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How to eat better and look after yourself now winter is here

Great to have contributed to this article #DailyMail on healthy eating. Scroll to the bottom to get my 10-MINUTE TANGY SNACK 🥑 #healthyeating We asked the experts for their tips


Some amazing Stress-Free tips in this months issue of #naturalhealthmagazine. My top food and mood tip is number 10!

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So pleased that I could help #stylistmagazine with this feature about best nutrients to support your immune system #strongwomen #nutritioncoach #nutritionist #lifestylecoach #stayhealthy #onlinecoach 12/01/2020

Food in the n**e - NZ ditching plastic packaging of fruit and vegetables in supermarkets - Alberton Record

Having just returned from New Zealand it was great to see fruit and vegetables being made available this way. A big move to reduce plastic packaging and protect our future planet. How long will it take for Britain to catch-up? 🤔 'Food in the n**e' is a New Zealand campaign to end plastic packaging for fresh produce in supermarkets. Foodstuffs have signed the NZ Plastic Packaging Declaration which is committed to making all store and private label packaging 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.


Salad Summer Roast
Simple summer roast salads make Sundays so much more relaxing. I love the fact I can just pop a roast on and get all my chores done ready for the week ahead.

I did cook up some broad beans and courgettes in garlic butter to warm up this salad a touch to pair nicely with the hot roast beef slices. I added these to a bed of mixed salad leaves, lentil sprout mix, peeled carrot, avocado and pomegranate. Then added a sprinkle of mixed roasted seeds from munchy seeds - love these so easy to add to salads and yogurt to boost your daily Omega 3. Then I made a lemon, mustard, honey and yogurt dressing with a splash of cider apple vinegar which works lovely in synergy with honey to cleanse the colon, flushing out waste whilst keeping all your lovely bacteria to maintain a healthy happy gut.

Give it a go and let me know if you think it is yummy?


Wild posie from my cottage garden. So grateful to live in @southdownsnp and be surrounded by #wildflowers🥀🌹🌻 beauty every day. I love dotting these little posies around my cottage to surround myself with nature. 🍃

Simple little things like this that we do daily can tap into our spiritual self and really impact our #wellness


Spicy Hummus Snack 😋

1 x 400g can of chickpeas
1 tbsp tahini
1 tsp cayenne pepper or curry powder
1 clove of garlic, crushed
1 lemon, juiced 🍋
1 hot chilli pepper, chopped 🌶️
1/2 tbsp olive oil


1. Pop the chickpeas, lemon juice and olive oil into a blender and blitz.
2. Add the crushed garlic, tahini paste, spice and chopped chilli pepper, and another blitz! Adding extra olive oil if needed to get a smooth consistency.
3. Season to taste and add more spice if desired. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and pine nuts🥜 for an added crunch. 😋
4. Enjoy on oatcakes or eat with raw veggie crudités for a healthy snack. 🤸

On a low-carb diet? A 4tsp dollop of hummus is only 4g of carbs. Try bell peppers, celery and asparagus tips as these are lower in carbs. 😉


A recent client of mine asked me what is clean eating? 🤔

I responded by asking well what do you think?

The response was a sensible reply. Eating a variety of whole foods 🍓🥑🍍✔️without the added synthetic extras, such as supermarket dressings and sauces, and unhealthy trans fats from baked goods and sugary sweet treats. 🍦🍰🍬✖️

Well we all know this right? How eating clean nourishes our body to goodness. So why is this is so difficult to implement? Simply put this is down to lifetime habits, and these aren't so easy to break. 🚧

When my clients come to me I often ask them to try a cleanse as it's a great way to introduce new foods and develop healthier eating habits.

Simply committing to just 2 days of clean eating can help to cleanse your body to restore energy and balance. 🍃

I'd like to share with you my simple 2 day cleanse, why not try it this weekend? and message me with how you get on I'd love to hear from you. Just click on the link ➡️


Waffle baskets

A scrumptious treat shared as an act of kindness. It is the effort of a homemade gift that holds the true value of which I am most grateful for. 🙏🎁Devoured these crunchy sweet goodies with fresh strawberries🍓 and a dollop of cream. Now I just need to see if she'll share the recipe 😏


I love this time of year when nature renews itself; energised by the spring sunshine, it glows its life with snowny blossom trees, budding fruits and splashes of colour on the ground. The 'Lent Lily'#daffodil symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. Just like nature we too need to renew our energy to bloom happiness by spending time #outdoors


Are you struggling to lose weight even though you do all the right things? 🤔Then my new online Refresh plan maybe the perfect solution for you. It's a deep dive into cellular-cleansing of your body, to reset of your hormones and switch-on your fat-burning power!💪

I'm taking on a select group of ladies in this exclusive 9 day challenge, so that I can take the time to coach each of you on your weight loss journey. 🌸

Check out the link in my bio for more info. Or message me, I'd love to hear from you.🤗

Emma x


Are you controlled by your thoughts about food?

