Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company is an ABA therapy practice serving Northern Virginia that focuses on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

At Behavioral Momentum, our mission is to provide individualized care and treatment to children and young adults with disabilities using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our certified staff maintain small caseloads in order to provide personalized attention to our clients. We use evidence based practices and make data-driven decisions to help our clients reach their goals.

Acorn Health

We are looking for extraordinary BCBAs to join our multidisciplinary team at Acorn Health!

Our hiring bar is set high, we seek clinicians that want to deliver the best in class ABA treatment. We look for clinicians that genuinely connect with our children and families, and have a commitment to personal and professional growth too.

Acorn Health is an exciting and expanding organization with providing ABA services in Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois and Missouri.

We provide an unparalleled opportunity for BCBA’s to make an impact with our clients, to learn, grow and prepare to become the future leaders of our company!

-We offer Excellent resources and opportunities to participate in ongoing research efforts lead by Board of Director Gregory Hanley, Ph.D, BCBA-D.

-Employee and leadership development opportunities.

-An environment in which our behavior analytic professionals develop, apply and share the latest advances in the science of ABA, always focused on data and outcomes.

-Competitive Salary, Health Care and Time Away from Work benefits.

If you are up for a personally rewarding experience and an opportunity to grow with an exceptional organization, we would like to speak with you!

Apply today:


Acorn Health

We have started Tip Tuesday!

A fun way for families to receive Tips from our clinical experts.

Check our Ashley’s Tip below :

"When teaching turn taking skills a lot of people jump to board games such as Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. But, some of these games can be a difficult starting point for early learners. Instead of focusing on teaching turn taking specifically, you spend a lot more time teaching following rules regarding the lines/spaces on the board or often find a barrier that the learner needs help for accepting losing. These skills are important, but if your focus is on teaching "your-turn" "my-turn" these are my suggestions: Consider starting with a game that doesn't have a winner - where participants all work together to get a desired outcome. Games can be modified for this result as well. Jenga or Kerplunk style games can be taught in a way that the end result is fun for everyone! My personal favorite is a game where participants take turns pulling out carrots until a bunny jumps out of his burrow. A lot of these games are also short in duration, which will help in maintaining interest and allows for resets to conduct more trials!"

Ashley Sollitare, BCBA
Clinical Director

Acorn Health

Help Starts here. Call us today. 844-244-1818

Acorn Health

How Acorn Health measures progress

The Behavioral Health Index

With the consistent, evidence-based intervention of ABA, a child’s behavior, language and social interactions are all likely to improve. Acorn Health uses this “Behavioral Health Index” to track progress over time.

We developed it with the head of our Clinical Advisory Board, Gregory P. Hanley, Ph.D., director of the Behavior Analysis Doctoral Program at Western New England University and an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

For more information please click the link below:

Acorn Health

Behavioral Momentum has joined the family of Acorn Health Companies. Acorn is moving autism therapy forward, offering new hope for this generation of children. Please like and follow our new page to get the latest news and updates.

Acorn Health is a standard-setting family of ABA treatment providers
Our behavior analytic professionals develop, apply, and share the latest advances in the science of ABA, always focused on data and outcomes.

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company's cover photo

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company

Temple Grandin Has Some Great Tips to Help Autistic Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Quarantine Parents who are working at home during the coronavirus quarantine face many challenges. But the boundaries between work and home life are blurred even more when your child has autism. To commemorate National Autism Awareness Month in April, international autism expert Temple Grandin spoke to Parade....

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company's cover photo

National Autism Association

Lots of someones.

Autism Speaks

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. While lives and routines are completely disrupted, the autism community needs your support and kindness now, more than ever. Like every year, we are asking you to #LightItUpBlue with us today by wearing something blue and posting on social media to show the autism community that there is a world of acceptance and understanding out there.

VB-MAPP App for Ipad, iPhone and Web

Due to Coronavirus pandemic: Free ABA 101 Web Course

Our new ABA 101 Web based training available for Free for parents, paras, aides, teachers new to ABA and others

8 hours, web based, self paced course format with 300 videos to demonstrate concepts and techniques. This course uses the same format as our other courses but because it is an intro to ABA, it does not yield CEUs.

It is perfect for parents who need to get up to speed quick given the pandemic. Taught by Liz Maher, M.E.d., BCBA.

