K200 in in Kinesiology, IUB

K200 in in Kinesiology, IUB


https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/brain-implant-tech-mental-data-privacy-ethics I found this article extremely interesting. It talks about how new technology can basically read your mind without physical gestures or assistance. This is break-through technology that has been incorporated into many different venues such as to help wounded soldiers or paralyzed civilians. #K200 #ExtraCredit
By 2030, computers could be the size of an atom! Because these computers will be so tiny, they will then be able to be used in biological computing and make a huge impact in the medical field!

This article is about a new technology that has been created to make 911 calls and responses quicker than before. Their goal with this technology was to be able to get the caller's location based off of which cell tower their cell phone is closest to. The department's goal with this technology was to create a quick and efficient dispatch. This new programming can also be used in the deputies' cars. I found this article interesting because it may affect me one day. There are new technology and programs being created everyday that could one day safe my life.

A super interesting read on the use of technology within college physical education classes!
I found this article, which discusses some of the challenges of online learning. As a student currently participating in online learning, I am able to say that attending school online has been incredibly challenging. Solely relying on computers and technology this semester has diminished the ability to foster interpersonal connections. For me, this lack of interpersonal connection has been one of the greatest challenges.


This article talks about different technologies and how they have affected people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It mentions online distance learning (which I along with many other IU students are doing right now) and remote work (which our professors are doing)! It pointed out how digital and contactless payment has become more popular as well. Now that I think about it, I set up an Apple Pay account because of the pandemic and I can't remember the last time I saw someone use cash. I think it's crazy how technology can become so widespread so rapidly.
I found this very interesting especially with it connecting to the pandemic.

Check out this video I found on smart art graphics!


Cool article that makes you thing about the decade ahead. Check it out.

Hello! Use this page for gathering information about K200 and sharing technology information with your classmates. Also comment on existing posts to get extra credit.

Note: Rudeness = Lowered grade. page for the class K200 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology. In this page, technology and IU information will be shared with and by students. A great place to practice social media skills and find out the latest in technology.

Operating as usual

www.google.com 27/09/2021


Happy Birthday Google!! We are using you in K200 right now. :



Tech tips for returning to campus

Hello All! Here are some Tech Tips for Returning to Campus from UITS! https://kb.iu.edu/d/bhdv

Tech tips for returning to campus You may need to update any recurring meetings with both physical meeting rooms and Zoom/Microsoft Teams links in this new hybrid world.

Nobody is listening - The Oatmeal 24/08/2021

Nobody is listening - The Oatmeal

Remember to unmute when you wish to talk in a Zoom meeting. :)

Nobody is listening - The Oatmeal A comic about video calls.

Is your lecture hall in an internet dead zone? Here’s how to connect to eduroam 24/08/2021

Is your lecture hall in an internet dead zone? Here’s how to connect to eduroam

Hello everyone! Check out the below resources for connecting to eduroam.

Is your lecture hall in an internet dead zone? Here’s how to connect to eduroam UITS offers a guide on how to connect to the campus’s Wi-Fi.

Akan 13/05/2021


Hello Dear Students!! Have you heard of the language Akan/Twi? It is spoken in Ghana! A colleague of mine is teaching a summer immersion course and I think it looks fabulous! Check it out: https://languageworkshop.indiana.edu/languages/akan/index.html

Akan Akan Level 1

Abigail Hilyard - YouTube 17/03/2021

Abigail Hilyard - YouTube

Ms. Lion will be a panelist today - 3/17/21 - at the University Library of Columbus Indiana Comic Con. She will talk about being an artist during the COVID pandemic. (She belly dances.) Watch her and others live at 3pm EDT today here:


Abigail Hilyard - YouTube my library channel

Google 17/03/2021


Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

Google Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021! #GoogleDoodle

Ms. Lion (Character) - Comic Vine 16/03/2021

Ms. Lion (Character) - Comic Vine

Dearest Students, Alumni, and Friends: I am proud to write that I have a super hero counter part in the Marvel Universe!! Ms. Lion!! OMG just read below. So me. (Even though I am actually Female Assigned At Birth - AFAB and fine with that.)

