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i need to make an appointment with you. and get my fodmap / GF / vegetarianism dialed back on track.

Globally changing supplement quality for the better through supplement education for health professionals and consumers

The Supplement Academy was founded in 2020 by Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner Kate Mahoney. Kate is a functional supplement specialist and supplement quality expert whose goal is to empower practitioners and consumers with the knowledge to make informed supplement choices. In 2020, she had nearly 25 years of combined supplement quality-focused education and professional experienc

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Photos from The Supplement Academy's post 16/08/2021

Photos from The Supplement Academy's post


NUT-FREE Paleo Chocolate Cheesecake 09/06/2018


Fantastic article written by my at , & something that's needed to be said for a LONG time. “This magic food magic pill approach is incorrect. It is lazy thinking. It is an outdated paradigm.” There is a dangerous trend in the world of food and health blogging. It’s the one where there’s a grabby headline claiming a certain food is the magic cure for some disease or symptom. 01/06/2018

Why Humans Need Their Gallbladders - A Guest Post by Ute Mitchell

Fantastic article by a colleague that explains basic human physiology in ways that most doctors sadly don't cover with their patients. Ute Mitchell lives in Portland, Oregon, where she homeschools her children, grows her own veggies, does CrossFit, and is a certified Nutritional Therapist. She co-published the Fast Paleo Top 100 ecookbooks and shares her musings on her Paleo life at, which is in the processed o...


Bad photo of the amazing talking about how to address complicated client cases based on the knowledge of the Foundations of Health at the #2018 . The audience is loving the material! ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: 's is my bedtime reading material during the #2018 ♡

p.s. Of course I travel with my memory foam pillow!


Nutritional therapy in action: Energy sustaining foods = A happy Kate during work travels!

I don't snack often, but when I do I know how to do it right, even when travelling for work!

(whole fat greek) and raspberries from with dark chocolate bar from in my hometown. All organic to ensure my cellular energy can focus on healing and/or maintaining homeostasis as needed, rather than needing to deal with the toxic burden of man-made chemicals. ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: Make self-care a number one priority!

Y'all may have noticed (or perhaps not), that I've been a bit more absent than usual on social media. That's because my household is unexpectedly moving! That's right, we found a FANTASTIC new place, which we got (hooray!!!), and I am now in the process of moving everything *very* quickly before the conference this coming weekend. All this on top of teaching 2 NTA classes and keeping up with my clients=PHEW. Suffice to say, it is not easy but the new living situation is SO much better than my old one that I know this huge push--no matter how challenging--will ultimately be worth it.

That's how self care works sometimes: we can find ourselves in situations where we need to push through something REALLY difficult to get to something better for us.

Who can relate? What's your most recent challenging BIG push to get somewhere ultimately better for you? ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: the best organic apples I've purchased in years came from....?!?

That's right, which is why I'm going to talk about them for a hot minute, because I don't know about you but I get EXCITED by delicious produce. If you don't share my enthusiasm, it's entirely understandable why you would choose to either:
1) scroll along, or
2) read this for the sake of amusment ;) ♡
But if you're like me and LIVE for delicious, fresh produce, you know why I'm making this post!

Apples, for example. Most store-bought apples are sadly subpar, even in WA state (where I live), supposed apple-central of this country. Why is it, then, that the majority of the apples I've eaten are:
Mealy, dry, and flavorless?

Therefore, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I took the first bite of one of my apples. Omg, people, it took me back to what apples are *supposed* to be! The apples of childhood! You know what I'm talking about...
- crisp
- delicious
- crunchy
- and full of flavor!!!
Yes, they are the apples my dreams are made of. What I long for every time time I purchase an apple, and am usually left sorely disappointed. Not this time!

Now I know what you're thinking, "But Kate, these apples are from Imperfect were they imperfect?"

Happy to answer! Most of the apples I've received from them either have a bruise or two that needs to be cut out (OH NO, the horror), or has a skin that doesn't look "perfect." That's okay by me; with apples this good, I'll take 'em!


Nutritional therapy in action: Artichokes made easy thanks to my Instant Pot and Imperfect Produce!

Last week I got a couple beautifully unique artichokes in my box. I have only made artichokes one other time in my life, and while it was delicious I remember it not feeling worth the effort. I am happy to announce those days are past thanks to my !

Here's how to make perfect [and EASY!] artichokes in the Instant Pot:
- Add 1 c. filtered or spring water with a dash of sea salt and 1 T. lemon juice to your IP.
- Place washed + trimmed artichokes on the trivet of your IP [NOTE: did you know the stems are edible? It's true! Just trim off the last 1/4 inch off the bottom of the stem and cook the rest attached to your artichoke.]
- Use the manual setting on high pressure for 19 minutes. Quick release when done.
That's it!
I served mine with Costco cali "rice" and grilled chicken, along with a delicious dipping sauce I whipped together:
- 1 cube melted butter
- 2 T. lemon juice
- 1/2 t. sea salt
- 1/4 t. garlic granules
- 1 T. homemade paleo ranch dressing or mayo (link in profile)

As usual, I used all organic ingredients to ensure my cellular energy can go towards maintaining homeostasis rather than needing to deal the the toxic burden of manmade chemicals. ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: review!

I did it. I signed up for the organic version of , and this past Friday I received my first box of customized [by me based on my needs] fruits on veggies.

