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Toastmasters International District 108

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership.

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💫 Hello fellow Toastmasters! We are happy to share the next interview with the 1st place winner 🏆 of District 108 Humorous Speech contest 🔥 .you.dare_toastmasters Toastmasters District 108 Annual Conference 2024 - Łódź You Dare?

❓ Question: What inspired the topic of your winning humorous speech, and how did you ensure it would connect with the audience?

➡️ Answer: I think real-life stories that we have gone through work the best. When I was a student (about 12 years ago), I was trying to find a job, and it was really tough. The only place that agreed to hire me was McDonald's. Of course, some elements of the speech were fiction, but the main plot about working there is based on a true story. I think everybody has had these hard times of searching for their first job, therefore, the topic was close to everybody's heart.

❓ Question: What advice would you give to fellow Toastmasters who want to incorporate humor into their speeches effectively?

➡️ Answer: It is a complicated question, but the answer is: "it depends." In my case, laughing at myself works best, because I am quite a self-critical person. Putting yourself into funny, unexpected situations in the speech is one of the approaches I use. I revise every sentence, trying to make it humorous by adding a joke. It is not always possible, but if you try to look from different angles, ideas might come.

❓ Question: How has mastering humorous speeches impacted your approach to public speaking and your ability to engage an audience?

➡️ Answer: Not all of the jokes are equally funny for different people. That's why delivering the speech in front of different audiences is crucial when you are preparing for the contest. Also, it will allow you to put pauses and reserve time in those parts of the speech where time for laughing is needed. Another very important part is feedback, and sometimes great ideas come from feedback from other Toastmasters.

🌟 Thank you for sharing your experience, dear Cyryl Topalov !
All the best on your further Toastmasters journey! 😃

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🏆 Division of the Year & Division Director of the Year 2023 / 2024 🏆

💫 Congratulations to Division D for being recognized as Division of the Year, and to Magdalena Suraj for being named Division Director of the Year in District 108!
🔥 Your outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication have made this incredible achievement possible.

🌟 A special thank you to all Division D Council members for their unwavering support and commitment:
• Wojciech Wolski D2 Wojtek Wolski
• Mateusz Ryba D3 Mateusz Ryba
• Jan Pawlak D1
• Agnieszka Chodorek D3 Agnieszka Chodorek
• Ryszard Kosowicz D1 Ryszard Kosowicz
• Piotr Siorek D3 Piotr Siorek

✨ Your collective efforts have truly set a high standard of excellence. We are proud to celebrate your outstanding success!

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🏆 Area of the Year & Area Director of the Year 2023 / 2024 🏆

🌟 Congratulations to Area D2 for being named Area of the Year, and to Wojciech Wolski Wojtek Wolski for being honoured as Area Director of the Year in District 108!
💫 Your outstanding leadership and dedication have set a high standard for excellence. We are proud to celebrate your remarkable achievements! 🔥


✨ Dear fellow Toastmasters!
We are happy to share a short intreview with the 1st place winner 🏆 of District 108 Table Topics contest🔥 .you.dare_toastmasters Toastmasters District 108 Annual Conference 2024 - Łódź You Dare?

Enjoy 💫

❓ Question: What strategies or techniques did you use to excel in impromptu speaking and stay composed during the Table Topics contest?

➡️ Answer: There are few things that I follow while delivering any speech:

Firstly, I am thinking " How I want to make my audience feel during my speech?" And "With what thought they will leave the room after I'm done talking".

Secondly, being authentic is crucial. Each and every of us is unique! So let your audience see who you are.

❓ Question: Can you share a memorable moment or a key learning experience from your journey to winning the Table Topics contest?

➡️ Answer: The whole "Table Topics" Concept brought into my life one important lesson: sometimes less is more. After I learned that, I was able to concentrate on:

- being selective of my own thoughts,

- deciding which once are able to deliver my point in the most understandable way for my audience.

❓ Question: How has participating in Table Topics contests improved your overall communication skills and confidence?

