School of Autonomy

School of Autonomy

Our mission here is to empower you through the education and knowledge of health with your own bodie

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School of Autonomy Origins

Hello! My name is Penny Kafkalakis and I am the founder of the School of Auontomy. I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 9 years. I realised as I grew my knowledge and experience, built my tool box and develeloped my skills, my job was, and still is to help solve a problem for all my clients with their bodies. From weight loss to body recomposition in the fitness sector to now rehabilitation and development of lifestyle changes within an individual as a whole person.

All my personal and client experiences lead me to realise the there is so much people do not know about their bodies. I am not only referring to knowing about the absolute basics about actually having a body, how to feed it, exercise and move, but also to create a relationship with it. Along with creating a mindset that will allow you to do so. As you have just read one thing about you leads to another and everything is so connected in multiple ways we need to approach the WHOLE body not just one part.

I used to go to the GP’s and specialists for my body quite frequently, I have had multiple surgeries and been to expert practitioners about my physical and mental health. The only thing that was lacking is that I was taking on board everything that they would say without even considering my own values, opinions, beliefs and how I felt about what they were telling me. Mentally I felt so limited and that I had to listen to everything because they were the experts. Over time, practice and patience I learned to yes, listen to the GP’s and specialists but also listened to myself. Because I had began to create a dialogue between myself, my mind and my body. I started listening more and spending more of my time focusing on how my mind felt about what my body was doing and vice versa. This was the beginning of my self empowerment.

I allowed myself to receive the greatest gift I had ever given myself, which is the ability to be my master of my mind and body. Through this I was able to become autonomous and know that I am the one living in my body, I am in control and I know what is best for my body no matter what anyone else tells me.