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Another lesson with the kids and this time disney themed ! Enquire now!

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Learn with Mali now do online via M. Teams due to COVID19 - accepting returning and new students for Spanish and English language class one on one or small groups weeknights. Please private message me. english

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My students just finished their Daily Routine unit doing something cute and arty

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Tomar decisiones = take decisions (make decisions)

What decisions did you "take" for 2019?

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"This is the view from a 12 seater plane of the stunning 979m (3,212 ft) drop of the Angel Falls, the tallest in the world. Angel Falls (indigenous name: Kerepakupai merú) is the world's highest free-falling waterfall at 979 m (3,212 ft), with a clear drop of 807 m (2,468 ft). It is located in the Canaima National Park, in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela." credits to owner

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"This South American mountain road is so treacherous that the Internet is lined with one horror story after another about buses, trucks, vehicles and cyclists plunging to their death. But like the Siberian Highway of Mud, people have no choice - this road is the only connection between several small Andean villages and the outside world." http://www.ssqq.com/ARCHIVE/vinlin27b.htm

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Chichen itza, por favor!


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Quiero perderme en este barrio..

I want to get lost in this neighbourhood.

Barrio La Candelaria en Bogotá, Colombia
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Tú y yo, acá.
You and I, here.

La Laguna de los 7 colores.


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Si vas o estas en Brazil, animate a hacerlol

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Te animas?
Do you dare?


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Una isla paradisíaca para perderse y no querer irse.

A paradise island to get lost and not wanting to leave.


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This could be you, in Peru.


Lago Titicaca, Bolivia. See it for yourself.


The importance of the use of the 'tilde' and the 'ñ'. Otherwise it means completely different!

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