➡️ Answer: Confidence is not built ower night.
It's about finding courage in you to challenge yourself, going out of your comfort zone, learn from your mistakes and learn from others. Table Topics Contest is a perfect opportunity to work on all above under one occasion. It's definitely a great way to become an effective, confident communicator, people really want to listen to.

Thank you for sharing your experience, dear Tetiana Kononenko 🌟
😃 We wish you all the best on your Toastmasters journey!


🏆 Toastmaster of the year 🏆

🌟 Congratulations to Tuomas Mennola , the Toastmaster of the Year for District 108! As a dedicated club sponsor, your leadership and commitment have made a significant impact. 💫 We are proud to celebrate your remarkable achievement and inspired by your dedication to our community! 🔥


🏆 District Director Award 2023 / 2024 🏆

🔥 Congratulations to Monika Bydełek - the winner of the District Director Award and Finance Manager of District 108! 🌟 Your exceptional leadership and financial stewardship have been instrumental to our success. We are proud to celebrate your remarkable achievement and dedication to our district! 💫

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🎉 Join us in celebrating the birthdays of 7 incredible Toastmasters clubs chartered in the month of May! 🎂
🎈 Sending our warmest wishes to these clubs as they continue to grow, inspire, and empower members on their Toastmasters journey.
🌟 Here's to many more years of success, growth, and impactful speeches! 🥳🎉


🎉 Let's give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our Toastmasters family: Top-Level Talks! 🌟 Congratulations to the passionate individuals who have come together to charter this club. 🚀
Get ready to elevate your communication and leadership skills in a supportive and empowering environment. 🎤👏

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🥳 Congratulations to the winners of Toastmasters District 108 Contests! 🥳
Your dedication, passion and hard work have truly paid off. ✨ You brought us to tears and you made us laugh! Thank you for that!
We are incredibly proud of your achievements and the excellence you’ve demonstrated. 💥

🌟 Keep shining and setting new standards in public speaking and leadership! 🌟


🌟 Opportunity Alert: Apply for District Finance Manager Role! 🌟

As we continue to grow and strengthen our district, we are excited to share a fantastic opportunity with you all - the chance to apply for the prestigious role of District Finance Manager.

💥 To provide you with further insights and motivation, we have arranged for an exclusive interview with our current Finance Manager - Monika Bydełek, who will share her experiences, challenges, and achievements in the role. This interview will give you a glimpse into the day-to-day responsibilities of the position, the skills gained, and the benefits it offers.


Question: What are the Key Responsibilities of a Toastmasters District Finance Manager?

Answer: The key responsibilities of a Toastmasters district Finance Manager include:

- overseeing the district's financial operations: monitoring SAP Concur claims, checking financial reports, and managing invoices;
- preparing and managing the budget, ensuring compliance with financial policies, and reporting financial status to the district leadership and Toastmasters International;
- Handling expense reimbursements, maintaining accurate financial records, and facilitating audits.

Q: What Skills or Knowledge did you gain from Experience as a District Finance Manager?

A: Serving as a district Finance Manager enhances skills: in budgeting, financial analysis, and strategic planning.
It also deepens knowledge of financial compliance and reporting standards and improves proficiency in financial software and tools (Intacct and SAP Concur) and other software tools e.g. Excel (pivot tables are an asset). Additionally, it develops communication skills through regular reporting and interaction with district leaders and members. Also, as a Finance Manager, you have a chance to prepare educational materials about finance and teach other District members about this matter.

Q: What are the Benefits of Applying for the Role of a Toastmasters District Finance Manager?

A: Applying for the role of district Finance Manager is beneficial as it offers valuable experience in financial management and leadership. It provides opportunities to develop critical skills such as budgeting, financial reporting, and strategic planning. As a Finance Manager, you gain analytical, planning, and financial forecasting skills, gain insights into the organization’s expenses and revenues, and learn how to manage them effectively. This role is crucial in supporting the District Director and other leaders in budget management, ensuring the financial health of the organization.


