Virtual USCG

Virtual USCG

The vUSCG simulates the operations of the US Coast Guard on the VATSIM network.

Photos from Virtual USCG's post 03/12/2023

A vUSCG crew was dispatched out of CGAS Port Angeles, WA to assist 3 sailors who’s ship was damaged during recent poor weather. Our capable MH-65 helicopter and crew were able to bring all three to safety as their recreational sailboat was taking on significant water!


We have arrived in St John’s, Canada to provide airborne support for the International Ice Patrol!


The Virtual USCG operates two C-37B Gulfstream jets. The primary tasking for these aircraft is to provide airlift services to the Virtual USCG Commandant, the vSec of Homeland Security and other high ranking officials. Our VIP fleet is complemented by a historic C-143 Challenger, used by the USCG during the 2010s. All of these VIP aircraft are available for our crew of excellent pilots!

Photos from Virtual USCG's post 20/11/2023

An MH60T crew flying C6022 from Waukegan, IL north to patrol up to Milwaukee, WI. Air Support Facility Waukegan is a branch of CGAS Traverse City and is one of the many locations the virtual USCG operated out of on

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