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UofG co.lab

co.lab is the University of Glasgow's pop-up makerspace project.

eventbrite.co.uk 14/11/2017

Glasgow Makers and Hardware Hackers 14th November

Keep up your enthusiasm for maker spaces through the Glasgow Makers and Hardware Hackers session today!

eventbrite.co.uk A monthly meet up for makers and hardware hackers in Glasgow. For anyone with an interest in making or hardware hacking regardless of level, beginner to expert. Meet ups will be a mix of demos, talks and workshops. 6-6:30pm: Be the Goalie - Roy Shearer This talk is about the making of Be the Goalie,...

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Community engagment

You can help the Community Engagement team to get some insights for their co.lab project completing this survey! It takes only 5 min!
#UofGcolab #communityengagement

docs.google.com The University of Glasgow launched the new pop-up project which offers students from all areas of study and at all stages the unique chance to come together to work on one of four challenges! Our team works on Community engagment challenge and we would try to respond on: How can we ensure that the U...

mindtools.com 08/11/2017

10 Common Presentation Mistakes

Are you preparing for a presentation? Take a look at the Mindtools tips!

mindtools.com Get your message across, inspire your audience, and get your ideas noticed by steering clear of these commonly-made presentation errors, in this infographic.

eventbrite.co.uk 08/11/2017

Philosophy of IoT World Cafe with Tom Skinn and Robert Harrington

How does technology affect our lives and possible futures? Let's discuss at the co.lab today!

eventbrite.co.uk Timed group discussions about technology and itsimpacts upon our lives and possible futures

spacehive.clickmeeting.com 07/11/2017

CoLab/Spacehive: Crowdfunding Campaign

In this webinar, you will discover what funding is available on Spacehive, and what are the skills you need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Nov. 10th, at 3 pm


#UofGcolab #Crowdfunding #Campaign

spacehive.clickmeeting.com Event starts: Friday, November 10, 2017 03:00 PM Europe/London

eventbrite.co.uk 07/11/2017

The Power of a Great Brand Narrative with Mil Stricevic

Your chance to develop a clear and compelling proposition around your project!
Having introduced the thinking behind Brand Narrative and why it’s useful, Mil will take participants through some simple but effective exercises designed to help to explore how best to communicate the value of your projects to an audience.
#UofGcolab #design #innovation #branding

eventbrite.co.uk This session is designed to help participants develop a clear and compelling proposition around their innovation projects. Mil will take participants through exercises designed to help each team explore how best to communicate the value of their projects to an audience.

eventbrite.co.uk 05/11/2017

Cardboard Construction with Douglas Morrison

Do you have a passion for working collaboratively to solve problems? Do you enjoy practical activities and have an interest in sustainability, equality, circular economy and humanitarian/disaster relief issues? This workshop is for you!

eventbrite.co.uk This session will introduce delegates to the principles of sustainable manufacturing and circular economy. Solutions to global humanitarian challenges will be designed using cardboard as a construction material. This workshop is aimes at people who have a passion for working collaboratively to solve...


We are very honoured to announce that we are having Consentua delivering a workshop in co.lab!

The session will present an overview of Consentua and how it will help obtain consent to use personal data.

Meet Tom Ashcroft at the co.lab pop-up space, Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading Room

Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-get-transparent-consent-to-use-personal-data-with-tom-ashcroft-tickets-39250105121


#UofGcolab #Consent #PersonalData #GDPR #Trust #Transparent


Professor Matthew Chalmers works on the design and theory of computer systems, especially data visualisation and also ubiquitous computing. He did a BSc (Hons) at U. Edinburgh, then a PhD at U. East Anglia in ray tracing and object-oriented toolkits for distributed memory multiprocessors. He then worked as a researcher at Xerox PARC and Xerox EuroPARC, working on information visualisation and early ubicomp systems. He left Xerox to start up an information visualisation group at UBS Ubilab, in Zurich, then had a brief fellowship at U. Hokkaido, Japan, before starting at U. Glasgow in 2000. His published work of about 150 papers — he’s lost track, sadly/frankly -- has gathered about 7000 citations.

#UofGcolab #Ubicomp #Infovis #AIsceptic #Wandering #InteractiveSystemsDesign


Take a look at our full program! We have fantastic workshops, demos, talks and more! See the ones that are more interesting for you and join in! #UofGcolab


We are looking for communicators to work on our event! Please, get in touch if you are interested.



In this workshop, we will explore practical approaches to prototyping. Dr Julien will use examples from previous projects to illustrate the design process and the risk-taking required. These will be based on medical diagnostic devices with applications in both high resource settings (such as Scotland) and low-resource settings (such as sub-Saharan Africa).

Additionally, an opportunity to work on new versions of low-cost diagnostics for malaria!

Sign up on Eventbrite:

#UofGcolab #design #prototype #survey


Meet the Mentors with Dr Katherine Duffy

Dr Katherine Duffy is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, along with an MSc in Marketing (Distinction) from the University of Strathclyde and an MA (Hons.) English Literature from the University of Glasgow.

Previously, she was a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Essex (2013-2015) and her academic interests are complemented by her practical marketing experience (including roles at 5pm.co.uk and The Marketing Society Scotland). Her current research interests include socio-cultural dimensions of value, considerations of alternative marketscapes and the turn to visual platforms in digital marketing.

Meet Dr Kat at the co.lab pop-up space on Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading room

#UofGcolab #HybridThinking #Marketing #VisualPlatforms


We are looking for volunteers to work on our event!

