Earthtrek Education

Earthtrek Education

EarthTrek is a an exciting, comprehensive elementary school curriculum supplement for grades 3 through 5.

Take your students on a trek around the world while reinforcing math, science, reading, language and social studies in this exciting in-class learning program . Designed in a competitive team format, in-class teams trek the world learning math, science, reading, language and social studies. EarthTrek reinforces and makes memorable concepts across the required curriculum objectives through hands-on individual and team activities.


Need an exciting virtual, academic trip around the world to supplement distance learning? Contact me via my website for information on how to get a free sample activity. We have 8-12 countries available for grades 3-5.


Congratulations Shaun White! Amazing performance



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Promotion 17/01/2017


Promotion We had just met and were perched on the side of a mountain in the Altai region of North West Mongolia. She had just scrambled down a cliff and plucked a baby golden eaglet from its nest—a daring feat that would later become the first act of this coming-of-age story.


A principal once told her staff; you're either on the train or under it. I choose to be on it and support who this country elected.


Congratulations Pittsburgh Penguins


Congratulations Pitssburg Penguins


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If you truly believe in creating a global perspective in your child's school with a program that is hands on and objective driven, then contact us today. It costs absolutely nothing for us to tell you about EarthTrek, but the gain for your students will last a lifetime.


Sympathy for the families of the reporter and cameraman in Virginia.


Congratulations and NASA lessons in patience for sure.


Now is the time to order for next year!

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