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As a retired teacher and scientist I know how hard teachers work, especially when times are difficult. While we are well past "difficult times" and in uncharted waters keeping our kids safe has to be a priority. I understand that individual teachers will need to make their own choices about it being safe for them to go to school, if they have other health concerns they may need to stay away, however the scientist in me tells me that if the best medical advice is that kids are safer at school in an environment with a static cohort, not being cared for by elderly grandparents or making it difficult for essential workers to go to work, then that is what the government, the schools and teachers need to encourage. Too often expert advice is ignored, to do so in this situation can seriously affect essential services. So it seems that schools have become one of those essential services we need to keep open. As a relief teacher I am going to school to help keep them open for those kids that need to be there and for those teachers who would be putting their health at risk leaving home due to other medical issues. I see it as something positive I can do to help the community in this crisis. Definitely more essential than keeping bottle shops open, funny I haven't heard anyone complain about that!

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After a pretty unsettling week of fires and dust storms lets hope we can have a better end to the year

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Mathematics is the language of nature.

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Next time you spot a mysterious light in the sky, whip out this handy infographic to figure out what you saw. Click on the image for a larger view.


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Bad news for female fruit flies - researchers from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment have discovered the key to creating sterile, all-male lines, which can be used to control Australian fruit fly populations without the use of pesticides:

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