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Strong Vocal is all about building your voice and developing your communication skills in other to deliver a clear message to your audience.

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Shoulder Shrug Relaxation Exercise 24/08/2016

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Shoulder Shrug Relaxation Exercise. Great warm up exercise before your speech.

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Shoulder Shrug Relaxation Exercise Shoulder shrugs can relax tense muscles and ease breathing before public speaking or performances. Learn to relax your shoulders from a communications expert in this free public speaking video.Expert: Tracy GoodwinBio: Tracy Goodwin has received numerous public speaking awards and has been a college...

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Short Tongue Twisters 23/08/2016

Vocal warm ups to do before giving a speech. This exercise will prepare your voice to flow freely during your speech..

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Short Tongue Twisters Repeat tongue twisters to practice articulation and enunciation for speeches or performances. Learn some short tongue twisters from a professional communicator in this free public speaking video.Expert: Tracy GoodwinBio: Tracy Goodwin has received numerous public speaking awards and has been a colle...

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If you want something, you h ave to be ready to go get it. Stop waiting for the right time, right people and right conditions. Take what you have now, and make it right.

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Commit to excellence in your craft. If has to be done it has to be done well. Total commitment is the way forward.

Getting Your Singing Basics Right When Practicing 10/08/2016

Do you have the desire to be the next big hit singer? Singing is a passion for many people but not every one puts in the work to be great at it. If you want to achieve any level of greatness with your singing, you have to be committed to learning and practicing. You may have already started learning on your own or even sing in choir but you didn't get all the basics right. [ 528 more words. ]

Getting Your Singing Basics Right When Practicing Singing basics:During practice, it's always better to stand and if possible be accompanied by another person, so you don't put all your attention on just...

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg  Harvard Commencement Speech. 07/06/2016

Undoubtedly one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film, Steven Spielberg is perhaps Hollywood's best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world. The award-winning Hollywood filmmaker, addressed Harvard grads on May 26. In this moving speech, the filmmaker shared his personal experiences and encouraged the new graduates with inspiring stories from his films.( [ 521 more words. ]

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg Harvard Commencement Speech. The "Saving Private Ryan" director,Steven Spielberg,talked about history and what movies should be about and more in his Harvard Commencement Speech 2016

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Timeline photos 19/04/2016

Timeline photos 19/04/2016

5 tips to help you sing higher notes.

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Breath control for singers

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Beautiful life..

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Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.


Eat And Drink Well

Energy is essential for good speaking and voice projection. Before a short talk, eat lightly. This ensures that you are bright and alert when you start speaking, and that your brain is functioning at its best.

Before a long talk, it’s essential to eat well. A solid, high-protein breakfast or lunch will give you energy to burn for four to five hours. Protein is brain food, and you need it to think and speak effectively. Your voice will remain strong and your mind will stay clear.

To ensure the best possible voice, only drink room temperature water prior to and during your speech.

Cold water can chill your vocal chords and decrease the amount of warmth in your voice. When you have a sore throat, it can be difficult to speak clearly and project that voice. If this occurs, drink hot water with lots of honey and lemon juice. This miraculous combination has saved me on several occasions.


Focus On Pauses

The drama and power of a speech is contained in the silences that you create as you move from point to point. There are four kinds of pauses you can use to put more power into your presentations. They are, “The Sense Pause”, “The Dramatic Pause”, “The Emphatic Pause”, and “The Sentence-Completion Pause”


Record Phone Conversations

You can increase your level of vocal mastery by recording your side of conversations and listening to them afterwards. Every time you record and play back your own voice, you will hear different ways that you could improve your delivery and articulation next time.


Record And Listen To Your Voice

As you develop your ability to speak powerfully, record yourself reading poetry or parts of plays. Replay these recordings over and over, looking for ways to improve your pronunciation, your delivery, and your pacing.


Use Voice Exercises

The human voice is like a muscle. It can be made stronger with exercise and use. Many people with weak voices have become powerful, confident speakers by building their voices over time with exercise.

Here’s an example. Memorize a piece of poetry and recite it regularly as you drive or walk around. Imagine that you’re making a dramatic presentation on a stage, in front of a large number of people. Put emotion and strength and emphasis and energy into the words. Go slowly. Change the emphasis on each word in the line of poetry, thereby changing the meaning of the line.


Slow Down

When you speak more slowly, your voice has more power and authority. Your listeners have an opportunity to absorb and reflect on what you’re saying.

You exude confidence and you lend your words greater importance.

All powerful people speak slowly, enunciate clearly, and express themselves with confidence. Loud, confident speaking is powerful and moving.

When you speak too rapidly, your pitch increases, often to something squeaky and child-like. This decreases the impact of your words and your influence on the audience because listeners downgrade the importance or value of what you are saying.

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Don't give up on your dreams. Find a way to make them real. You're capable of doing more than you think you can.Keep moving on.

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Tips to a healthy vocals

Public Speaking; Catch Your Audience Attention - Strong Vocal 22/03/2016

Learn from the best, be inspired by this awarding winning speech and the tips to improve your public speaking

Public Speaking; Catch Your Audience Attention - Strong Vocal In public speaking, it is important to be able to hold the attention of your audience throughout your presentation or speech.

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Education makes what is difficult simple, it reduces risks.Learn how to take care or your voice and how you can train and use your voice the way you always dreamed.
Education is the first step, Practice is the next step.
Learn more and most importantly take action to achieve your goals.

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Give your widest dreams a chance. Step out of your comfort zone. Conquer your fears and do that thing you have always wanted to do.

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