Woody's at the Vintage Post

Woody's at the Vintage Post

Therapeutic Art Workshops - assisting clients with shifting life's burdens in a creative way as well as meeting new friends
One on One Workshop for those who do not do crowds
Altering clothes into a new fashion as well as giving furniture a second chance

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Woody's at the Vintage Post updated their address. 06/09/2021

Woody's at the Vintage Post updated their address.

Woody's at the Vintage Post updated their address.


Scratching your head for a special gift ... Pop in at Blessings and get your custom made heating pad ... Stencil done with Petite Rouge Vintage Paint & stencil...


Some #studio #productphotos taken by talented #dirkjonker from #RealhappyPicturesPhotography - Our focus this year: #Refresh-Renew-Refine
Was such fun painting on not so obvious surfaces... Why have bland product buckets if you can have stylish ones...
Paint & stencils used from #PetiteRougeVintagepaint range


Nothing that paint can't jazz up...


Petite Rouge Vintage Paint

Tutorial Video on How to use our Silk Paper


... If you have limited range of motion in your hip or knee joints, this special hand made meditation bench will help you meditate with ease & enjoyment. Made to order..
#mindfullness #meditation
#focus #painfree #joyfullness #soulhealing #selfcare #selfreflect #timeout


Loved doing this story board for @welmaesterhuyse.... chose to speak with pictures in stead of words...loved the collage of Blessings....


A friend tired little box had some T.L.C. with personal added flavours... Petite Rouge Vintage Paint was used as the base coat..


A little table & chair that had a facelift with Petite Rouge Vintage Paint..


Dirk Jonker

South African actor, singer and voice artist.


Calibrating your compass to anything other than the Word of God & the leadig of the Holy Spirit is the recipe for a shipwreck..... we are taking hands at Blessings tomorrow 26.2.2019 @ 10h00 & walking this journey together in learning how to set our sails of our Life ships... join us on this exciting soul journey..


Join us tomorrow 5.2.2019 - for a soul journaling class 10h00 @ Blessings.. R100-00

We will be following up on last week...

How do u love urself??? Allowing urself the time to do something just 4 u...


Another inspirational Soul Journal class was held @Blessings...... Hands were taken in the journey of life, enabling upliftment, strength & a whole lot of love....


What an inspirational morning in the Soul Journaling class @Blessings.. Focusing on destinies that have to be set, ready to steer life ship's into new horizons.. exciting times lie ahead...Look forward to next week, when the adventure continues..


In October 2016 Lynette & l handed our precious Petite Rouge over in Marble Hall & on a word of God we took the road of adventure down to Cape Town...& boy o boy what an adventure it has been...

In this adventure we decided to embrace the journey of life... unfortunately loss came & knocked on our door again, but loss is a part of life... it is just a little bit of a BIG LIFE STOP when the waves of loss break so soon after one another... it seems to set put one on HOLD a little...but, we are slowly starting to pick up the loose ends & as life works with loss, a person seems to never really pick up the old pieces but rather start picking up new little threads of light pulling you into the destined path you need to go. So.. we are setting our sails into the winds of destiny & sailing to wherever God is taking us. Both Lynette & l have found passions that have been long forgotten, learnt new & different skills, but yet hold hands while embracing this journey of New beginnings...

Watch this space & travel with us as we continue with our love for Petite Rouge Vintage Paint, discovering all the new & beautiful creative things along life's journey... being certain of one thing, that God's word says in : Philippians 1:6 (AMP) being convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in us will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return]....



This young man documented his morning routine to show the world what life is like as a quadriplegic 🙌❤️️


Woody's at the Vintage Post

...Put a spring in your step this Spring and join Woody's @ the Vintage Post at Blessings.. where we will be showing off our Awesome Petite Rouge Vintage paint...Come and satisfy your creative craving with all the other creators of creative goodies... Look forward seeing you all..





A few more Guillotine projects from Connie Searle. This colour is what we call a 'clean' grey. No hints of blue, its a pure grey toned from black. ❤


A few more Guillotine projects from Connie Searle. This colour is what we call a 'clean' grey. No hints of blue, its a pure grey toned from black. ❤


Petite Rouge Vintage Paint

Some stunning projects from our very talented Connie Searle from George, using Guillotine ❤


What a privilege to have this as view for our work for the day!! Just beautiful 🌸🌸


What a splendid morning spent with beautiful creative ladies at the ever most blessed place BLESSINGS... Look forward to taking our creativeness in our Petite Rouge beginners class to the next level at the end of August...

A huge thank you to Lynette en Lindy for an inspirational morning of Petit Rouge


Jazz up a plain wall by stencilling!!



Boomhuis Art Gallery

Vintage Paint Techniques on Wood - Workshop


Boomhuis Art Gallery

Vintage Paint Techniques on Wood - Workshop


Petite Rouge Vintage Paint

Cosy farmhouse nook!


Absolutely love this look...

Which rustic vanity is your fave?


... Clearance Sale .... Prices are marked on each item or NCO.. Contact us at 079 845 0564 or 071 400 8213...



...All in one week... Sign's are taken off as Woody's are spreading their wings further South.. Cape Town here we come... and then Charles and Jacqueline of Craft Corner in Groblersdal (Spar Centre) are the new Stockist of Petite Rouge Chalk Paint...Welcome to our team Charles and Jacqueline, we know you guys are going to make such a difference in so many people's lives...


…… Okay Ladies… we are doing the count-down for our Master classes… We have a few new products so come and be empowered to be able to make something drab to fab with all you have learnt and be the talk of the town… Book soonest.. we have one this Thursday 13th of October and Saturday 15th of October…Contact 071 400 8213 and book your seat...


October is here.. come and have some summer fun and join us for a beginners workshop this Thursday 6th of October as well as Tuesday 11th of October.. Please contact us at 071 400 8213 should you want to come and have a morning of fun, learning and laughter.. and for those who have done our beginners workshop already... why not come for a Masters class Thursday 13th of October ....


Petite Rouge Vintage Paint


Petite Rouge Vintage Paint

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