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"Don't Be Deceived By The Office" - By David Obasa

"Well done, Sir. You are the best!"

"No one has Done as Well as you, Ma."

"We Cannot Do Without you."

"You are the greatest thing to happen to this Office".

"We owe you a Debt of Gratitude". Oga Sir! Oga Ma!.

The above are some comments that a Person in an Office will Hear;

"A Naive one will get carried away by it.
The Wise one will Discount them".

Long ago, Dr Chuba Okadigbo, while working as aide to President Shehu Shagari said "all these ex these and that ..." in arrogant reference to people who were in authority before but later had no official capacity. (Blessed Memories):
Then Zik (or was it Awo?) told him that he should wait that in a little while he would also become 'ex this and that'. Well, it happened.::

Reuben Abati, as aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, also wrote an article berating people he referred to as 'yesterday men', well today he is also a 'yesterday-man';

"This is the part of Power many people Do Not understand"!!!

When Sule Lamido was interviewed on his view about an Aggrieved Politician threatening their party, he said "well, the powers they think they have is just the office.
Take away the office and see what more Influence they can Wield.
I was Governor for eight years, so I know these things". He really does.

We travelled on the same aircraft a few years back and from Lagos to Kano there was no protocol around him. Most people did not even as much as looked at him (except a few of us who recognised him). Not until we got to Kano did he become distinguished (because he had to use VIP arrival gate, which itself had been commercialised, as anyone that can pay the annual cost could use the gate).

My father taught me long ago about knowing the difference between people liking an officer's position and liking his person. He showed me from his own life. He became a managerial staff in a multinational company in 1978. So, I grew up being referred to as 'Manager's Son' whenever I visited the company. An official driver would drive me and my siblings to our schools in Zaria. A driver would convey me from Kano to school in Azare. Going to his office was delightsome, "that's Oga's son" they would say or whisper. Some top merchants in Zaria or in Kano would always have some coins to hand out to my siblings and I. I got to ride on the horse of a royalty in Zaria. The spotlight was enjoyable but the Oga himself would warn, "they are not doing this for me but for the office I occupy today".

He went on to tell me how all that would change the moment he retires. He retired in 1993. I watched his prophesies fulfilled right before my eyes. The lessons got Etched in my memory.

So, when I also became a managerial staff, I put all these in mind. When people said things or showed Affection or expressed Devotion or Loyalty, I clearly told myself that these were purely to the Office I occupied and not to me.

I did not delude myself.

I tried my best to relate with people as personalities and not merely as officers.

While I was a Branch Manager in a bank, I had customers who could call me at any time of the day (or night). Some would share their problems with me, a few were even personal problems for which I would counsel them. I had a customer who would call whenever he had mobile app issues; whether I was in Lagos or Kano or Kaduna or Aba; whether I was in an MPR session or making a presentation or trying to get a nap, I had to create time to respond to him.
Even after I became a Divisional Head, the man would byepass his account officer, relationship manager, branch manager to me. I was his go-to person. Yet, I did not allow this to get to my head, I knew he only liked my prompt services and not necessarily my person. I was right. As soon as I resigned, he never called again, not even once to say "Babban Manager (that's what he used to call me) yaya ka ke (how are you)?"

I did not get offended because I was prepared for things like that.

There were customers with whom one developed personal relationship while in office but outside office, they would read one's messages and only answer when they felt like.
One cannot blame them. Some do think that those out of office may be a burden to them even when such persons had never made entreaties towards them.

This also applies to religious leaders.

When people older than them call them 'Daddy', 'Mummy' and use endearment terms for them, they sometimes begin to think that they are truly fathers, mothers or lords of these people, failing to see that it is the office those people respect and not necessarily the occupier of the office.

The moment a parishioner gets transferred to another parish, the loyalty, respect (and even adulation) get transferred to the new occupant in the parish. It is what it is!

"This is why some People get Frustrated in Retirement"

They did not prepare for a life where many who had dotted on them no longer looked their way.

Everyone in office must learn this lesson and get prepared for it.

Finally, there are also some that would do EVERYTHING to Seduce a Man or Woman of Power, you should know that as there are those attracted to Pretty; Intelligence or Bodily Endowments, so are there those simply attracted to POWER.

So be careful!!

We're Living in d World of Vanity & Artificial Lifestyles.


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