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Free Printable Christmas Thank-You Notes 26/12/2023

Today is National Thank You Note Day! 💕

Free Printable Christmas Thank-You Notes Our set of free printable Christmas thank-you notes includes six designs. They are the perfect way for kids to say thank-you for gifts.


Just a reminder… this time of the year is very hard on many people. At some time in all of our lives, we will deal with financial problems, health issues, relational problems in our families, and mental heath struggles.

If you are going through hard times, understand you are not alone.

Consider kindness and empathy. It could be your greatest Christmas gift to others.


Love this!


😂 Yep! and I totally sang this lol
Would you add anything else?


Wow! So true. ❤️


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how lovely are thy branches….


Feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done within the course of a homeschool day? Thankfully, adding more isn't the answer. Instead, it's a matter of simplifying. 💁‍♀️




With parenting and homeschooling comes a whooooole lot of unlearning on our parts!

As parents, we have to be willing to admit that maybe the way we were taught or the ideas/beliefs we internalized aren’t the best or only way to exist.

This is true across the board:
👉🏼 Food
👉🏼 Discipline
👉🏼 Sleep
👉🏼 School
👉🏼 Work
👉🏼 Routines

We can’t grow and change if we aren’t willing to admit that there might be another/better way, and then be willing to learn and try.

What is one area you are willing to commit to unlearning?


Sending children back to school after Christmas break is often seen as getting back to normal. But it’s only been “normal” for the past century.

How about making home education normal? How about making daily family worship and discipleship normal? Let’s make family togetherness the real “getting back to normal.”

Countless parents choose the Christmas holiday break to make a permanent break from public school. You don’t need to have everything figured out by the first week of January. You just need to have the determination that your children will be raised at home, and then take some time to decide how that will look. You can learn more in detail in my book, Anyone Can Homeschool. (Listen to the audio book while you shop and wrap presents!)

Read my full blog post at Expository Parenting:

Get Anyone Can Homeschool in print, Kindle, and Audible versions:


The weekend is here... you know what to do. ❤️



Free Curriculum for Special Needs Homeschooling 15/12/2023

I updated this post to include Bookshare and National Library Service. Unfortunately, I also had to remove some resources that are no longer available. 🥲 If you know of any free homeschool curriculum or resources that would be a good fit for this list, please let me know!

Free Curriculum for Special Needs Homeschooling Here are several free curriculum options for homeschooling children with special needs and struggling learners.

Free Printable Christmas Thank-You Notes 14/12/2023

These fill-in-the-blank templates help younger kids write thank-you notes.

Free Printable Christmas Thank-You Notes Our set of free printable Christmas thank-you notes includes six designs. They are the perfect way for kids to say thank-you for gifts.


Holds true at my house 🤣


The difference between a child who has spent even a little amount of time in a school setting and a child who never had to experience it is astounding.

This isn’t to say that healing can’t happen or that if you have already put your child in school that they’re damaged forever.

It’s simply meant to drive home the point that unschooling is a natural progression for children. Those who never experience a school setting inherently have more creativity, ask more questions, feel more trust in themselves, and are often more confident in their discoveries and natural abilities to learn. ❤️

Want to work with me on cultivating a learning experience at home that truly embraces your child right where they are? The 6-week Natural Learning Intensive is a group coaching program designed to help you transform your homeschooling experience into a natural learning journey that is 100% cultivated around your child’s unique needs and interests. Our current round is going strong, and the dates for the next round have just been announced! We start January 8th and spots are already filling up. Check the first comment for info 👇🏽


What are *you* learning right now? ✨


Life was meant to be lived. Puddles were meant to be experienced.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?