The syllabus is:

Working with students with special needs
The Science of Applied Behavior Analysis
Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences - ABCs
Introduction to reinforcement
Importance of Immediacy
Decreasing certain behaviors
Introduction to “pairing”
What does our learner like?
The VB-MAPP and the Verbal Operants
Developmental-based versus Function-based assessments
Choosing skills based on a developmental assessment
Making teaching fun
Teaching new skills
Reviewing known skills
Correcting Errors
Running targets versus known skills
Reinforcing learning
Other skills to work on
Teaching skills based on a function-based assessment
The importance of tracking progress, data and data sheets
Reasons for problem behavior
Treating problem behavior
Importance of practicing replacement skills

The audience for this course are parents, paras, aides and other caregivers and even classroom teachers new to verbal behavior and ABA.

Participants need a computer or tablet of any kind with internet access and an up to date browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Edge.

Once enrolled, participants have unlimited access for 12 months and the course can and should be used over and over throughout the year as a reference and place for support via the live forum.

This course is listed for sale on our site but those plans have changed due to the pandemic situation. We will start selling it to people once we start getting back to work in a few months.

The course includes quizzes to verify understanding. When you pass a quiz you get an electronic badge that you can post on facebook if you want like the ones below.

Upon completion you get a certificate of training for 8 hours.

Anyone who enrolls via this free offer is "in" for a full 12 months from the date of enrollment regardless of when we start selling this course again.

**********************Enrollment Procedure*******************

1. To get started, the first step is to create an account at Click on the Create Free Account and fill in the form. **Very important**: An email will be sent to you from [email protected] . There will be a link in the email that you must click on to verify your address. The email might go to Spam so if it is not there, please check in Spam/Junk.

2. Once you have created and verified your account, you can login with the account you just created and then Click on "Training" at the top of the page. You will be taken to the training site and you will see two courses:

Using the VB-MAPP App for iPad, iPhone and Web (30 mins)
Applied Behavior Analysis 101 (8 hours)

More content will be added to the 101 course including a course navigation walkthrough and other content and updates as needed.

**********************Enrollment Procedure*******************

Let's kick 'Rona's ass! Please tell others stuck at home about this.

Stay safe and healthy. Steve and Liz Maher

Behavior Navigation, LLC

Providing #structure for your young child doesn't mean you rid your life of spontaneity and fun. It means that you make your #family life easier so you can have MORE #fun. It means increasing your child's #independence and #happiness. It makes #parenting so much more enjoyable! #ABA #Positiveparenting #children #behavior

Kids yoga and mindfulness to STAY STRONG 💪🌈

You can add yoga to your kid's daily schedule at home. Keep them engaged, active, and healthy with yoga videos like this one! #stayhome #yoga #kids #activity

A 50 minute compilation of yoga adventures, mindfulness and guided relaxations - with themes around courage, thinking positive and staying peaceful. 🌈 0:00 P...

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is beneficial to children of all ages, but it has been found to be particularly so for kids with special needs. It helps address kids' anxiety, motor coordination, and self-regulation. By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better.

The Autism Response Team is here to help at 1-888-AUTISM2. Find resources & information for the autism community.



Given the global pandemic and the social distancing many of us will be practicing, I have updated and included some additional printable play recipes 💪🏼. Your words of inspiration during these times mean everything to me and I am happy to have the opportunity to give something back ❤️. It is totally FREE!! I just ask that if you share, please tag me and include the link ❤️

➡️If you missed the last batch, I released sensory play recipe printables. Sort of like an ebook but just straight up simple recipes with one picture. Easy to print at home or save to your device 🤗. 📲To download them, click the link in my profile and follow the instructions. I’ll post a swipe up on my stories today for easy access too 😍 (saved to play recipes highlight). This time, I’ve translated them into Spanish as well 🤗 #mothercould
#teachersofinstagram #montessori #preschool #playideas #sensoryplay #actividadesinfantiles #aprenderjugando #toddlers #playandlearn #momlife #earlychildhoodeducation #montessoriactivity #playathome #toddlermom #learningthroughplay #preschoolactivities #montessorikids #playbasedlearning #montessoriathome #kidsactivities #teacherlife #toddlerlife #preschooler #toddlerfun #homeschool #everydayplayhacks #montessoriathome #teachers

Behavior Navigation, LLC

Behavior Navigation is bringing back so many of our popular visuals for free! We want to share out these useful tools again since so many parents are now home with their children, all day, everyday and also wearing the hat of the teacher, some while still working full time from home. This is not an easy time for any of us but here is a visual to make it easier for you and your family! Reintroducing: Positive Ways to Gain and Maintain Compliance visual with an example and also a visual for knowing how to follow through and provide just the right amount of behavior specific praise. Let Behavior Navigation help you to become the parent your child deserves!

