Budokon Yogi

Budokon Yogi

I never thought I would become a "Bendy Wendy" yet here I am learning yoga and martial arts and meeting real people who want to learn cool stuff.


Join me at womenworldofboxing.com for yoga class on Saturdays and Tuesdays @6:30pm.


Today make your mark upon the world and let everyone see.

Timeline photos 26/06/2017

I am illuminated by the blessings of an 800 year old holy place. The journey is in the stillness.

Timeline photos 12/06/2017

When earth meets sky before you fly!

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I got asked this question many times last week. "Do you still do martial arts?". I mulled over my answer......for me martial arts is a way of life. It is not an exercise routine nor is it a fad. I will do this till the day I die. What does it mean? Not beating people up as most might think but more exploration of empowering movement. A space within that is assured that you can. Yes I can break boards and somewhat defend myself, but more importantly I am stronger mentally, physically and emotional. I live a life that is more than. So I get up at 5:30 to work out.....that is not weirder than drinking till 2am in the morning. I kickbox, box and grapple whenever I can and that is not stranger than people pasting themselves with sparkles and dancing till their legs fall off. I do yoga and follow teachers that teach me alignment and anatomy and breathwork. That is not so different from people following bands at concerts throughout the nation for ridiculous amounts of money. You see it's all relative and one way is not better or worse.....it just is. So yes I still do the martial arts thing.


I spent a weekend learning how to hold pads with my Muay Thai family in DC. Awesome!

Timeline photos 15/05/2017

Finding stillness in adversity is just as important as the fight. Remember to take a couple of deep breaths today.

Timeline photos 20/04/2017

I gave my self space to practice far away from the crowd. Sometimes when you are a little overwhelmed it is good to get back to your center.

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When your work is to connect earth to sky. This we will explore in tomorrow's 9am class at Elements Brooklyn.

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Trusting and letting go of fear helps you fly toward your true north.

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I am now officially on Om Factory's website! So cool!!!!

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There are times in your life when you work so hard for something and it means so much to you that your hearts breaks wide open. No words will ever describe the feelings I had when I got my blue belt in Budokon.

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This week we explore Crane in all its sweaty and uplifting glory.

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Budokon is a smooth seamless flow of yoga and martial arts. Sometimes you asana sometimes you kick ass.

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The pyramid of life....sometimes you support someone, sometimes you need to be supported!

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Today write your own story, then believe it.

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Budokon...when earth meets sky...when yoga meets martial...

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Finding balance when you are out of your element and drowning.

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Working inverts as I catch up on Game Of Thrones......

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Today I share flowers with you all. Have a great weekend!

Photos from Budokon Yogi's post 20/05/2016

Working with the ballerinas and teaching alignment in all things. They were awesome.

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There was that time I went to Brazil and stayed in the jungle and hiked through mud and forests. There is peace and kindness and hope in this world that is raw and beautiful. Make up your mind to find an adventure and go do it. Life is meant to be lived.

Timeline photos 17/03/2016

Today I set an intention to break every habit that says "I can't".


It takes work to be a ninja. Sometimes I just want to give up and then you dig deep. You forget the labels...old, tired, little woman, no belt colors....and you find the person you are meant to be. A person who will never be defined but by her hard work and heart of a dragon. Thanks Jason Lee!

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I spent a weekend learning how to hold pads with my Muay Thai family in DC. Awesome!
It takes work to be a ninja. Sometimes I just want to give up and then you dig deep. You forget the labels...old, tired,...