I know how tricky it is when you've got work and family life to juggle.🤹 And when times are tough food can become a comfort. I always find in life that whatever I put in is what I get out. I'm not talking about eating more food here, I'm talking about being in control of your thoughts about food by taking the time to truly understand yourself.

The best place to start is using mindfulness as a means to becoming aware of your relationship with food. See how you learn to control these patterns of behaviour and notice how much calmer you feel and become when you're in control of what you eat.

I always tell my clients, the best place to start is to be mindful of what they eat. Then I get them to explore new foods and routines.

A great place to start is by changing the routine of what and when you eat. My new Autophagy programme is designed to do just that, it takes you on a journey of self discovery to create awareness of your behavioural patterns. Click the link in my bio to discover more about my New Refresh Plan which is launching online this spring 🌸 🚀🔜


Brilliant article in @veglivingmag on brightly coloured veg this month. So pleased to have contributed to this fantastic article, it includes my sweet potato & lentil soup and beetroot dip recipes! 🙏😊
Grab your March issue on sale now to inspire you to sow those veggie seeds this spring🌱🌻🌸


Fantastic turnout this morning @mamasandpapas talking about nutrition. Thanks to everyone who came along to the Parent to Be event. 🙏👶 🍼


People often ask me what I eat for breakfast. If I'm at home working I tend to treat myself to a big brunch at 11am. I treasure this time to myself when the kids are at school and the house is at peace. 🏡😇It gives me a great incentive too to get all my household chores finished in the morning!😉

I thought I'd share my favourite brunch with you. It is super fast to make and perfect to nourish your body if you're intermittent-fasting or as a post-exercise recovery to replenish glycogen stores and aid protein synthesis. If you're doing both together for FAST weight loss then this a perfect go-to meal as spinach is packed with magnesium, iron💪 and folate to boost your energy production.And tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C antioxidant to combat free radical damage from oxidative stress post exercise, plus it helps to keep your immune system strong and it does wonders for your skin! Eggs are my favourite protein as they are the perfect protein containing all the essential amino acids.

I'm a super busy mum so I keep things real simple in the kitchen. And I like to be efficient with my time so I get some me time to look after myself too.

🌱🍅🥚3 ingredients, 3 minutes

I cook my eggs in olive oil or coconut oil in a frying pan. 🍳Toss in a 2 cubes of frozen spinach and 1/3 canned tomatoes. Cook for 3 minutes and serve. Spinach and tomatoes are good low carb options if you're on a low carb diet and trying to lose weight. Go easy on the amount if you're on a keto diet so that you don't spike your blood glucose and cause insulin response that kicks you out of ketosis and fat loss. ☹️

It's very time consuming checking all your carbs when doing a weight loss programme which is way I've put together my Autophagy Refresh plan. I specialise in nutritional analysis, which means all my meal plans are not only macro balanced to get you into weight loss mode but they also ensure you receive all the vitamins and minerals you need to nourish your body whilst losing weight. If you'd like to find out more please message me, you can also check out my link in my bio for my Refresh online plan launching soon 🚀


Butternut squash, coconut and lentil soup

I hate food waste so I make up a soup every week using the surplus veg which I always find in the depths of my fridge.
Today I made this winter-warming spicy soup 😋as I was testing out some new recipes with coconut for my upcoming Refresh autophagy plan that I'm taking online! 🚀
I've nearly finished all my recipes now for my new Refresh autophagy plan, so I'll enjoy a night off cooking eating my surplus soup!😉 To find out more see my link in bio

Serves 6
Takes 35 min

1 Butternut squash
1 can coconut milk
1 litre veg stock
100g red lentils
1 celery stick
1 onion
1 leek
1tbsp coconut butter
2 tsp tumeric
1tsp cinnamon
5 sprigs coriander leaves, roughly chopped
Small handful mix of pumpkin and sesame seeds

1. Wash and prep all veg, roughly chop.
2. Add coconut butter to a large pot to warm over medium heat. Add chopped veg, sauté 10minutes until soft on outside.
3. Make up stock and add to pan together with coconut milk, heat gently then add lentils, spices. Cook for 15-20 mins on low heat.
4. Meanwhile in a cast iron pan or frying pan gently toast the seeds until fragrent. Set aside.
5. When veg soft blitz with a hand blender to a smooth paste.
6. Serve in warm bowls with a sprinkle of seeds, and add seasoning and coriander.


Intermittent fasting #4

Have you noticed that you’ve gained weight, or perhaps you can’t lose weight anymore?

It’s a struggle sometimes to shift the weight, especially as we get older. If you find yourself eating healthily🥕🍇🥜 and exercising regularly🏋️ but still can’t seem to shift that extra bit of weight then it maybe your hormones that are setting you back.

Ask yourself are you feeling stressed?😧 Stress plays havoc with our hormones, as cortisol rises it floods our body with glucose (the fight or flight response), now unless you are about to burn off that nervous energy fast in a 10k race🏃 then your insulin is going to pack it away for you as fat!

