Montessori Schools of Maryland

Montessori Schools of Maryland

MSM is the state group for Montessori schools, public and private, in the state of Maryland.

How the Inspirational Life of Maria Montessori has Impacted the World | Montessori 150 31/08/2023

Happy birthday, Maria Montessori!

How the Inspirational Life of Maria Montessori has Impacted the World | Montessori 150 How the Inspirational Life of Maria Montessori has Impacted the World To mark 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori, we have collaborated with BrightVibes who have made this wonderful film about Maria Montessori and her inspirational life. We would like to thank Carolina Montessori for givin...

Photos from Montessori Public Policy Initiative's post 10/04/2023

Photo: 1930s. Sèvres, France. Child waiting on adults and children in a Montessori classroom. Margot Waltuch, one of Maria Montessori’s students can be seen in the photo. See below reflections shared by Margot Waltuch on the topic of children and food preparation:

‘We had a full course meal daily. We ate with the children and discussed their experiences in the parks, the museums, their parties, etc. They talked about future events and past events always making laughter and jokes. The French children were masters of conversation at the table. Also typically French was the style of waiting on the table. Note the server in the foreground. The eating and talking alone usually took an hour’

‘Through cooking, children are introduced to a whole new world of sensations-tastes, smells, colors, textures, blending and changing - all that cooking entails. They are given the opportunity to explore the otherwise forbidden realm of knives and fires. Working with the tools of cooking develops manual dexterity. And of course cooking and eating is an occasion for interaction with each other.

Introduction of foods and their preparation is still another form of sensory exploration. Noodlemaking, breadmaking, peeling, cutting, grinding, chopping, slicing, grating, squeezing - these are not only ways of extracting from nature what you need to eat, but great builders of hand-eye coordination, sequence, and social life.

Cooking paves the way for acceptance of differences in people and the way they live and eat. Therefore food can be integrated into the academics. Every food that you eat relates to different lands. Where do the bananas which you have for breakfast grow? What do the children of Brazil eat for breakfast? Food is a universal need of human beings basic to every culture and every period of history.’ (Waltuch, pp.12-13)

Waltuch, M. (1986) A Montessori Album. Ohio: NAMTA.


Advocacy in action! Testifying for inclusion of Montessori in UPK in Maryland! Thank you Delegate Julian Ivey


Maryland lawmakers passed a pro-Montessori bill which has a far-reaching impact. House Bill 467 goes to the governor for his signature.
A Montessori teacher with a bachelor's degree and a Montessori certificate from AMI, AMS or a MACTE accredited teacher education program now has a Maryland State teachers license to teach in a Montessori public/charter/magnet school or any MSDE validated Montessori school.

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