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It is with a heavy and broken heart to write to you all in this way. Since word has been released to AGCox students I feel a major desire to make myself available.

Your kids know I love them. My heart breaks for some of them for many reasons right now. 10 months together created a huge family in our classroom last year and to know one of those 24 sweet faces is no longer here with us breaks my heart.

If they need ANYTHING, send them to me. Email me. Call me. Bring them by my classroom. This is a tragedy that I hoped I’d never face as a teacher and now that I am I just want to hug all of their sweet faces. Hold them tight for me. ❤️

My heart hurts. But I know my kids loved each other last year no matter what each day held.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this time.


Last week of summer before MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

I cannot wait to see where every single one of my sweet kiddos go!! They know my favorite thing was to turn every situation into life lessons... so of course here’s their last one! 😭💕

•Don’t forget who you are and who your families have molded you to be. The world is yours and I know the 24 precious kids that left my room are going to impact every person they meet this year and have something amazing to offer this world!•

I’m so proud of them and couldn’t have had a better year of families to share it with! I’m always here if they have questions whether it’s academics or life!!

Parents: Good luck and know they are prepared and so are you!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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A few of the many pictures we have from this year! Many of the girls have emailed me for pictures so I will post them here as I find more!! Feel free to share them with the kids, but please do not post full class photos on personal pages without a parents permission! 😁💕

(The boys pictures describe their personalities too well to not share!! 🤣🤣)


Lots of goodbye hugs today!! So proud of these kiddos and their accomplishments!!

It’s sad to see some of them going to different Middle Schools and even States but I know these friendships will last so long!

If they ever need anything, just know they can always come back to ask for help or to even help!! 💕

Photos from Miss Curley’s Class Page's post 05/06/2019

This week students have been teaching me!!! What a trade!!! 🤣🤣🤣 The students worked so hard to plan a presentation, find materials and were BRAVE to stand in front of the class to present!!!

We have more coming this afternoon!!! The coke and mento presentation definitely showed their personalities!!😎🙈😁


Just to clarify:

Graduation itself begins at 9:30 Thursday morning. I would recommend coming earlier to find your seat however we will begin walking students in to be seated at 9:30. 😭❤️ bittersweet thoughts!

See you then!

Miss Curley


Hey Parents!!!

We are looking for a parent who would volunteer to cook hotdogs Thursday at the cookout! 😎

If you would like to do this please just let me know! Other teachers are also asking their parents!

See you Thursday!!! Thank you in advance if you can come help!!


Brilliant. Funny. Caring.
Talented. Creative. Bold.
Witty. Compassionate. Giving.
Brave. Generous. Easygoing.
Funny. Intuitive. Optimistic.

A few of MANY words to describe the students in our classroom. Not tomorrow nor Thursday can measure the students I’ve grown to know this year. It has been the BEST YEAR watching them grow in multiple ways.

I’m so proud to be their teacher and I KNOW how successful they are and will continue to be!


The girls were ALLLLLLL about it today in the front row!!!! The boys hid as far back as they could possibly go 🤣🤣



I have contacted most of you in one way or another today and I just want to tell you again if there’s anything the kids need just let me know! They left relaxed but I know the stress level can rise!!! Feel free to message or email me tonight if something comes up!

I am so confident in every single student of mine! A test score DOES NOT define who they are as people and I made sure they knew that today!

EOGs are here and the end of the year is coming fast!! I ask that every student be on time and well rested during testing!! (We had a more sleep and less fortnite conversation today)🤣

Incase you haven’t heard, all bets are on! *students with all 5’s pie me in the face... not sure why I agreed to this!*

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need me! 😁💪🏼


So proud of these kiddos and their bravery to represent our class in the EOG pep rally today!!!


Basically!!! 🤣

Going to miss this craziness!!! 💕 To say the kids are exhausted is an understatement but they have worked so hard!

They have done so well and don’t need to stress over these tests! I know how capable every single one of them are and love them despite the score they receive!

Thank you for being the best parents and helping with homework and studying... we couldn’t have made it here without YOU!



Good Morning!

In folders yesterday, I sent home an orange paper with a envelope attached. If you did not receive this I can send another for you.

The paper has EOG information on it including what the envelope is for. If you would like to write your student a note that they can read before each EOG please place it in the envelope and send it back to school.

Lots of folders came back full today which means they did not give them to you. I will send them again today.

We are a week away from our first EOG! Keep encouraging your students, WE ARE SO CLOSE! 😁😁😁


Week 2 of test prep went by FAST! I’m so proud of my students for their hard work and determination!