We encourage each one of you to consider applying for the District Finance Manager role and take your leadership journey to new heights. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more vibrant Toastmasters community in District 108.

➡️ For application write directly to Łukasz Chomicz (District Director Elect): [email protected].

We wish you all the best on your leadership journey!

Your D108-team ✨


Fellow Toastmasters, come and meet President Elect of Toastmasters International - Rahdi Spear in person! ⤵️🌟


🔥 An absolutely tempting offer for you 🔥

At Toastmasters, community is everything. That's why we're excited to offer you a special last-minute deal! Purchase three tickets, and you'll receive one free!

⏳Act swiftly and bring your friends to Łódź for the Toastmasters District 108 Conference! Seize this chance to enjoy, connect, and glean insights from the finest speakers and leaders!🎉

Save the dates: May 23rd-26th!


Łódź you dare? 😀 Get to know the wild side of the conference team!
Join the conference and show your wild side 🤩

Webinar - Pathway to keynote // CREATE YOUR KEYNOTE USING TOASTMASTERS PATHWAYS 07/05/2024

Happy Tuesday fellow Tostmasters 🤩

👉 Are you aiming to deliver a keynote speech? And you don´t know where to start?

➡️ Then watch this webinar recording and find out how you can use Toastmasters Pathways educational program to create your first keynote speech!

🔥 Tuire Vuolasvirta is a very experienced Toastmasters by being an active Toastmasters members over 20 years now.

We wish you a good luck with your keynote speeches in the future! 🙌

Webinar - Pathway to keynote // CREATE YOUR KEYNOTE USING TOASTMASTERS PATHWAYS PATHWAY TO KEYNOTEDiscover how to use Toastmasters Pathways program for building and practicing a keynote speech.• Target groups:o Members aiming to deliver ...

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🎉🎂 Happy Birthday to all our District 108 Toastmasters clubs chartered in April! 🎈
🥳 As you celebrate another year of growth, learning, and community, we're so proud of all you've accomplished.
Here's to many more years of inspiring speeches, impactful leadership, and continuous personal development.
Keep shining, Toastmasters - here’s to lighting up every room you enter! 🌟👏

Rednerfabrik Toastmasters Stadi Talkers Toastmasters Club Riga Toastmasters Toastmasters Szczecin Passionate Speakers Lublin Toastmasters Skillers Toastmasters The Leader Ship (Toastmasters) Toastmasters Częstochowa Moscow Free Speakers Club Moskau


Happy monday fellow Toastmasters! 🤩
Toastmasters District 108 Annual Conference 2024 - Łódź You Dare? prepared a wonderful surprise for all members - a conference song "Would You Dear" 👉 a great musical accompaniment to the start of the new week! 🔥


🌟 Dear fellow Toastmasters! We have exciting news! 🎉
Yesterday on the 14.04.2024 the District Council Members (consisting of club Presidents, VPEs and District Leaders) elected the new District 108 Leaders for the term July 2024 - June 2025!

🔥 Please join us in congratulating our newly elected Toastmasters District Leaders:

- District Director: Łukasz Chomicz – home club: Toastmasters Na Szczycie

- Program Quality Director: Magdalena Suraj – home club: Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters

- Club Growth Director: Marcin Grzeszczyk – home club: Toastmasters Olsztyn

- Division A Director:
Magdalena Sobiech – home club: Toastmasters Olsztyn

- Division B Director:
Irina Četovičienė – home club: Confident Voices Vilnius Toastmasters Club

- Division C Director:
Anna Jakubczak – home club: Toastmasters Szczecin

- Division D Director:
Mateusz Ryba – home club: University of Rzeszów Toastmasters Club

- Division E Director:
Damian Głowiński – home club: Łódź Toastmasters

- Division F Director:
Ekaterina Dymova – home club: Toastbusters - Moscow Toastmasters club

🌟 We thank to all the candidates - your commitment to Toastmasters and your leadership are what make our district thrive. 🤩

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🎂 Happy Birthday to our Toastmasters Clubs in District 108 chartered in March 🎉

As you celebrate another year of growth and success, we applaud your dedication to fostering confident speakers and strong leaders.

