Sceleratus Classical Academy

Sceleratus Classical Academy

"Sceleratus" according a book I read means "ruffians." I got the idea from the movie Tangled, and I thought it was funny and fit the boys.

We have based our school plan on the suggestions of The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, which is a classical format.


I admit, I've been struggling with school the past 6 weeks. I am proud if myself that today I did not give up on the whole day. It just ended up looking a lot different than planned. And that's okay.

Inference Task Cards Bundle: Set 1 & 2 14/02/2018

Using these today in our and happened to buy them on a day they're having a sale, PLUS and extra % off if you apply the code XOXO when you're checking out.

Inference Task Cards Bundle: Set 1 & 2 This inference task card bundle pack contains the following two products: • Inference Task Cards • Inference Task Cards: Set 2

Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity! 12/02/2018

Anyone here near Maryland? This looks AWESOME!

Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity! Check out Escape Velocity, hosted by the Museum of Science Fiction, a science meets pop-culture convention at National Harbor, Maryland, May 25 - May 27.

Photos from Sceleratus Classical Academy's post 31/01/2018

I realized I don't have to limit myself to thr Montessori shelves; I can use Lady Bug's library shelves, too!

Photos from Sceleratus Classical Academy's post 31/01/2018

I've had Montessori trays for a while, but struggled with how to use them when Lady Bug dumps everything out. Finally realized a non-permanent solution: blue tacky stuff! The cards for sorting are loose, and the color cards with the names in their color are lose for stimming with, but the plain cards and the colored circles are tacked down. Any bets on how long they'll *stay* that way? ;)


Lady Bug keeps me from getting bored by being very different from her brothers and always challenging me to come up with new ideas. ;) I've been trying to work with her and teach her using her current interests to engage her and meet her where she is. Right now it's specific Little Einstines episodes. For themed ideas I've been homeschooling her with, check out the posts I've been making monthly on my Wibbly Wobbly, Neuro-UNlogical Stuff blog.

Are Homeschoolers Abusers? ~ Homeschooling2e 27/01/2018

Thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written.

Are Homeschoolers Abusers? ~ Homeschooling2e   I read the headlines. The story made me sick to my stomach, and I knew what else was coming. Blaring headlines claimed “disturbing pattern” and “the sinister side of homeschooling.” Instead of focusing on the abusers, the media all


Early Bird, asking about what I got for disguises: Did you get make-up?!
Me: Yeeees?
EB: GREAT! I can't wait to try CONCEALER!


Some days (okay, lots of days) I'm sure I'm not doing "enough" school and I'm totally letting my kids down. But today kids were telling their dad about how Fredrick the Great disagreed with Machiavelli on whether it is better for a ruler to be feared or loved, and then had an ethical discussion on the consequences of war.

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I found this today at ToysRUs. $25. Husband asked was it worth it, since I could reproduce it on my own? Yes, I could but here's the thing: my reproduction would take a lot of time for set up, and then would have to be used once and then torn down. See those clamps? Those are not only going to make puting it up much eaiser and faster, but *reusable.* This will be our Move Like a Spy activity for this coming week. :)


What do you do when your reluctant reader actually seems to be enjoying a book series? Scour the local thrift stores for ALL THE BOOKS!!!

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Invisable messages! While the lemon juice dries we're writing with white on white then trying different things to see which makes it readable. Markers won.


Our first Mystery was a success! It took them an hour and we minutes and needed some hints along the way. It helped me learn what to do and what not to do next time.

Spy School: Set-Up and First Day 03/01/2018

It didn't take a lot of money or time to create just a few elements that is making Spy School immersive and fun!

Spy School: Set-Up and First Day There are so many cool things and ideas on Pinterest to make Spy School an immersive experience. I tried to keep it easy, cheap, and re...

Spy School: General Outline Schedule 03/01/2018

We're trying something new for us: Spy School! I'm trying to keep the info in manageable chunks, so here's the over all idea/schedule of it. Keep following for more posts!

Spy School: General Outline Schedule What's a great way to get your reluctant writer to have fun writing? In secret code of course! Invisible ink is another good way. I learn...


I recently realized that when homeschooling, living vicariously through your kids is a GOOD thing because they will see an adult enthusiastic about learning and they will catch that enthusiasm.

In not so unrelated news, I'm planning a forensics unit study as part of our Spy School plans and it's SO MUCH FUN! :)


A few months ago, our All About Spelling whiteboard fell and scattered the tiles. Husband helped put them back on the board. I've been avoiding reorganizing because I'm terrified to discover how many we're missing now. But I can't put this off any longer.

I did buy a back-up whole set of tiles the last time this happened, so hopefully I'll have the right/enough back-ups. And I learned that the cool people at All About Learning Press will send you up to 6 replacement tiles! So, here goes...

Freeze your water instantly in 10 easy steps 28/09/2017

This is awesomely hilarious and reminds me of the way I mess things up, too. :)

Freeze your water instantly in 10 easy steps 1. Place 3728 water bottles in the freezer (seals broken, label removed for better visual effect) for 2-2.5 hours in horizontal position. 2. Try an experiment in exactly 2 hours. Waste 50% of your …


Me: write a 5 sentence paragraph.
Builder Boy: rushes through and finishes quickly, though sloppily and low quality.
Early Bird: excellent handwriting, good details, but first insists on alphabetizing the main points and takes 45 minutes because he keeps getting distracted and stares off in to space.

If only they could each combine their traits they'd be perfect. *sigh*


No, I *don't* want to talk about our worst fears, thanks so much for making me sad, Early Bird. Please just finish copying your paragraph! What does that have to do with chemical reactions?! :P

S is for Socialization 05/09/2017

A much less snarky approach. :)

S is for Socialization   I ran into the most common homeschooling myth again the other day. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about homeschooling or if you’re a veteran homeschooler, the & #8220…


It doesn't seem like *that* much cutting, until you find out the only scissors I can find are the little kid safety scissors...


Well, that's just cool!

Solar Eclipse Coloring Page | Skip To My Lou 21/08/2017

Cute free printable for documenting Monday's eclipse! H/t to Stripes and Puzzle Pieces for telling me about it!

Solar Eclipse Coloring Page | Skip To My Lou 2017 Solar Eclipse Coloring page also known as an Eclipse Graphic Organizer makes a cute way to record this very special event.

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Our first Mystery was a success! It took them an hour and we minutes and needed some hints along the way. It helped me l...
This week and next we are doing a light summer schedule in the morning and an Engineering Extravaganza in the afternoon....
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