Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society

Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society

The Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society (CUPortSS) is based in Cambridge and exists to promote the culture of Portuguese speaking countries.

The Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society (CUPortSS) is based in Cambridge, UK, and exists to promote the culture of Portuguese speaking countries. Having more than 200 registered members the Society has been in activity for more than 10 years, organizing a wide variety of events throughout the year. Some of the most recognized events are the Carnival Party, Carnation Revolution celebra

Timeline photos 29/04/2017

We are waiting for you at the Panton Arms! Come and join us at 7:30pm for a fun and revolucionary pub quiz 🤓🍻

Timeline photos 25/04/2017

Ready to start! Bring some popcorn 🍿

CUPortSS Christmas Dinner 2016 09/12/2016

Have you booked your tickets for the CUPortSS Christmas Dinner? We all hope to see you on Saturday!

CUPortSS Christmas Dinner 2016 The most wonderful time of the year is arriving! In Portugal, this is a magical time for reflection, joy, and gathering of family and friends. It is also the time of the year when mouthwatering meat and cod delicacies and delicious desserts are eaten. If you would like to get a taste of the Portugue...

Photos from Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society's post 02/10/2016

And today the day was like this! Thanks to everyone that joined our Bike Ride and we hope to see you again in our next events!

Photos from Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society's post 15/07/2016

Hello everybody,
Here are some of the photos of our saints BBQ. It was great fun! Thanks to everybody, specially to the ones that helped protecting the sardines from the water! :p
If you missed it, don't worry... CUPortSS picnic will happen soon! :D


Hello everybody,

On the 25th of April will be the one year anniversary since the passing of our friend PatrĂ­cia Santos.
The Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society together with a group of her friends is organizing an event in her memory on the 24th of April.
We will go for a bike ride from Cambridge to St. Ives, and back. It's a 23km bike ride each way, and we will go via the Cambridge busway. Google maps estimates that this should take us 1 hour and 15 minutes each way.
This bike ride will take place in the morning, and we should arrive in St. Ives at lunch time. We will then have lunch at one of the pubs/restaurants of this lovely town.
If you would prefer not cycle but would still like to join us for lunch in St Ives, there's a bus running on Sundays from Cambridge to St Ives.

We hope you can join us!

# # Summary:
# What? Bike ride Cambridge - St. Ives - Cambridge, with lunch break in St. Ives
# Why? In memory of PatrĂ­cia Santos
# When? On the 24th of April. We will meet at Cambridge's Market Square and leave by 10:30.
# How? Cycling! (or taking the Busway
# What if it rains? If it rains we can take the bus instead of our bikes! But let's hope it doesn't!

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us on fb or throught our email [email protected]

See you all soon!

Timeline photos 04/03/2016

Hello everybody,
Did you had a good week? Time to get inspired for the weekend!
Our wine tasting event is already tomorrow... Tickets are still available. You can get them online till tomorrow morning, otherwise just show up and get them at the door.
More info at
See you tomorrow :D

Timeline photos 02/03/2016

Hello everybody,

Please welcome Mr. Paulo OsĂłrio, he will be our cocktail and wine expert!

Mr Paulo OsĂłrio is a wine expert. He has a degree in Agriculture Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon. He worked in Brussels as a representative of the Portuguese Farmers Federation for 11 years, and then moved definitively to Douro.

There he started a wine producing company – Lavradores de Feitoria and then worked as marketing manager of another company, Caves Vale do Rodo, a large farmers cooperative. Both these companies have some of their wines here.

Between 2008 and 2011 Paulo served as Vice-president of the Port and Douro Wine Institute, the public institution that regulates all the Port and Douro wines production. He is now CEO of Porto Reccua S.A., a company responsible for commercialising Port and Douro wines of the largest Cooperative of farmers in the Douro. Paulo also has his own managing and consulting company, giving strategy and exporting advice to different producers and institutions.

Paulo travels a lot around the world showing some of the best Portuguese wines, and he flew from Douro to Cambridge on purpose for this workshop.