Huge thanks to all club members for inspiring and developing the community and corporation. Here's to another year of impactful speeches, supportive camaraderie, and continuous growth! 🌟🎈

Toastmasters Kraków Public Speaking Club
Toastmasters Sokrates Toruń Toastmasters Bydgoszcz
Bydgoszcz Toastmasters Professionals .tm.professionals
Toastmasters Opole - Klub Mówców i Liderów

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🔥 Massive thanks to Milena Maciuszko and Emilia Songowicz for yesterdays webinar! It was very insightful with valuable tips throughout the whole process of creating a corporate club! 🔥

👉 Follow this link to watch the webinar:

🥳 Furthermore, you are cordially invited to celebrate a remarkable milestone with us. It's our pleasure to announce the first anniversary of The STRANDMONS IKEA Toastmasters Club! Over the past year, we've shared moments of growth, empowerment, and exceptional speeches, all while building a community of supportive friends and skilled communicators.

Event Details:

📅 Date: 18th April 2024

⏰ Time: 14:30

📍 Location: IKEA Purchasing Services Poland, Al. Krakowska 61, Warsaw , 4th floor

And ONLINE Link to the Teams meeting

Highlights of the Evening: 🎙️ Showcase of Inspiring Speeches 🏆 Awards and Recognition Ceremony 🎉 Fun-Filled Activities and Networking 🥂 Complimentary Refreshments and Cake

Please confirm your attendance, to ensure we make suitable arrangements for everyone by filling in the quick questionnaire – LINK

Join Us for The STRANDMONS IKEA Toastmasters Club 1st Anniversary Celebration!


🎉 Calling all Toastmasters! 🎉

Ready to amplify your voice and sharpen your leadership edge? 🔊✨

Renew your Toastmasters membership now and keep the momentum going! 🚀

Build your vibrant club community with like-minded individuals dedicated to personal and professional development.

Let's continue inspiring and empowering each other to reach new heights! 💪🌟


While 2024 is already a momentous year with Toastmasters International marking its centennial, there is another reason the organization is making history—the top three positions on the Board of Directors are all held by women. In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked Distinguished Toastmasters Morag Mathieson, Radhi Spear, and Aletta Rochat to share some insights into their lives, including which women inspired them.


🎉 Ready to make history? 🎉
District 108 is looking for visionaries like YOU to lead the way in building a brand new club!

🚀 Unleash your passion for communication and leadership, and become a founding member of a community dedicated to growth and empowerment.

Klick here to find out more:

💪 Whether you're a seasoned speaker or just starting your journey, this is your chance to shape the future, one speech at a time. Join us, and let's create something extraordinary together! 🌟

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🎉 Let's celebrate February birthdays in style! 🎂 Our District 108 is thrilled to honor the founding of 11 incredible clubs this month! 🌟 Join us in wishing them a happy charter anniversary and here's to many more years of growth, empowerment, and impactful speeches! 🎈🎊


Dear fellow Toastmasters! 🤩
We have great NEWS: 🔥 nominations for non-elected roles are prolonged until the 5th of March!

➡️ Area Directors
➡️ Administration Manager
➡️ Finance Manager
➡️ PR Manager
➡️ Parliamentarian
➡️ Webmaster
➡️ Logistic Manager

Here you will find the steps, how to apply:

Take your chance to become a District Leader!

Your D108-team

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

Toastmasters International District 108

Since 1924, Toastmasters International has been recognized as the leading organization dedicated to communication and leadership skill development. Through its worldwide network of clubs, each week Toastmasters helps more than a quarter million men and women of every ethnicity, education level and profession build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others.

By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge. They learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback —and accept it. They find their path to leadership.

Toastmasters District 108 consists of five countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.

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