Not Just Any Teacher

Not Just Any Teacher

I'm not just any teacher....are you?!

Operating as usual


This 🤪😂


Absolutely love that they all fight over holding my hand each time we walk in line 🥰


Saying “see ya later” to year 17! Sure gonna miss my sweet bunch though! Time to rest and relax before meeting my next bunch in August 🥰


Give me ALL the Diet Coke this week 🤪 Just 5 school days left…I’ve got this 😆


I got the CUTEST pair of earrings today (along with several pairs) that couldn’t be more ME! I’m definitely feeling the love this week and it’s only Tuesday 🥰🤯


Happy National Kindergarten Day to all of the amazing kindergarten teachers and aids out there!!! 🥰🥰🥰


Give me ALL the coffee and caffeine today after being here until 7:45 last night for Math Night and back at 6:45 this morning to prep for conferences 😴😴😴


Good morning! My longtime friend will be moving back to the states and teaching kindergarten after. Teaching upper grades for over 20 years! She is looking for all the things (teachers to follow, advice, blogs, resources, etc) and what better place to ask then all my teacher friends! I’ll of course be sharing with her as well ❤️


This needed a permanent spot on my feed 🤣


I love sitting down on the floor with my kids for small groups ❤️ Getting down on their level and being able to watch them learn is what it’s all about!

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What a day! This teacher is exhausted but my heart is SO full! Happy 100th day everyone ❤️

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Earlier this month my class decorated snowflakes to send to a friend in the Army that is overseas for the Holidays. We decorated snowflakes with happy words that we came up with as a class. I got a message today that she received the package and she LOVED them! All the soldiers have hung them on their door and she has decorated her room ❤️ So happy my class could bring some joy to her and other soldiers overseas this Holiday ❤️


I’ve wanted a teacher tattoo for quite some time now and finally got one! Teaching is my passion, even when things get hard, I’m reminded that I’m here for the kids ❤️


It was Gingerbread House Day today and we had SO much fun building houses, eating candy and just being 5 ❤️


We have the BEARY best kinder team around! 💜💛💗💚💜


Lots of fun was had at my schools Trunk or Treat tonight 🎃 My hubby and I loved seeing all my students and loved decorating our trunk for the first time


We had fun making some Marble Paint spider webs today! We’ll finish tomorrow with some fingerprint spiders 🕷️


Monday 💕


We had the sweetest, softest, cuddliest visitor in Kindergarten today ❤️

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One of my favorite days in Kindergarten is the day we start learning our letter sounds 👏🏻 Today was that day!!! We learned our first sound, the motion to match it, started our letter journals and practiced writing /m/. I can’t wait to see the learning that takes place with this sweet Bunch of mine 🥰


Another day…another recess duty ❤️


“Mrs Bidar…we both have beautiful nails now”🥰🥰🥰


Made this to hang by my door for Meet the Teacher night tomorrow 🥰


Happy Monday! 🥰 Make it a great week!


1st day of school ❤️


What a great Meet the Teacher night! I’m SO excited to start with my new Bunch on Wednesday ❤️

First Day of School Name and Portrait 01/07/2022

Trying something new...check out my first ever item for sale no TPT

First Day of School Name and Portrait This is the perfect first day of school activity! Students can write their name and draw their picture on day one. ...


15 years in SUSD ❤️ Excited to see what the next 15 bring!


And just like that…the year is done ❤️


As a mom, teacher and human…I am devastated 😔



Absolutely LOVED having the at school this afternoon! Thank you so much Amanda for spreading smiles and cheer on this last Monday of school🍦


I’m teary eyed just thinking about saying “see ya later” to my sweet bunch next week 🥺


It’s Disney Spirit day and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Starbucks and all, because is it really a Disney Day without Starbucks to get you through?!


Today was “bring your teacher a note” day and this sweet girl NAILED IT!!!! 🥰

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Kindergarten has my ❤️ I’m happiest teaching when I’m surrounded by all the love and giggles of my sweet bunch 🥰 Watching them grow and learn is truly such a gift! To all my fellow kindergarten teachers out there…today is for you!

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