting ready to hike the ball? 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’m just happy our boy is engaged and excited about watching a sport with the family ...or anything on the tv for that matter. He may watch for 10 minutes. That’s 10 minutes more than last year....and that’s progress 😃😃😃. Go E-A-G-L-E-S (what can I say...baseball season is over😕 )

Trials on an SN Mom: Parent Night | speced 08/11/2018

Parent Night put me in "reset" mode again...and not in a good way. Glass half full...glass have full....

Trials on an SN Mom: Parent Night | speced Parents Night at school for a special needs mom or dad is odd. I don't know how else to describe it. It is nice to interact with other parents who get your da

Timeline photos 02/11/2018

Halloween! We got through it. Before we approached every door we rehearsed with our boy on what to say. Every door. But he had a great time and his ad lib moments made our neighbors laugh...kindly, as they thought he was sweet and genuine. How can you go wrong with “have yourself a happy Halloween night”? Years ago our boy would walk right into the house, had a difficult time holding a conversation and the nights were typically short as it was stressful. Social skills classes, and recreational activities have helped us along. SpecED can help find the right social exposures for your child a well.

Timeline photos 17/10/2018

We just had our first IEP mtg of the school year and it was a doozy. Our son is fortunate to be surrounded by some wonderful teachers and we have a very supportive school district so we are fortunate in many ways...but, as parents we need to advocate. And advocate we did! Some families need additional support for this process. SpecED can help provide options.

Trials of an SN Mom: Eloping | speced 16/10/2018

The worst day we have ever experienced as a parent....

Trials of an SN Mom: Eloping | speced While the details are still being sorted out, they found the little North Carolina boy with autism. The story and outcome makes me so sad. There was a time wh


Trying to find my inner peace this morning. I thought my son did not have school because it is Columbus Day (and my daughter has off). Realized at 5:30 a.m. (while at the gym) that I was wrong. Changing plans for a child with ASD is never easy. Doing it last minute requires some extra meditation for mom this Monday morning as I recover 🤦🏻‍♀️.


Near the Philly area and need something to do Thursday evening?

We all know school districts are financially stressed and many programs and services lack as a result...even more so for the SN population. A group of my mom friends and I decided we needed to help the kids in our district. More information may be found at:


Timeline photos 02/10/2018

Our boy was invited to a birthday party for a classmate!!! To say he was excited would be an understatement. Invitations just don’t come our way as frequently as I’d like. Parties can be hard for the SN population. But...when they happen...our boy will dress the part.

Timeline photos 27/09/2018

While officials are still investigating what happened, they found the little North Carolina boy with autism...and it makes me so sad. I remember the day our son disappeared. I remember searching the woods. I lost it when I found a pond. Our story could have very easily ended in a similar way and I continue to be thankful to the community who helped us find our son. I pray for that little boy, his family and know that his brief time on earth made things better. RIP little angel.

Timeline photos 16/09/2018

First day of PREP for our boy this season....or as he likes to say “church school”. Finding a place of worship that accommodates both our special needs child as well as our neurotypical child took some time and research. But we finally found a church that is wonderfully inclusive and that works for our family. Our boy enjoys it and likes to look dapper for the occasion 😂. Fedora hats used to be part of the look...but he’s toned it down. I love the enthusiasm. I love the creativity.

Timeline photos 14/09/2018

Some times in order to remember how far you’ve come you need to reflect on what once was. This was taken just before an epic meltdown that left me in tears. We were just starting on our journey and I didn’t quite understand sensory processing issues...and this particular envt was complete chaos for our boy 😓. Live and learn, right? Our guy can now tolerate public environments and his parents are more prepared and informed. So...despite whatever setbacks I see today...I reflect and remember how far we have come...and that there will be more growth for all of us to come.


First week of school....✔️check

Trials of an SN Mom: First Week of School | speced 12/09/2018

SN parents...we have all completed our first week(s) of school...collective sigh.

Trials of an SN Mom: First Week of School | speced Drum roll..... IT arrived. The first day of school. We are at the same school this year - a major plus - but there are new things as is the case for all childre

Timeline photos 07/09/2018

The first week back has been tough for all of us...me included. That 4:30 am alarm is hurting a bit more than I remember. With time comes routine and we will get there. In the meantime, I will look back on the moments this summer that help create the inner peace that I need at this time...and remind me that, yes, we all do like each other.

Timeline photos 04/09/2018

Transition periods are NEVER easy. While the effect on the child may appear different...there are effects. This year we’ve experienced some regression with eating leading up to one of the biggest transitions of the year-the first day of school! But we can manage...and he’s got this!

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I am wearing my namaste hat. It is 8am.  It is Saturday.  That means yoga time!  I know I don’t look it, but I am very h...
It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day stuff and lose sight of how far you’ve come as well as forget the grow...
Trying to find my inner peace this morning.  I thought my son did not have school because it is Columbus Day (and my dau...
First week of school....✔️check
Our son has been going to the family Lake House since he was a baby.  Gone are the days where we follow him like helicop...