River of Hope International, INC

River of Hope International, INC

River of Hope is a 501c3 organization that works with schools in the Tigray region of northern Ethio


Update from Karin:

All you prayer warriors, please pray for our 2 year old Miss N who had a seizure this morning and had to be rushed to the hospital. She needs an urgent CT- scan and there is no working CT-scan in Shire, so due to the urgency and severity of the seizure we have decided that we are going to take her to Addis Ababa, as she is known and we don't want to waste time in Mekelle as there may be a shortage of medical supplies there as well.... Please pray as Carlos will take her and Biniam who will drive them on the unpredictable road to Mekelle. Pray that we will get a flight to Addis Ababa today. Pray for all of us as we are so worried. But we know all are safe in God's Hands.
Update: Our car has reached Axum safely and they will keep us up to date on their progress whenever they have phone connection.

ROHi Coffee 21/05/2021

Tonight's concert will be livestreamed on Facebook!
Donate directly to River of Hope at www.rohicoffee.org

ROHi Coffee Making a Difference…While Enjoying Great Coffee!! 100% of the profits from ROHi Coffee go to support River of Hope International and their work in Ethiopia.  Featured: Ethiopian Coffee (Yirgacheffe) from 15.00 Shop All Donate to River of Hope International Directly100% of proceeds benefit the min...


Update From Grace Village:

“A big hug for all of you friends who have been faithfully praying for us! This 6 month long rollercoaster ride has been something I had never ever expected to happen and no end in sight yet unless God Himself puts a stop to it. God has protected us and He is now providing us with wonderful financial support so we can help the hurting people around us. We have provided food support to 2000 people, have reopened our rehabilitation center for 50 children who need temporary care, We have taken the protection responsibility for one of the 16 centers for displaced people where we are currently looking for a solution for 30 elderly people who sleep outside (we have had quite a bit of early rain) and we help 200 destitute families with small business skills training. We have helped already 5 babies with baby formula and are assessing 2 babies today for potential admission in Grace Village. The needs and hurts here are more than overwhelming andwe work with our own hearts being broken by all that is going on but in the knowledge that God is our strength. Keep praying for peace!”


Update Today from Abraham's Oasis:

" "Could you possibly take another 200?" Asked the overwhelmed government official. The assessment was done in Kebele 03 for 800 people. The team decided that another 200 would be possible.
Abraham's Oasis started last week to provide food for one thousand people living in Neighbourhood 03. Fifteen kilos of Millet grain, one litre of oil and Shire flour (High protein, pulse based flour favoured by Ethiopians). The team buy the supplies in the market and distribute it to the families who have been so deprived because of the fighting in Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia.
"I was told to bring my baby to you..." said the weeping father, "This baby is all I have left, his mother died because we could not get help..." On assessing the situation the team realised that this father simply needed support for him to care for his baby, so, baby milk formula and requirements for baby care were given and support will carry on for six months. A mother whose milk supply had dried up asked for support too. We need Baby milk formula, available in Addis Ababa, one thousand kilomtres away. We can buy supplies in Shire town near to us.
The children are not back in school yet, because schools and colleges are filled with one thousand internally displaced people (IDP). Abraham's Oasis will take 200 unaccompanied minors from among these internally displaced people who have been abused.
Thank you for your generous donations for these projects. "

Photos from River of Hope International, INC's post 01/04/2021

Get to Know the Founders: Craig and Stacey Klotzbach

-Craig and Stacey founded River of Hope International in 2007
-Have 4 children (2 in college and 2 in high school)
-Youngest child adopted from Ethiopia
-Craig was a biology teacher for 20 years and is now a Secondary Principal
-Stacey was a stay at home mom and now teaches 5th-6th grade Math
-Married 26 years (this June)
-Both are Alumni of Cedarville University
-Attends Berean Baptist Church
-Have 1 Dog, 2 Cats and 1 Gecko

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: A rare view inside the conflict zone 25/03/2021

The Tigray Region of Ethiopia, because of the virus and political unrest has been in turmoil for close to 6 months. Communication out of country is still very difficult. The Tigray region is very popular for people to find refuge, which causes a lot of overcrowding. This article gives an inside scoop of how the conflict has affected one family unit in particular in the Tigray region. Check it out!