I must say I'm pretty happy with the quality! Are they the prettiest fruits and veggies in the world? Of course not, and that's the point. :) The avos and pears needed a little ripening up, but they've been doing so quite nicely based on following the instructions about how to store the produce that came with my order. I just ate an avo this morning with my eggs and it was perfectly ripe! What wasn't perfect about it, you may ask? It was about the size of an egg--so cute! Sorry, didn't get a pic of it. Too hungry! OM NOM NOM.

This pic is an example of the veggies I received this week: collard greens, red onions, a BIG parsnip, and some beets (look at the size of one of those beets!!!). I knew they would make a perfect roasted veggie medley, so that's exactly what I did. Quartered and sliced everything, tossed with some melted lard, sea salt, and Italian seasoning and roasted for 30 minutes at 400° F. Delicious and the produce was SO FRESH. If you don't know about Imperfect Produce, check them out! I'm very happy I did.


Guess what I found out: It's National Dark Chocolate Day!!!

In honor of this momentous and happy occasion, I am resharing my nut-free Paleo Chocolate Sponge Cake & Salted Fudge Frosting recipes. I mean, look at how versatile this combo is! You can make multi-latered tortes, classic double-decker frosted cake, or the always enjoyed cupcake option.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think by tagging me via . I'd love to see how your creativity manifests! ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: New recipe!

You read that right:
Salted Caramel
Hot Cocoa
...and it's even sweetened with dates!

You may be asking yourself "Kate, how do I make this deliciousness so I can get it INTO MY MOUTHHOLE?!?" Have no fear, as that's the exact purpose of this post!

To start, you will need a high-powered blender, such as the [amazing used daily since I got it] I have. Add the following ingredients to it:
- 1/2 to 2/3 c. Unsweetened cocoa wafers OR raw cacao powder (more for dark chocolate, less for "milk" chocolate)
- 1 t. Vanilla extract OR a pinch of ground vanilla bean
- 1/2 t. Sea salt
- 1 T. Fine shredded coconut
- 1 T. Chia seeds
- 1 T. Coconut oil OR ghee OR grass-pastured butter
- 13 Pitted deglet noor dates
- 4 c. Water

Blend on super high speed for 5 minutes.
Pour into mugs and enjoy the OM NOM NOM deliciousness as it rolls over your tastebuds!
Makes a little over 4 cups.


Nutritional therapy in action: Marinating meat supports digestion!

That's right! Traditional marinades include an acidic component--such as vinegar, citrus juice, or even wine--which tenderizes the meat while adding a LOT of flavor, and makes it easier to digest. Who knew deliciousness was also so beneficial to optimal health?

Not only that, marinades are SUPER SIMPLE. Here's an example of a combo I threw together for a couple organic top sirloin steaks:

- Mix evoo, balsamic vinegar, and spices (I used oregano, ground black pepper, and sea salt), in a small baking dish with diced onion.
- Add 2 top sirloin steaks to the marinade.
- Thoroughly coat the meat and allow to rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
- Bake the whole thing at 350° F for 30 minutes.
WHA-LA! Tender, succulent steak. ♡ I served mine with ALL the marinade--because YUM--along with garlic sauteed mushrooms and steamed broccoli.

Do you marinate your meat? What's your favorite method/combo? 30/01/2018

U.S. News is wrong about what constitutes the best diet

My colleague Sara Russell, NTP said it best:
"If you wonder which diet is the best, you're probably asking the wrong question. Back up a bit. Eat real food and adjust it to your individual and changing needs...
..a person with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure has needs that are different from a young athlete, a breastfeeding mother, or a growing child." Americans have largely been following U.S. News diet recommendations for 50 years, and in that time, rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes have skyrocketed. 30/01/2018

Refer Friends :: Imperfect: Ugly produce delivery for 30-50% less!

Nutritional therapy in action: Have you heard of Imperfect Produce?
I am SO EXCITED about what they offer.
- All organic option available.
-Delivered each week to my doorstep (greater Seattle area).
- Each delivery is fully customizable, from the size of your order to what produce is included.
This link is good for $10 credit if you're interested in giving them a try. I highly recommend! Imperfect delivers ugly produce for 30% less than grocery store prices. Based in San Francisco, we deliver to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Coming soon to the Midwest, East Coast, South, Southwest, and Southeast!


Nutritional therapy in action: Who can relate? ;)

Inspired by a post from my colleague . ♡


Nutritional therapy in action: Real Food Find!

Not just and real food find. A "properly prepared nutrient-dense" real food find (all you peeps know what I'm talkin' about)!

Get ready, people. Let me introduce you to , who makes....
Almond Butter

How did I find out about this amazing product? Thanks to Full Circle, an amazing all-organic CSA that primarily sources local produce and is available year-round.

From original IG post:
" dry-farms Spanish variety almonds for all their sprouted almond butters. This creamy variety has a natural sweetness, and it contains only sprouted organic almonds and a whisper of residual sea salt."

As I spoke to in a recent post, sprouting things like nuts, seeds, grains, and legimes is important because of phytic acid, a naturally occuring component that provides protection for the germination process. However, it also creates mineral imbalance because when consumed it leaches minerals out of the body. This is why products like this are such fantastic finds!

Thanks for helping spread the word, Full Circle Farms! I know many people who will be happy to know about The Philosopher's Stoneground sprouted almond butter. ♡

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