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I have been working in the field of early childhood education for over 20 years and have been teaching parent education, specifically, for 15. The purpose of this page is to provide parenting information and support to co-op preschool families, child care families, and preschool teachers.

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Amazing mural being painted right outside of our co-op preschool room!


Teens and Toddlers: Déjà Vu? 30/01/2024

My article on toddlers and teens is out. Did you know that PEPS has a support group for parents of teens too?

Teens and Toddlers: Déjà Vu? Toddlers and teenagers go through rapid brain growth and development which can be challenging for parents. Parent educator Beth Goss offers tips for parents of adolescents to support their teens on the PEPS blog.


Talking with Jessica and Linda on Sleepy Qs about many parenting things!


Some great ideas for shifting your perspective when kids are melting down.


The NSC cooperative preschool auction is live! This is the biggest fundraiser of the year, and proceeds go to our scholarship fund. Part of our mission is make the preschool/parent education experience available to all, regardless of income.

The auction is live! Bid today!!

First Feelings: The Foundation of Healthy Development, Starting From Birth 30/11/2023

Teaching this topic tonight at Fauntleroy Children’s Center.

First Feelings: The Foundation of Healthy Development, Starting From Birth It’s so important for parents to help their child learn how to cope with their feelings. Learn how parents are their child’s guide in sharing the joys and coping with the challenges, starting on day one. It wasn’t that long ago that the conventional wisdom was that babies were pretty much blob...


Another educator training wrapping up tomorrow. So much work- and so rewarding. Now that they’re virtual, I can cozy up by the fire when I’m done 🔥

057: Preparing for Parenthood: Starting a Family 31/10/2023

My interview with the Stronger Marriage Connection podcast is out! Lots of info on the (sometimes) crazy transition to becoming a parent.

057: Preparing for Parenthood: Starting a Family Beth Goss joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about tips for bringing a baby home. She discusses the principles taught in Gottman’s “Bringing Baby Home” program.

Photos from Little Livewires: Support for alert kiddos who never ever sleep's post 21/10/2023

We’ve been talking about infant and toddler sleep this month and this info is a good addition!

Photos from NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool's post 13/09/2023

We’re hiring! We’re looking for a fluent Spanish speaker to teach our multi-age preschool class. Let me know if you, or someone you know want more info!


None of us learn when we’re triggered. What kids need most during a meltdown is your calmness and stability. Wait out that storm, connect when you’re both ready with a hug, and save the behavior correction for a little later.


How comfortable are you with big feelings? Many of us try to distract or cheer up an upset child because their display of anger or sadness is uncomfortable for US. Learning that feelings are constantly shifting is important for kids. What a gift it is to allow them to feel and then notice it’s not permanent.

Photos from With Children In Mind's post 21/08/2023

When we address FEELINGS before BEHAVIOR, we maintain connection. Validation tends to be the step we skip but it’s incredibly important.


We start building a relationship with our child as soon as we meet them. We can’t expect to have close and trusting relationships with them when they’re adults, if we don’t work on it from the start.


I been thinking about this a lot lately. I encourage parents to validate their child’s feelings but I often forget to validate my own. I need to tell myself “this is really hard” BEFORE I tell myself “and I can do this”. Try it and see how you feel!


School is starting up again in the US and for the little ones, that might mean some anxiety about separation. It’s very common for kids to “hold it together” at school and then fall apart when they see you because you are safe and you’ll love them no matter what.

Bringing Baby Home - Premium (June 2023) - The Gottman Institute 08/06/2023

Hey folks, I’m teaching a live virtual workshop for the Gottman Institute next week. I’ll be training educators, therapists, doctors and midwives, doulas-you name it- how to teach the Bringing Baby Home parent’s workshop. We cover topics ranging from perinatal mood disorders, emotion coaching with children, conflict regulation, and tons more. There will also be an opportunity to log in next Friday and practice teaching a bit of what you learned to a group of supportive peers. We offer contingency Ed units for therapists too.

Bringing Baby Home - Premium (June 2023) - The Gottman Institute Research shows that the quality of a relationship between parents has a direct and profound impact on the development of infants and children.


Love the way the adults monitor but don’t interfere.


There is literally no research that has even looked at whether there's a "better" or "worse" time to start sleep training. Zero. Nada.

This idea of needing to start super early (before 6 months) is largely made up by experts.

In reality, the older a baby is, the more strategies they have...yes, to push back...but also more strategies that they can use to manage sleep. There's more they can do to help themselves. They are better able to grasp patterns and they have a few more self-regulating skills. Tiny babies have none of these.

The research on preventing sleep problems in younger babies found VERY little improvement that often faded in a month or so. If you can wait, you may get more traction that actually sticks.

So, work on sleep when YOU are ready. Don't let the experts scare you into it.

Top 5 Stories of 2022 17/02/2023

Hey, my article on navigating the transition to parenthood was among the top five stories of 2022 on the PEPS website!

Top 5 Stories of 2022 Read PEPS five most popular articles published on our Highs and Lows Blog in 2022!


Good ideas for co-regulation here.



🤔 Think about it: Just about EVERY other skill that babies learn, we are okay with helping them until they're developmentally ready—feeding themselves, dressing themselves, walking.

😵‍💫 We HELP them and we're not worried that they'll "never learn...".

🙄 Why is it SO different with sleep? I have parents of tiny newborns worried that if they rock their baby, the baby will get "addicted" to it.

😨 This isn't their fault. Experts and books have made them FREAKED OUT about helping even little babies with sleep. This is totally unnecessary.

😲 The notion that there can be "bad habits" in young babies is something that is not based on any science we have.

⏰ Self-soothing skills require motor, visual, and attention skills that develop over time. There's no need to rush these skills. It's okay to help babies with regulation until they have the skills to help themselves.



My article is on the blog 😊

Dr. John Gottman says “the greatest gift you can give your baby is a strong and healthy relationship between the two of you”. Take the time to invest in your relationship so you can be that solid foundation for your children.


There’s still space in my final class of 2022! Join me to learn about moving away from “roommate status” after you become parents.

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