Empezar - "Lead Your Legacy"
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Lead Your Legacy

From the organisers of Summit of Olympus, Adelanto, D’ Apprentice and D’ Apprentice National comes a corporate event like none other. With the aim to execute one of the most holistic business events of the year, we bring to you a platform to learn through practical experience, the nuances of the corporate world. Empezar, a Spanish word, the name of the event would literal

Timeline photos 06/03/2015

The Corridors of Vice
March 8th-10th

The Corridors of Vice featured in the columns of one of India's most popular dailies, The Hindu.
As it says, this year, we're back.
We've dreamt bigger, dared, and promise to deliver it all.
8th-10th March 2015.

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Team Synergy from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies returns with their annual corporate fest “The Corridors of Vice”

Registrations closes on 24th February 2015 11:59 PM IST.


Application to the Corridors of Vice 22/02/2015

Morph into corporate executives and watch your life twist, turn, slope down and rise. Call the shots. Fight the demons. Succumb to your vices. Make the choicest, most profitable deals where your paths cross.
All this and more, as you step into The Corridors of Vice. Delhi/NCR Participants- Register at http://bit.ly/Delhi-ApplyToCoV-online
Non-Delhi Participants- Register at http://bit.ly/National-AppyToCoV-online
Deadline: 00:00, 21st Feb'15 to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Application to the Corridors of Vice Responses will be accepted till 00:00, 24th Feb'15. This form is for Delhi participants, Non-Delhi participants refer to the link: http://bit.ly/National-ApplyToCoV-online

Cover photos 10/02/2015

From the organisers of Empezar, Summit of Olympus, Adelanto, D’ Apprentice & D’ Apprentice National comes another corporate extravaganza- The Corridos of Vice

The seven cardinal sins of Christianity have been revamped into the challenges faced by a business. Put into the shoes of business executives, you will face demons of the corporate world, which might just lead to the creation of a few inner demons. Unearth the vices and the choices that lie at the heart of every business. Discover what it takes to keep it up and running. Test your endurance. Strengthen your resolve. Push your limits. Hold your ground. Survive, because giving up is not an option.

The choice is between your morality and immediate benefits. Will your efforts convert your enterprise into a million dollar business or will you remain a part of the herd?

Join Team Synergy, and compete with the premium and most prominent universities of the subcontinent. This March, get ready to experience the hurdles of an entire lifetime in a few days.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?