Missouri Leadership Academy

Missouri Leadership Academy

Enhancing leadership skills of Missouri school leaders by focusing on effective educator practices.

The Leadership Academy was established in 1985 by the Excellence in Education Act. In 1987, the "Napkin Proposal" called for the establishment of satellite academy programs (SAP) statewide. In 1993, the Leadership Academy was given responsibility for administering statewide and local funds earmarked for professional development by Senate Bill 380. Regional Professional Development Centers were est

Photos from Missouri Leadership Academy's post 15/06/2017

Almost anything teachers do in the classroom "influences" learning, it's our responsibility to know what practices have most impact.

Timeline photos 14/06/2017

Leadership Academy is off to an "influential" start with Luis Cruz !

Who’s Leading the Leaders? 07/06/2016

Who’s Leading the Leaders? This week I spent a great deal of time with various leaders trying to understand their roles. I was taken back by these leaders who are so passionate about their work and have a great deal of exper…

Tactical To-Dos for First-Time Leaders 04/06/2016

Tactical To-Dos for First-Time Leaders As I was getting ready yesterday morning, my phone news feed contained this headline – “The One Question Every Leader Should Ask.” The question is geared toward first-time leaders: What...

Timeline photos 12/05/2016

Don't forget that registration for Leadership Academy is coming up! Learn more + register: http://goo.gl/jMLBmU

10 Steps Gutsy Leaders Take 28/04/2016

10 Steps Gutsy Leaders Take Six reasons leaders wimp out: Avoiding conflict. Striving for certainty. Avoiding career risk. (Butt kissing) Lack of self-confidence. Lack of urgency. Protecting your turf. Two results of wimpy le…

The 7 pillars of today’s digital leadership 09/04/2016

The 7 pillars of today’s digital leadership If educators want to see results in student engagement and achievement, they must adapt their leadership practices to an increasingly digitally-focused learning environment. This was the focus o…

Timeline photos 09/04/2016
10 Guiding Principles of Organizational Culture 02/04/2016

10 Guiding Principles of Organizational Culture Editor’s Note: We are pleased to feature this post highlighting Jon Katzenbach, a leading practitioner in organizational strategies and an acclaimed advisor to executives for PwC’s strategy consulting group, Strategy&. Stay tuned for the upcoming CultureU interview with Jon coming soon. How often ha…

7 Signs That Great Leadership Exists 25/03/2016

7 Signs That Great Leadership Exists You probably have seen or been a part of an organization where the leadership was simply bad. And the consequences of poor leadership made it down throughout the entire organization. The scars are …

Timeline photos 15/03/2016

Members of Hook Center Region 2 MO Leadership Academy

My Learning Plan 07/03/2016

Registration is open for the 32nd class of MO Leadership Academy! !

My Learning Plan As a member of this year-long academy, your learning will be focused on the improvement of leadership performance as articulated in Missouri's Leader Standards and Quality Indicators. The Leadership Academy emphasizes the importance of building capacity of instructional practices correlated to high…

5 Trends Impacting Middle Grades Leaders 26/02/2016

5 Trends Impacting Middle Grades Leaders Being a school leader is incredibly demanding, requiring principals to stay current on education trends while managing day to day operations. Williamson and Blackburn share five actionable trends t…

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