Ms. Lion (Character) - Comic Vine A rambunctious male dog who belongs to Aunt May. Although he doesn't have any super powers, Ms Lion became a founding member of the Pet Avengers and saved his feline team-mate, Hairball.


Dear students past and present:

If this happens to you, then well done. :)

Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek And The Remaking Of NASA (2021) - Official Trailer (HD) 19/02/2021

Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek And The Remaking Of NASA (2021) - Official Trailer (HD)

Let us take a moment to celebrate this woman. She inspired many scientists and, of course, computer users.

Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek And The Remaking Of NASA (2021) - Official Trailer (HD) Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek And The Remaking Of NASA -Available Everywhere On Demand And Digital February 16Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichol...

Dr. Gladys West: The "Hidden Figure" Who Pioneered GPS Technology 10/02/2021

Dr. Gladys West: The "Hidden Figure" Who Pioneered GPS Technology

Hooray for the programmers!

Dr. Gladys West: The "Hidden Figure" Who Pioneered GPS Technology This trailblazing mathematician built the geodetic model of the Earth that became the foundation for GPS.

k200.publichealth.indiana.edu 18/01/2021

K200 - Weekly Page

Dearest Students and all who read this page: Thank you!

If we were in the classroom right now I would be sharing this webpage with you. It is my K200 Martin Luther King Day page. Read, listen, and ENJOY!

And yes, I'm playing the song LOUD!

It's Martin Luther King Day!! And this is how I CELEBRATE: https://k200.publichealth.indiana.edu/days/mlkday.htm
Link leads to my MLK Day webpage on my K200 class website. Now play it LOUD!

k200.publichealth.indiana.edu Personal Introduction: On MLK Day years ago I was driving in my car looking at the beautiful scenery and listening to the radio outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The DJ said "This one's for the man" and he played Pride (In the Name of Love) cut with Dr. King's speeches. I rolled down my windows...

idsnews.com 15/01/2021

Column: How IU students can adapt for our second online semester

We are in this together, dear students.

idsnews.com The weirdest year of our college lives continues. Here’s some advice for IU Students on how to cope. 

youtube.com 09/12/2020

2020 Year in Review

Well done, young Jedis.

#iustrong #goiu

youtube.com 2020 has been a tough year, but we made it together. Take a look back at a few of the good things that happened, and remember that together we're #IUStrong.-...

youtube.com 07/12/2020

Why The Comms Officer From The Mandalorian Looks So Familiar

Dear young Jedis: This officer is played by a graduate of IU. Let us cheer her on and free her from those galactic empire fools.

youtube.com Another new chapter of Disney+'s The Mandalorian is here, and once again, Din Djarin (aka Mando, played by Pedro Pascal) and Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) find thems...


inCharge 6 - The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

It is dangerous for me to go on Indiegogo as yes the below product looks awesome.

All the cables you need in a tiny EDC keyring cable. The search for the perfect cable is over. | Check out 'inCharge 6 - The Swiss Army Knife of Cables' on Indiegogo.


Thank you for keeping IU safe, strong and healthy

Well done everyone!

IU President Michael A. McRobbie thanks students, faculty and staff for remaining #IUStrong during an unprecedented fall semester. Read McRobbie’s full updat...



Now this is an excellent graphic.

