Evergreen Learning Academy

Evergreen Learning Academy

A Boutique School for Malaysian Homeschoolers that ran from 2015-2023. This page is now an archive as the Academy closed its doors on 30 Nov 2023.

Grateful for all the wonderful memories and moments we had - Alumni page on IG :) At Evergreen, we homeschool our own children and that's why we are invested in helping you homeschool yours too. Having met many parents who would love to homeschool their children but are unable to due to financial constraints or a lack of academic background for higher level subjects, Evergreen was launched as an A

Temporarily closed


Always so heartwarming to get Thank You messages! This was so pretty. You’re most welcome, Megan and you really are quite the artist 🎨

Photos from Evergreen Learning Academy's post 08/04/2022

The Class of 2022 totally FLOORED me yesterday with a book-card made of HANDPRINTS. Handprints with a quote and personal note added to create a powerfully unique, heartfelt birthday message. To have seniors from the Class of 2018/2019 drop by with hand-made wishes and lots of love was also the sweetest surprise. Mother Theresa was right: Where we don’t find love, sow love. And then we will find love. Thank you dear Evergreeners - you so made my day by reflecting the most amazing gift I could hope to have given you all in your time here - the Gift of Collaboration and going further TOGETHER. With Love, Ms Celya


Claire and Clarance joined Evergreen as shy 12 year olds at Yr 6 and graduated confident young Teens at Yr 9. So proud to see them excelling in their Year 10 & 11 at Aspiration International School!
Congratulations on both of you being awesome young people who enjoy giving back to the community as much as you have received and for loving what you do - the passion and commitment shows!
We’re so proud of you 💚

Photos from Evergreen Learning Academy's post 17/02/2022

It’s pretty amazing how everyone turned up with inspiring quotes that had the same underlying theme - that when the going gets tough, we can keep calm and carry on. It’s only February and everyone’s already enjoying working together - definitely a good recipe for any rainy day ahead: a dash of fun and blossoming friendships!


It’s already almost the end of January 2022? Happy New Year to us all ~ and well, here’s a fond but certain farewell to 2021 because this far in, we’re definitely not turning back with wistful longing. 3 weeks into the school year, we’re certainly having tons of fun being back to physical lessons!

Photos from Evergreen Learning Academy's post 29/10/2021

A project done by Aeriadne for International Day of the Girl 2021. It’s hard sometimes to see how girls all over the world are still so lacking in support and opportunities. Arming ourselves with facts and different perspectives makes such a difference in championing for better tomorrows for EVERYONE


Book Reviews can be challenging for Middle Schoolers.
So one way to make it easier for younger teens/tweens is to ask them to choose a quote they like from the book, then help them connect the quote to the theme of the book. From there, they can dig into deeper layers. It’s less intimidating but is still effective in helping them attempt an analysis of their reading.

And then, they can do a little reflection on what they’ve discussed and jazz up their quote with visuals they like.

The results can be just as effective because the key is their engagement!

Teens and Risk Taking 22/09/2021

We've been exploring reproductive health and adolescence in Biology.

Adolescence is a time of risk-taking ... is that a negative, scary thing?

Teens and Risk Taking Adolescence has long been considered a period when teens are especially susceptible to engaging in unhealthy risk behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, un...


Throwback to 2017 and this fantastic Science Journal piece by Debbie. Many Biologists through the centuries have been amazing artists, recording their observations through sketches and diagrams. It’s not Art OR Science. It’s Art AND Science. It’s good to aim for that balance. Debbie’s doing a degree in Chemistry now and all this effort into art never derailed her. Thanks for the lovely 🐜 job of magnifying our focus on and enlightening us about ants, Debbie!


It can get somewhat demotivating constantly being at home and soaking up all the monotony of routine. Truth is, in the midst of a pandemic, if you’re taking one day at a time, and completing daily/weekly goals and NOT getting negative feedback from your teachers, then you’re doing great! Feed your spirit and mind with some uplifting words for the journey - you’re going to be okay because you’re a fighter, and you’re still in the game!


Quote of the Week from last week’s reflections … 3 very important things to focus on right now through the extended pandemic lockdown and high daily figures. Especially for young people navigating school online as distant learners. Am sure everyone misses friends and the extras that a real school life is supposed to represent. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. So take a break, refresh, reboot, come back re-purposed. Just don’t give up 💚


This morning, in our Zoom call, we started the day by everyone quickly grabbing something at home that started with the same letter as their name. They then had to write an impromptu poem about it. We had a brief intro to Haiku and what cute little poems we managed to get in that hour - not too bad at all for a Monday morning when engines are usually a little rusty from the weekend! Can you guess what each one is about? :)

Timeline photos 30/04/2021

Goal charts are indispensable to a teen mind that’s forgetful. Let’s face it, it’s easier to remember our favourite song or game or that fab conversation we had with our best friend, and a lot harder to recall the pages of incomplete work we need to settle for school. That’s why Goal Charts become a tool and a friend at Evergreen. But hats off to Megan who has not only joined the ranks of those who tend to jazz up their goal chart, but also raced past everyone (ever) to grab the Best Goal-chart Award with her fabulous mini artworks on the unused spaces! No one asked Megan to do this (can we spell initiative?) and Megan actually started out just having plain B&W versions (because she was learning to use the chart). Thank you for the inspiration, Megan. You coloured our very ordinary day by transforming a very ordinary item into something absolutely awesome!

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We’ve been exploring Nutrition in Biology and Vitamins are always a boring lesson! Who wants to memorise all that anyway? Well how about just pretending we’re at a buffet and making sure you get each vitamin and know why your eating that particular food? Okay so maybe the food wasn’t real but we had fun anyway! ^^ Look at those colourful plates 🥗

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We began 2021 in school lockdown, so we decided to look back at 2020 to check in on how we felt about the pandemic thus far. An interesting article on BBC entitled Time Capsule 2020: The 37 Objects That Defined the Year made us wonder - what would we personally and corporately as a class choose to Time Capsule the year? After many fascinating insights and a class vote, everyone came up with some agreed favourites and some of their own meaningful items to ‘capsule’ away. What would you choose?

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