Please follow the event page for more info and live updates:

Timeline photos 01/03/2016

Hello everybody,
We are feeling very excited about our event!
Personally I look forward to try your own original cocktails....
Don't forget to book your tickets ;)
Have a good night ***
Please follow the event page for more info and live updates:

Reinventing European Research & Innovation for the Information Age 25/02/2016

Dear members of the CUPortSS,

On Thursday 3 March, the EU Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, will be giving a public lecture at the Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, 13.00-14.00, on the subject of “Reinventing European Research & Innovation for the Information Age”. He will be joined by Mr Jo Johnson MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science. This is a free event, open to all, but we ask that attendants register at the following website:

Reinventing European Research & Innovation for the Information Age "Reinventing European Research and Innovation for the Information Age" You are invited to attend a lunch-time public lecture by the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Mr Carlos Moedas, on Thursday 3 March, 2016. The Commissioner will be joined by the Minister of State for Un…

Timeline photos 25/02/2016

Hello everybody,

Just to let you all know that wine arrived safely to Cambridge.... And that it is now safely stored in a very secret place...
Tickets for the 'A taste of Douro' are hot!!! Make sure your get yours in advance
smile emoticon

See you all soon!!!
Ate breve...

For more details:


Conference organised by graduate students in the University of Cambridge’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Latin American Cultural Studies Consortium

Interested applicants should send an abstract (max. 250 words) for a 20 minute paper to [email protected] by 7 February 2016.

Contagion and Containment Welcome to the page for Contagion and Containment!, a conference organised by graduate students in the University of Cambridge.

Timeline photos 07/12/2015

Também vamos ter doces tradicionais. Leite creme é um deles.
We will have also traditional puddings. Portuguese Cream is one of them

Timeline photos 27/11/2015

CUPortSS congratulates its member Tiago BrandĂŁo Rodrigues after his nomination to be the new Chief Minister of Education in Portugal. Tiago was a member of the committee in 2011 and 2012 and contributed for the success of this society during those years.

It is now with great honour that we have our member in the most important role in Portugal's education sector. We wish him the very best of luck and we are sure Tiago will do an excellent work!

Força Tiago!

A CUPortSS quer congratular Tiago Brandão Rodrigues após a sua nomeação como novo Ministro da Educação em Portugal. O Tiago foi membro do Comité em 2011 e 2012 e contribuiu para o sucesso da sociedade durante esses anos.

Sentimo-nos honrados por um dos nossos membros assumir o papel mais importante no sector da Educação em Portugal. Desejamos toda a sorte do mundo e estamos certos que o Tiago fará um excelente trabalho.

Força Tiago!

Portugueses em Cambridge 23/10/2015

(Sorry for the Portuguese post)

Acabámos de criar o site . Um site que pretendemos manter atualizado com todas as informações que precisas se pretendes mudar-te para Cambridge.

Nesta página pretende-se dar a conhecer tudo o que um novo habitante precisa para se adaptar à cidade, abrangendo assuntos que vão desde a explicação do sistema fiscal britânico até à descrição dos melhores locais para jogar futebol.

Desta forma podemos mostrar a todos os portugueses que vão chegando a esta cidade como tirar o maior proveito da estadia, seja ela temporária ou permanente. Existem informações sobre a História de Cambridge, a melhor forma de encontrar alojamento, como lidar com questões laborais, como tratar da burocracia, os transportes da cidade, onde fazer compras, opções para o tempo livre e os locais certos para praticar desporto. Tudo isto de uma forma descontraida e com algum humor.

Portugueses em Cambridge

Timeline photos 06/10/2015

We are now in the Fresher's Fair. Come and join us for some Tremoços at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

Santos BBQ 2015 06/07/2015
Bike Ride to Ely 2015 21/06/2015

Bike Ride to Ely Photos

Bike Ride to Ely 2015 21/06/2015
80.05km. bike in 9:15:46 21/06/2015

A distacia que foi percorrida, ida e volta, a Ely, na bike ride deste ano (incluindo pausas) :)

80.05km. bike in 9:15:46 I burned 2161 calories at an average pace of 6:57 per km.

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