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Welcome to Mandarintastic Kids! We focus on Mandarin language acquisition through play-based learning. Watch this page for fun games and activities!

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Continuing our recyclables series! We made a bilingual maths tray from an egg tray, bottle tops and coloured paper.

Stick coloured paper with numbers written on them on the wall of each pocket. Write numbers in Chinese on coloured paper and stick them on the bottle tops.

Now your child can practice Chinese numbers by putting them in the right pocket. You can use the tray for simple additions and subtractions too.

Timeline photos 16/07/2020

This school holiday we made a pompom ramp made with toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls and painter's tape. We wrote and reviewed the Chinese characters for colours.

Inspired by or if you're on Facebook, go to CHALK Academy page.

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 05/02/2020

Happy (belated) Chinese New Year of the Rat! Do you have any leftover hongbao/angpow/laisi/red pockets after receiving them during Lunar New Year? Don't throw them in the (recycling) bin just yet as you can make a crafty rat (or two) from them with your little one!

I have attached the instructions (swipe left) from .montessori on how to make this cute rat with just a pair of scissors and staples/double sided tape. Enjoy and gōng xǐ fā cái /恭喜发财 /May you have a prosperous New Year!

Timeline photos 13/08/2019

Throwback Tuesday to the snowman craft that the kids made at Chinese school. The Chinese teacher prepared the individual pieces of paper including the complicated looking paper cut snowflake! Kids were happy to glue everything together!

Words of the day:
帽子 màozi (hat/beanie)
手套 shǒutào (gloves/mittens)
围巾 wéijīn (scarf)
雪人 xuěrén (snowman)

#手工 #中文 #学中文

Timeline photos 03/08/2019

Today's craft is about the hungry caterpillar eating loads of different food. Take two paper plates and cut a line to the center of the plates. Divide the plate into food categories with their Chinese names. Let your child draw and colour in the caterpillar and the food. Stick the two plates together and watch the caterpillar eat the food!

Word of the day: 毛毛虫 máomaochóng (caterpillar)

Timeline photos 27/07/2019

Since we moved to another city and dd1 started kindergarten, our Mandarin learning journey has been put on a back burner. After 2 terms, we finally feel settled in and dd1 is thriving in kindergarten.

We've found a new Chinese school where she has resumed Mandarin learning. Today she made a rotating moods cup, easy and captivating for little ones!

Word of the day: 心情 xīnqíng = mood

#开心 #心情

Timeline photos 28/10/2018

Paper's as easy as it looks! Take 2 coloured sheets of paper, fold one in half and cut slits in the paper, starting from the fold. Cut strips of paper with the other sheet and weave the strips over and under the slits.

Word of the day: 彩纸编制 (cǎizhǐ biānzhì) meaning: paper weaving

#手工 #彩纸 #彩纸编制 #中文 #话语 #普通话

Timeline photos 05/10/2018

While tidying up Miss 5's room, I found this old exercise that her Chinese teacher gave her. It says 找字迷宫, zhǎo zì mígōng or "word labyrinth" and to colour the character 手. Such a smart exercise as it is tailored for toddlers and preschoolers who love colouring in and are able to recognise characters but can't write (much) yet! ✍️🤵✏️ 👧

#找字迷宫 #迷宫

Timeline photos 03/10/2018

This dragon fly that Miss 5 made at Chinese school is ingenious! It is simply made from a strip of paper attached to a piece of straw. The magic comes when you rub it between your hands and throw it in the air: it can hover for a while like a real dragonfly!

I heard this is a common craft for Chinese kids. I really should make a video sometime, so you can see firsthand how it works.

Word of the day: 蜻蜓 (qīngtíng) meaning: dragonfly.

#中文 #蜻蜓 #学华语

Timeline photos 18/09/2018

My miss 2 drawing her horse purple 🎠 😄and learning the corresponding character 马 (mǎ). 老二把马涂成紫色了,一边涂色一边学汉字。

#马 #学汉字 #中文

Timeline photos 18/07/2018

Way back Wednesday: this is a colouring in sheet from Chinese school from last term with the character for foot or "jiǎo" (脚). Miss4 switched to Giant Panda Class from Little Panda Class and has native speakers in her class now. 上个学期的涂色纸。


Timeline photos 10/07/2018

Miss4 made this dragon mask at Chinese school. Liking the pompoms on the ears👾. New character of the day: 龙 🐲. 上个星期的手工:龙面具. #学华语 #中文学校 #学中文 #龙 #面具

Timeline photos 23/06/2018

(Belated) happy dragon boat festival! Miss4 made another rice dumpling at Chinese school today with candies inside. And these flowers were actually just lying around when I was trying to take a photo. #端午节快乐 #花 #糖果 #小孩学中文

Timeline photos 23/06/2018

A little monkey is dancing with monkey ears that she made at Chinese school. 大耳朵的小猴子在跳舞🐒。 #猴子 #跳舞 #學中文 #學华语#中文学校

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 18/06/2018

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! We made a crafty leaf dumpling today ( 粽子 or zòngzi) that is traditionally filled with rice and meat). Ours was filled with yummy biscuits that DD2 happily gobbled up. 端午节快乐! 今天的手工有关端午节。我们用半张纸来抱粽子,里面有饼干。小孩玩得好开心!