Pete the Cat

Looking for something fun to do at home? Follow us on Instagram (@petethecatofficial) and tune in today at noon for storytime with James Dean! See you there, cool cats. 😎💙📚

Teaching Remotely for Grades K - 12 | Free Resources and Strategies

Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin! -The Editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines. #TeachingRemotely #school #learning #students #teachers #parents #FreeResources Keep students academically active with 20 days of meaningful learning journeys

As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are changing our prevention measures to ensure that we are able to provide services to our families while keeping clients and staff healthy and safe.

Attached are mandatory screening tools we will be using for our staff and clients. It is important that we follow these before entering a client's home, the clinic, and the school. Staff should ask these questions from outside the door, 6 feet from the person answering, before EACH session. If the answer to answer to any question is yes, they may not enter the home or the school.

If the session is in a school or daycare, the questions should be asked via phone or text to the client's parents.

Other preventive measures we follow include:
-Stay home when you are sick.
-Wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
-Wash client's hands often at school when they enter the school or the clinic in addition to before and after snack/lunch time.
-Cover your mouth with tissues whenever you sneeze, and discard used tissues in the trash.
-Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms.
-Clean frequently touched surfaces.
-Avoid international travel.
-Limit unnecessary social contact as much as possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you
Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company

Coronavirus Social Story - The Autism Educator Autism

"I have created the social story in a page by page format, so you the parent can include or exclude whatever information you feel is pertinent to you and your family," says Amanda Mc Guinnes. Download your FREE Coronavirus Social Story. Follow the medical advices of Dr. Lisa Gutherie

Vans launches Autism Awareness collection with sensory inclusive designs Vans has officially launched their Autism Awareness Collection that is designed specifically with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind.

How 'sensory bags' in ambulances can help patients with autism Ambulances are loud, their flashing lights are bright and the exhaust smells. For people with autism with heightened senses, that can make an ambulance ride very stressful. Our Olivia Lyons shows you how one fire department is rolling out new tools to help.

Mand Training

With mand training, the child learns to request his/her needs. As a result, problem behaviors related to inability to communicate would decrease and communication skills would improve. #progresswithABA #mandtraining #behavioranalysis An informative blog and resource site all about Applied Behavior Analysis, from the perspective of a BCBA

Ramapo College Ranked Among Top Autism Friendly Schools In US

"We saw a need and created a program that fosters social inclusion, emotional and therapeutic growth and skill building to assist our students both in transitioning to college and having a college experience,” says Calgi. They offer supports such as weekly group meetings, individualized weekly appointments with the program coordinator, special social events and peer mentor programs. Ramapo was the only one in New Jersey to make a list compiled by Applied Behavior Analysis of the 30 best schools in the country.

Autism Transition: Returning To Craft And The Land

The Meristem project in Northern California offers a structured curriculum of craft, the practical arts, and working the land: all aimed at assisting youth on the autism spectrum transition into adulthood. #empowerment #transitioning #adulthood #autism The unusual Meristem project in Northern California offers a structured curriculum of craft, the practical arts, and working the land: all aimed at assisting youth on the autism spectrum to transition into adulthood.

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company

Behavioral Momentum, An Acorn Health Company's cover photo

Workers With Autism Excel Through New Program That Is Model For Others

"So far, most of The Precisionists’ employees have autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The company also is starting to recruit veterans with disabilities and people with hearing or vision issues. Its goal is to create 10,000 jobs for people with disabilities by 2025." #employment #autism #future #empowerment A multi-city venture is placing people with autism in jobs that capitalize on their strengths at major corporations and so far the effort has proven a win for the workers and their employers.

The Mom Brain Therapist

Hey there, I’m Bryce @mombrain.therapist I share about motherhood and mental health.⁣

A few weeks ago in my stories I asked you what some of your “unmet needs” are in this season of motherhood. This graphic is sharing some of the top things that you all submitted. ⁣

You felt that these things were big contributors to your feelings of anger in motherhood, and I bet you’re right. ⁣

Anger is kind of like the check engine light in your car, it’s letting you know there’s something you need to look into. And when we’re talking about anger, that “something you need to look into” is often an unmet need that needs some attention. ⁣

Do you relate to anything in this graphic? Is there an unmet on here that you notice is a big contributor to your anger? What would you add to this list?⁣

#angrymom #momtruth #momtruths #mommytime #mommemes #momsofig #mommyblog #mommysworld #realmomlife #momsmatter #mamahood #sahmomlife #stayathomemoms #workingmoms #momcode #momtruth #stressedmom #tiredmama #tiredmom #momssupportingmoms #momtips #parentingblogger #parenting101 #scarymommy #parentingwin #honestmotherhood #momproblems #parentingproblems #parentingmemes #sahmproblems

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