Help out with setting up co.lab maker space and welcome visitors.

Learn about some new technologies like 3D Printers and other things and help explain them to other students and visitors.

Get involved in helping out at a maker, prototyping style hack or workshop.

Video capture and quiz the teams. Charter their progress and promote.

Push some relevant and inspiring content to show to the teams.

Please, get in touch with us if you are interested.


Meet the Mentors with Dr Julien Reboud!

Dr Julien Reboud is an engineer trained in France, including Paris VI-VII University, with a PhD from Joseph Fourier University on the development of new drug screening technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. He then did a post-doc in Singapore (Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR) where he developed biosensors for medical diagnostics.

In Glasgow, he leads research on the development of medical diagnostics and therapeutics devices to combat infectious diseases. He was awarded the French National Innovation Award during his PhD, and the RAEng ERA Entrepreneurship Prize (2013) for his current start-up company SAW Dx Ltd (www.sawdx.com), which was also Highly Commended for Technology and Innovation at the Times Higher Education Awards (2014).

For the last 4 years, Julien has also been supporting students in global competitions iGEM (igem.org) and SensUs (www.sensus.org), both of which are multidisciplinary endeavours (involving students from life sciences, engineering, chemistry, law, etc.), delivering new solutions to current societal challenges.

Meet Dr Julien at the co.lab pop-up space on Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading room

#UofGcolab #Healthcare #Technology #Acoustics #Fluidics #Sensors


Dr Mhairi Towler is happy to share her slides from her fantastic workshop about Ideas generation and innovation!

Download at this link:

#UofGcolab #Vivomotion #Innovation


Join this interactive session and discover the power of social media for communicating research and engaging with the public online.

How do social media channels differ in their functionality and demographics? How can social media be used for public engagement and event promotion? What makes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ update? What are the measures of success?

Delivered by Dr Deborah McNeill, Director of Glasgow Science Festival

Where: co.lab pop-up space on Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading

Sign up on Eventbrite:

#UofGcolab #socialmedia


How can we use Virtual Reality to enhance learning?
Come to hear from Dr Libby Mcgugan about how VR can help us to understand the human system.

Sign up on Eventbrite:

Where: co.lab pop-up space on Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading

#UofGcolab #learning #VR


Meet the Mentors with CENSIS!
Get a chance to speak with experts in IoT hardware and software. Come with your team to discuss your projects ideas!

Meet Kevin Power, Stuart Simpson and Norman Mackenzie at the co.lab pop-up space on Southpark Ave behind the McMillan Round Reading Room.

#UofGcolab #IoT #Sensors


Are you a student who signed up to participate in the co.lab challenges?
Let's get involved in an exciting workshop coming to co.lab today!

In this 2 hour workshop, we will look at various techniques for idea generation and innovation including getting into a creative/enterprising mindset, sourcing help to progress your idea and how to communicate and market your idea. We will use the business model canvas as a tool to develop your idea.

Sign up on Eventbrite:

Password: challenge

#UofGcolab #Innovation #Ideation @Vivomotion

renovatedlearning.com 19/10/2017

Teaching the Design Process in Makerspaces

What methods and processes can we use to introduce design into school's curriculum?
Take a look at this article and get inspired! #makerseducation #uofgcolab

renovatedlearning.com Stewart Middle Magnet is a STEM magnet school, and part of our curriculum comes from Project Lead the Way, including classes in engineering, robotics and aerospace. The Design Process is an important part of that curriculum. It also ties in beautifully with what we do in our makerspace. So it made s...

labcities.com 17/10/2017


The Labcities is an incredible networking resource for smart city solutions. #uofgcolab #smartcity


challenges.openideo.com 12/10/2017


Check out the Open Ideo Challenges, stay inspired and get into the spirit for our upcoming events! #colabchallenges #openideo

challenges.openideo.com In the Ideas phase, we’re calling our global community to submit current projects or proposals focused on the Challenge topic: How might we inspire experiences and expressions of gratitude in the workplace? Let's use our insights and experiences from the Research Phase to invent and design new innov...

futurecity.glasgow.gov.uk 10/10/2017

Future City Glasgow | Glasgow City Council

'Over the last 18 months, Glasgow has been developing a series of initiatives to showcase the exciting potential offered by smart city technology.'

What would be a smart city for you?

futurecity.glasgow.gov.uk Welcome to Future City Glasgow. We're using open data & technology to make Glasgow safer, smarter and more sustainable.

designboom.com 05/10/2017

teamlab magnifies the lifecycle of plants with 'living digital forest'

Teamlab is a great example of how multidisciplinary teams can achieve innovation combining art, science and technology. Get inspired!

designboom.com art and technology collaborative, teamlab, presents ‘living digital forest’ at pace beijing, as its first major solo exhibition in china.

Freshers' Fair 2017 18/09/2017

Freshers' Fair 2017


co.lab - creative opportunities laboratory

co.lab is the University’s pop-up makerspace. Coming to the campus in Autumn 2017, co.lab will allow our students and community to have access to new technologies and expert mentors and to work together to address various challenges.

co.lab will be open and inclusive and encourage interdisciplinary interaction, curiosity, experimentation and risk-taking. It is a unique opportunity for our students to be involved in something completely new! For more information or to register your early interest contact [email protected]



The University of Glasgow's pop-up makerspace project will run from 30th October - 10th November 2017!

More details to follow soon!


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UofG co.lab


UofG co.lab

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