Here’s a little secret: if we induce stress on our bodies by controlling the rapid glucose response by depriving ourselves of the carbs and eating mainly good fat, such as fatty fish, avocados🥑 and nuts 🥜then we can switch our bodies into a fat-burning mode, couple this with intermittent-fasting 🕛and we have a science-based approach to FAST weight loss, known as Autophagy. ✨

If you want to find out more about Autophagy check out my blog, link in bio👉


Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup

Do you struggle to prepare home-made meals every night? I know just how hard it is juggling work with family life, trying to prep two evening meals every night can be exhausting. My secret is my deep freeze - I batch cook, portion meals, label and freeze. Yes food does lose some of its nutritional value when re-heated but this is a practical solution to eating healthy home-made food and essential to fit a busy lifestyle.

This soup freezes amazingly well, and makes the perfect go-to for busy winter nights. I always use home-made chicken bone broth or good quality stock as a base. Then, protein-pack to boost amino acids, needed to make collagen, which helps form connective tissue that strengthens the internal mucosa barrier to protect the gut. Happier gut = Stronger metabolism.

If you want to lose weight FAST try my low carb, high protein Thai chicken soup...

Combine 200ml coconut milk and 200ml broth with 6 slices of fresh ginger, 1 chopped lemongrass, 2 chopped red chilli peppers, 1 clove crushed garlic and 1 lime leaf in a pan, and bring to the boil. Add 200g chicken, 35g mushrooms and ½tbsp each lime juice and fish sauce. Simmer for 15 mins (or more until chicken is cooked). Add 10 baby tomatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes. Serve with crispy kale or spinach leaves and garnish with fresh coriander.


Turmeric scrambled eggs & sauerkraut🍳🥑

You may have heard that protein helps with weight loss, this is true. How it works is that protein takes longer than fats and carbs to breakdown and convert into energy, the result is it burns 🔥more calories working harder! So, if you want to lose weight FAST eggs are the go-to protein as they are low in calories, 78 calories per egg, and they are a complete protein as they contain all the essential amino acids, and as they are nutrient-dense they help to nourish your body to health during intermittent-fasting.🕛

Eggs are perfect to FEAST on in the morning as they set you up for the day by making you feel satiated which can help prevent snacking. What’s more, studies show that boosting your protein in your diet can increase your metabolism to help you burn 🔥an extra 80-100 calories/day!

Have you ever tried adding turmeric to your eggs? It’s YUM! This is a great spice to reduce inflammation in the gut, which all helps to keep your body strong. ✨🏋️


Have you ever counted your carbs in an effort to lose weight? I know how time consuming it can be tracking all your macros, believe me I’ve spent hours analysing food diaries.⏳So, if you’ve no time to track the best tip is to stick to non-starchy cruciferous veg, such as kale, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, and sprouts (unless you can’t stand the site of them after Christmas💨🤣). They pack a punch👊 of nutrients and fibre; and help to stabilise blood glucose levels, which prevents glucose energy spikes and dips🎢 that lead to fat-packing and cortisol hormone release. So, if you want to lose weight FAST it helps to stick to low GI carbs if you want to FEEL less stressed and happier. 😁

In terms of fruit, the safe bet is to stick to berries if you are trying to lose weight as these are lower on the glycemic index (GI). Other fruits🍒🍏🍐🍑 like cherries, apples, pears and plums are also low GI, and they contain vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. Studies suggest that vitamin C can curb levels of stress hormones while strengthening the immune system to keep us feeling strong. 💪We can't really store vitamin C well in our bodies as its water-soluble, so a daily top up is essential to keep us fighting fit and HAPPY through winter. ☺️❄️


Cocoa Coconut Vegan Shake

Have you ever been on a low carb diet to try and lose weight? Then you’ve had to manage your macros, which is a bit of a juggle, to increase your fat and protein levels.

A good fat to help boost your macro level is natural coconut oil, as it contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT); this fat breaks down and converts nicely into energy for a slow burn. What’s more, it converts to ketones if you’re following a keto diet.

So, if you want to lose weight and trim up FAST try adding coconut oil to your diet to boost your production of those fat-eating ketones!

I like chocolate, so I make mine with dark chocolate powder and cocoa nibs for a double-choc hit! This shake I made with creamy coconut milk, pineapple, fresh ginger, chia seeds and ½ Tbsp coconut oil – and voila you have a pina colada!

If I’m running then I’ll add some vegan protein powder to increase my protein levels post-exercise to help with muscles adaptation. My excuse is that dark chocolate is an antioxidant!


Asian-inspired beef salad 🥗

What I love about salads is that they pack a punch of nourishing-nutrients in one hit! 👊They are full of fibre to keep our gut healthy and make us feel full, they help to stabilise our blood glucose to make us feel energerised, and they are low in calories too, so perfect to tackle those post-Christmas chocy chunks ✨
I like to make up a simple salad base, of lettuce, tomatoes, fresh herbs, cucumber and peppers, which I pop into my fridge (for 3 days if it lasts) as a go to meal when I'm busy, I just add some protein, seeds or nuts and a nice home-made dressing. Tonight I did a quick 15min marinade 🕛 to make asian chili 🌶️beef, toasted some seasame seeds and made a home-made mayo dressing. 😋


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