Timeline photos 04/06/2018

We went to Mandarin playgroup today where we pasted strips of paper on the Chinese characters 大 and 小. 今天早上我们把纸条贴在汉字上,练习一下写汉字。 #中文 #汉字 #学华语 #学中文 #大 #小

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 01/06/2018

Making shoe box lid paintings with chalk vinyl that I stuck on the inside of the lids. You can make endless paintings by wiping them out and starting all over! Let's practice some writing! Inspired by

Timeline photos 29/05/2018

Playing hopscotch with Chinese numbers! Why didn't we play this ages ago? Counting the numbers as she hops! #跳房子 #华语 #中文

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 25/05/2018

Take some chopsticks, wet sand and a few bilingual kids and make them practice Chinese characters. Haha, just kidding😄. But my kids did have a try making holes in the sand and Miss4 wrote down some numbers🏖️. #沙 #学华语 #普通话 #玩沙

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 16/05/2018

Miss4 solving a puzzle at Chinese school of the character 火. #学华语 #拼图 #火

Timeline photos 11/05/2018

We finally bought a magnetic fishing game and Miss4 added her own paper fish that she drew and cut herself. I wrote some characters on them that I know she's reviewing right now. It's such a fun game, my two girls can play for hours (well, at least 20 minutes😉). Fishing game from #钓鱼 #复习汉字 #汉字 #学华语 #中文 #儿童

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 09/05/2018

Today, we made Fun Ice Cubes in duck ice cube moulds. We put in pom poms and numbers in Mandarin written on pieces of foam sheets. Miss4 decided to make more Fun Ice Cubes with another fish ice cube mould. She took some foam sheets and started writing Chinese numbers. Did my daughter just initiated practicing writing Chinese by herself?! Foam sheets from #冰块 #学华语 #数数

Timeline photos 07/05/2018

'Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant' (Robert Louis Stevenson). As a mum, I feel like teaching my kids the little (and not-so-little) things in life are like seeds that will sprout when they are ready. Every moment becomes a nurturing opportunity 🌱. #学华语 #双语 #种菜 #绿豆 #香菜

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 05/05/2018

Miss4 asked me to write Elsa in Mandarin on these no-mess water mats 🖌️.Writing calligraphy is strangely relaxing. The good thing about these water mats is that you can start all over again after 10 minutes and there's no mess! #书法 #学华语 #学中文 #艾莎

Timeline photos 05/05/2018

More playdough characters today at Chinese school. Miss4 made the character for fire (火 huǒ) after reading about fireworks (烟火 yānhuǒ) 🎆. #火 #烟火 #学华语 #学中文

Photos from Mandarintastic Kids's post 01/05/2018

Combine saran wrap (or cling wrap as we call it in Australia), paint and an upside down table, and you've got the kids off your hands for at least 30 minutes! Throw in some Chinese characters, and you got Chinese lesson ticked off for the day😀. Inspired by . #学华语 #学中文 #幼儿园 #儿童 #蒙特梭利

Timeline photos 29/04/2018

I bought this wooden jigsaw puzzle from for my 20-month-old as she always seems to enjoy her blocks and shapes. She loved the different animals and could easily grab and place the different shapes. I added Chinese characters and pinyin on foamstickers for my 4-year-old. She played with the puzzle by lining up the animals and to pretend-fight the tiger and the crocodile. By now, she's used to me translating everything into Chinese and more often than not, she repeats after me after an episode of refusing to talk in Chinese. Bilingual parenting for the win! #学华语 #学中文 #木制拼图 #拼图 #玩具

Timeline photos 27/04/2018

🌸Flower petals! Who knew they are so versatile for children's crafts? I drew the Chinese character for flower ( 花 or huā) and let Miss4 decorate it with flower petals. Inspired by 's wooden board with flower petals🌼.

Timeline photos 26/04/2018

Does your child like to play with foam stickers in the bath? I wrote the corresponding Chinese characters on them and let Miss4 expand and review her vocabulary while she's getting clean. How do your foamstickers look like? Foamstickers from #普通话 #学华语 #浴缸玩具 #浴缸 #好玩

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