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: A rare view inside the conflict zone A BBC team gets a glimpse of the human cost of the recent fighting in Tigray.

Temporary Offering - Kenya AA Coffee (While supplies last) — ROHi Coffee 18/03/2021

COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Kenya AA Coffee Roast

-Harvested within the region of Mt. Kenya
-Double fermented method of harvest
-Sweeter taste
-Medium body with mild sweet acidity
-Notes: apricot, stone fruits, current and citrus

Temporary Offering - Kenya AA Coffee (While supplies last) — ROHi Coffee Check out our Kenya AA Coffee Roast while supplies last!!! Kenya AA Coffee is harvested within the region of Mt. Kenya and is collected and processed using the double fermented method. Kenyan coffee has a sweeter taste than Ethiopian coffee. It has a medium body and a mild sweet acidity. It ove

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COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Papua New Guinea
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-Grown in the Eastern Highlands
-Lighter roast with mild acidity
-Subtle taste with notes of red fruits and citrus rinds


Temporary Offering - Papua New Guinea Coffee (While supplies last) — ROHi Coffee While supplies last…try our Papua New Guinea Coffee Roast!!! Papua New Guinea Coffee is grown in the Eastern Highland region of the country. This coffee has more of a lighter feel to it than Ethiopian Coffee, with a mild acidity. These beans create a more subtle taste and has small notes of red

Decaffeinated Columbian Coffee (Swiss Water Decaf) — ROHi Coffee 05/03/2021

COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Decaffeinated Columbian Coffee (Swiss Water Decaf)
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-Deep and Rich Coffee
-Has 99% of caffeine removed from the bean through the Swiss water process
-Swiss Water: fully natural way to remove caffeine without chemicals
-Keeps the fully natural taste and flavor of the beans


Decaffeinated Columbian Coffee (Swiss Water Decaf) — ROHi Coffee Want to drink coffee but don’t want the punch of caffeine? Decaffeinated Columbian Coffee provides the deep and rich coffee flavor but has 99% of the caffeine removed from the beans. This is done through the Swiss Water process, which is a natural way of removing the caffeine from the bean while

Ethiopian Coffee (Sidamo) — ROHi Coffee 25/02/2021

COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Ethiopian Sidamo
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Fast Facts:
-more popular in Ethiopia than in the United States
-Harvested in the Rift Valley
-Well balanced with full flavor
-Notes of CHOCOLATE, strawberry, peach, blackberry, and sweet lemon

100% of proceeds benefit RIVER OF HOPE INTERNATIONAL INC.

Ethiopian Coffee (Sidamo) — ROHi Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee is similar to Harrar Coffee in that it is more popular in Ethiopia than it is in the United States. Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee is harvested within the Rift Valley of Ethiopia. This is found in the southern boarder of Ethiopia. Sidamo Coffee is known to have rich flavors and


COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Ethiopian Harrar
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-One of the most popular in country coffee blends
-Originates in Oromia Region of Ethiopia
-Strong flavor and heavy body
-Fruity acidity with blueberry and blackberry notes
-Popular in Espresso use


COFFEE OF THE WEEK: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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-Most common bean used in the US
-Southern Region of Ethiopia
-Complex acidity and medium body
-Floral accents with fruit notes (red berries, green apple, lemon, and orange zest)




-ROHi Coffee is the new extension off of River of Hope International, which will serve as our main fundraising platform!!!
-Through ROHi Coffee you can order custom locally roasted coffee that is made specifically tailored to you!
-Our main offerings include 3 types of Ethiopian coffee along with limited time offerings (including Kenya and Papua New Guinea)


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