HostGator is a damn good web host.
Whether you're creating a website, portfolio, or online store. We have all the tools you need for where you're at or where you're going. Don't get stuck in a builder-only solution.

news.iu.edu 27/10/2020

Spooky campus tales from IU Archives set the Halloween mood

Hello All! Don't forget to enjoy Halloween this year with good reading.

news.iu.edu Indiana University Archives has digitized a selection of campus legends to get you into the holiday spirit.

idsnews.com 22/10/2020

IU Observatory on Social Media develops tools to combat misinformation online

This sounds fascinating. I think I will need to download and check it out.

idsnews.com BotSlayer allows users to directly track similar Twitter bots spreading misinformation.

edtechmagazine.com 14/10/2020

Securing Higher Ed's Growing Number of Remote Devices

More reading for staying alert and understanding our tech world in education.

edtechmagazine.com Remote learning and work have raised the stakes when it comes to protecting college and university networks.

edtechmagazine.com 14/10/2020

Digital Athletes: Universities Win Big With Esports

I am prepared to coach and manage. :)

edtechmagazine.com With college sports teams facing an uncertain fall, esports players are primed for action.

edtechmagazine.com 14/10/2020

5 VPN Myths Your End Users Need to Know

I'm glad I saw this. I will need to study it so I learn more about VPNs and security.

edtechmagazine.com Common user misconceptions about VPNs create security risks. Here’s what your end users may not know.

edtechmagazine.com 14/10/2020

Why Purple Teams Matter for Higher Ed Cybersecurity

I never heard of this before reading this article. Fascinating.

edtechmagazine.com What does it take to create a purple team in higher education? And why do you need one?


Today in my email I was send the word of the day: Technomania. It means "Passionate enthusiasm for technology". I think it is a perfect word for K200.

Be well and wear your mask.


Machines can learn unsupervised 'at speed of light' after AI breakthrough, scientists say

Well wow. I will need to read this through a few more times to truly understand the details.

Performance of photon-based neural network processor is 100-times higher than electrical processor


We start podcasting in a week. I wanted to show you that yes, you can find podcasts on anything.

Our new podcast is up and running! Listen to TeaCology, our program about tea, food ways, environmental and social issues, and everything in between. Our first guest is @valerietheblonde from @splitoakforest. Valerie has been working hard to save the forest from a looming toll road. Listen to her story! Available on @spotify, @anchor.fm, and linked through our website!


Diablols 3 Opening (happy anniversary)

Hello All! As you may remember from the Diablo 3 Character Class Extra Credit, I am a fan of the Diablo games. I mean, who doesn't love killing demons? Today I found this fun playlist putting a humorous spin on Diablo. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/-wjDjtnxwgM

Help Support the Cartoons: http://www.patreon.com/carbotanimations SHIRTS: http://gear.blizzard.com/index.php/default/starcrafts/ Follow on Twitter: https://...

idsnews.com 26/06/2020

Leaders arise for IU women’s soccer amid coronavirus pandemic

Gotta brag. K200 is represented in this picture.

idsnews.com Senior Allison Jorden and sophomore Avery Lockwood were named team captains.

idsnews.com 25/06/2020

Pandemic playbook: How UITS took IU online

Next time you call UITS, tell them thank you!

idsnews.com They began preparing for a remote learning scenario after the H1N1 outbreak 11 years ago.

sciencenode.org 25/06/2020

The 5 fastest supercomputers in the world

The world's fastest supercomputers! Yes, I am glad to see that the US has the top two spots. :)

sciencenode.org Countries around the world strive to reach the peak of computing power--but there can be only one.


K200 in in Kinesiology, IUB's cover photo


K200 in in Kinesiology, IUB's cover photo

influencermarketinghub.com 10/06/2020

How to Post to Instagram from Your PC - 5 Bonus Tools

Hello! Now THIS article gave me the information I wanted to post from my PC to Instagram!!! I type better on a full keyboard.


influencermarketinghub.com In this post we look at various ways to post to Instagram from your PC or MAC. We look at a variety of tools and techniques you can use to post to Instagram from your desktop or laptop computer.

idsnews.com 03/06/2020

Still confused about IU’s new COVID-19 plan? Here are some answers.

Keep this in mind.

idsnews.com Individual schools will determine if class lengths are changing.