Understanding Change

Understanding Change

Understanding Change upholds the notion that change and instability are integral to life.

It is our mandate and invitation to use change to generate and nurture the mind as our primary source of integrity and fortitude.. Albert de Goias developed the Understanding Change approach to personal management when he was a practising physician, (now retired) as a means of helping people who were threatened by change and were suffering physical and mental distress trying to avoid, subdue, or

Operating as usual


Almost everyone is afraid of change or has concerns about its emergence… unless it ushers in conditions that are familiar or known to be pleasurable.
Today change is happening at a frightening pace. We don't see it as change. We see it as impositions, natural disasters, contrary opinions, political turmoil. Do you really think that Harvey Weinstein did something unusual? Wrong, yes, but unusual? Throughout history that has been happening. The r**e of Lucretia Borgia ushered in the Roman Republic but it didn't stop the Caesars from continuing the same imposition of power. Hurricanes and Volcanos have always devastated the earth. Contrary opinions that have accused or imposed new problems have always been there. Politicians have never pleased all the people all the time. So what's the difference? Two main things.
The first is the emergence of the internet. Anything that happens anywhere can become part of anyone's life or reality, almost immediately. In times past, when Roman or Persian, or Turkish governors used their power to r**e women who pleased them or kill men who displeased them, it happened in that small circle and few others were affected by it. When natural disasters happened, it did in another part of the world that we are not aware of. And if it happened in our part of the world, it was too big and too invasive to allow us an option for surviving it. We simply grinned and bore it.
The second is the pervading attitude among society that we have the right to expect and be allowed the ability to remove these sources of unwanted change, and life will be beautiful. So we make the act of one man into a world phenomenon and crucify him. We run from disaster zones and impose ourselves onto others not realizing that our unexpected presence becomes an imposition on those others. We condemn and shame anyone who condemns or criticizes us, oblivious to the fact that we are simply doing to them what we resent them doing to us. And we perpetuate or even elaborate the very thing we complain about.
We do not know that it is our job, actually our invitation, to learn how to use change, impositions, complexities to build us as creative minds so, with each change, we can become stronger, better, more insightful individuals.


This week there has been much talk about mental health and how poorly serviced it is. What people and providers do not always realize while they look for better ways to get counselling or treatment for mental illness is that mental health is not an inherited state. What we inherit is an empty slate. Paucity in mental health is, therefore, not an illness but a yet undeveloped state. We have to learn to find ways to fill it not ways to remove the yet unfilled parts. One does not fill a glass by removing the emptiness but by increasing the fullness.


Growing up in a rapidly changing world can be frightening for young people today. We see them too often drifting to apathy, showing irritability and defiance, feeling insecure and unliked, or using substances just to get away from the "noises" in their life. They need more than protection. They need direction to understand life as it changes for them. Understanding Change.


If you want to get out of a bad habit or just be better at managing under stress, don't just look for quick clichés that encourage without real substance; look instead for the insights to see life in its vicissitudes, people in their insecurities, and yourself in your intelligence as more than a body with the need to survive but as a mind with a mandate to grow.

Understanding Change 24/11/2015

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Understanding Change Understanding Change is a management protocol that is based on a simple and universally applicable premise. This is that every human being has the potential to reach the highest level of performance and enjoy life even in a cruel and demanding world. This potential, however, has to be discovered and…

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