Test prep is not fun but we are making the most of it!! Their Math and Reading is looking AMAZING! 😍 I am still pushing them to use their spare class time to get in some time on Study Island for Science! 😁

Tomorrow we will take the Science Mock EOG... this will give the students an idea of where they will score on their actual Science EOG! 🧪

•••Next week will be hitting Study Island hard!!! Homework each night will be to read a chapter a night of their Coachbook. •••

THANK YOU for your continuous support at home and checking in on grades during test prep! I am putting grades in PowerSchool DAILY for each subject so you can see what they are scoring on classwork! Please reach out if you are concerned about low grades or if you want extra support for your student!

-Miss Curley


Hello Parents!!!

I wanted to give you an “agenda” of what the rest of our year looks like.

Every week the students will have the following:
• Math packet
• Reading packet
• Science packet

We are working through the first set of packets this week. These CAN come home with them. They are turning in bubble sheets to me daily and I am grading these and my students know my expectations for these packets.

Additional support can be given, however the most useful support for ALL SUBJECTS is Study Island!

Please let me know if I can be of any help!!

Also— 5th grade graduation is Thursday, June 6
8:15 - 11:00.


I wanted to share so all are informed of May 1st. I know many families and students depend on school for food and other needs.

If your student or if you know a student needing food provided please send me a private message. This is to benefit all public school employees however I do not want it to be a burden on any students or families! 🦈❤️

Pitt County Schools has just announced that Schools will be closed for students on Wednesday, May 1.

“On May 1st, educators across North Carolina will gather to attend a rally at the General Assembly in Raleigh. We have been monitoring the situation both externally and internally for many days. Externally, we are aware that NC teachers, the backbone of our system, are rallying to improve pay for all school employees, provide more school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and other professionals to meet national standards, expand Medicaid for students and families, reinstate state retiree health benefits, and restore advanced degree pay. We are also aware that our parents and businesses are greatly impacted by unplanned changes in the school calendar. Internally, we have been monitoring the number of leave requests in direct comparison to the number of substitutes we have available to cover teacher absences and to provide a safe environment for our students.

Within the last 48 hours, the number of leave requests has reached a critical level. After much consideration, we have determined that due to a severe lack of adequate supervision, we will not be able to operate schools safely on May 1st. Therefore, Pitt County Schools will be closed for students attending all traditional schools.”

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We tried something new today and I think it was a hit!!!

We worked on writing today and our topic was on our future!

•What we want to be when we grow up
•Where we want to live
• What I want to drive
• Something we will always remember

This group was so fun to try this out with and I can’t wait to do more with them!!!


Dismissal is at 11:35 tomorrow!

There was a typo on the all call sent out last night. Students will be dismissed at 11:35 on Wednesday, April 3rd. Thanks!

Photos from Miss Curley’s Class Page's post 02/04/2019

Celebrating International Children’s Book day by the students reading some of my favorite children’s books aloud to the class!🥰👏🏼

Photos from Miss Curley’s Class Page's post 29/03/2019

WE HAD A BLAST TODAY! My teacher heart is TOO FULL after a day with these guys and hearing their questions and excitement!!

Thank you for allowing your kiddos to come with us even on a late Friday afternoon!! They may be tired but it was BEYOND worth it!! ❤️


UPDATE on travel back from UNC:
Right now the GPS says we will arrive at Ridgewood at 4:10. We will keep you posted, so please share with parents of fifth graders. Students can be picked up from the front of the school. 💙🦈💙


See you tomorrow!!!

A few reminders about the fifth grade trip to UNC tomorrow:
* We will leave at 8am. Please be at school on time!
* We will arrive back at Ridgewood at 4pm. Please make sure you have someone to pick you up.
* Fifth grade students may wear any college T-shirt, or a Ridgewood shirt.
* Wear comfortable walking shoes.
* Come ready to have fun, and experience something new!


Hi families! ❤️

Many of our headphones are now broken or missing (NOT due to misuse or student responsibility.) 😕

If you could PLEASE send a pair of earbuds or headphones for your child to keep and use at school, it would help tremendously! These are necessary for I-Ready completion and other classroom assignments.

Also, if you would be willing to donate any extras for students who are unable to get them, that would be so appreciated! (Dollar store earbuds work great!)

Thank you, again, for your continued support!


PARENTS: All the praise to you for organizing family pictures... they simply laughed at me when I was trying to get a whole class picture (of everyone looking and smiling)

I OBVIOUSLY asked way too much of them!!😂😂

Thank you for sharing this fun, loving and energetic group of kiddos with me! I will be the one at graduation crying my eyes out, not you! (I promise! 😭)

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Surprise Valentine’s Breakfast this morning!!

I made it back for one day this week and it called for breakfast together!!! 🥰


Hello Parents!

I wanted to update about our week:

-Math is a review of ALL decimals
-Science- Heat Transfer is our topic
-Reading- Text Structures with Informational Texts

As many of you know a few teachers and myself will be leaving Ridgewood Wednesday afternoon to go to The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a great professional development and I know to bring the energy and engagement from RCA back to Ridgewood!!

Your students may have shared this, I had to leave school today due to not feeling well and I am out tomorrow due to Strep (how unfortunate this close to the trip!!) I ask that students take all precautions when they start to not feel well also!

With that being said, please remind your students to bring their math notebook and science coachbook and homework home! They need to study because a substitute will be giving them their test Friday. On Wednesday, I will go over lots of Science and Math questions to prepare them.

(There is no math or reading homework this week except AR and AM)

If you have questions or if they struggle with any work this week, I WILL BE FLEXIBLE 😁 but please don’t hesitate to email me or write it in their agenda and I will see if Wednesday.

Have a great week and stay healthy!!!

Photos from Miss Curley’s Class Page's post 06/02/2019

We are LOVING this weather too much to not do our book study outside!

What better way to read about Yellowstone than outside enjoying the nature?!? 🌳🌷🌞


See you Friday!!!


Good Morning Families!

I hope you are off to a great New Year! I wanted to updated you of a few things.

Our Math Check-in #2 is this Friday, January 18th.
Our Reading Check-In #2 will be Friday, February 1st.

This week we will be finishing up topics that are going to be on the test then reviewing the rest of the week.


I labeled and gave each student an orange folder. I told them this folder is to go home every night. Inside I labeled two pockets for papers, one for classwork and one for homework.

This way we can all be on the same page and you can see what they are doing in class each day. I know many of your students are extremely responsible and complete their homework during Study Hall. However I know you are not seeing the work and getting the "I already finished it" excuse. IT SHOULD BE IN THIS FOLDER. (Hopefully completed, but at least you can see if and review it with them if you would like.

I hope this helps for those who are not seeing work nightly. Please let me know how I can be of more help or if you have questions.

Miss Curley

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Today could not have been possible without you all! Thank you for providing THE BEST foods for us! We enjoyed our time together! (The clean up process however is another story...😜)

I hope we have another time to come together like this as a class! It was a very special time for us!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! Thank you for sharing your children with me, they truly are special in so many ways!!!

~Miss Curley


First field trip of the year was a SUCCESS✔️

I wanted to share a small backstory of my classroom and my goal for this year!

My goal is for my students to aim high and go far beyond that goal! This year my students know my focus is creating community within themselves and molding them into people who genuinely care about others.

Having high expectations often leads to conversations of “What could you do better next time?” Today before we left for our field trip I took a bold stepping (into the unknown) and asked my kids “What can I do better as your teacher to push you to be successful?”
..Those answers varied...😅😅😂

I left school today physically exhausted because I’m out of shape but knowing my kids know I care and are trying to be successful academically but most importantly, as a person!

I hope they love these notes in the morning just as much as I loved leaving them for them!

Everyday is not perfect but everyday they try!


Homework looks different for us this week:

We have our normal science homework:
•Monday definitions
•Tuesday is the first half of our vocab squares
•Wednesday is the second half
•Thursday we are writing and answering the Think & Review questions

Reading 30 minutes each night! 🙂

Math is just AM and studying like graph notes along with numerical patterns notes. We are a week ahead in Math so this week we are reviewing ALL topics we have learned so far.

I want to make sure students are mastering he Math before we move any further. Please let me know if I can be of more assistance to your student!

-Miss Curley

(I hope to make this post every Monday night in the future!)


I hope everyone is safe and dry!!! If anyone needs help moving things, resources or anything else please do not hesitate to ask me!!

Students will be out of school tomorrow! They are not expected to have any kind of work completed when they return; we will play catch up together as a class! I just want them safe!

Again, please reach out to me if you need anything!! I am more than willing to help you all!

-Miss Curley


Picture day is Friday,
September 7th!!!


What an AMAZING first day!!!

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me this year! I can already tell what an awesome year we are going to have!!

-Today we assigned agendas so if you need to send me a note I will begin checking them daily!

-Tomorrow we are going to take our STAR test to begin receiving our AR levels!

If you have any questions, please reach out!!!

~Miss Curley

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