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NEW ITEM! If you're teaching Algebra 2, consider picking up this beauty for just $3. If you've never tried one of our Match-Up activities, I must first warn you that you will probably get hooked. Students can work in pairs or alone to know for certain that they are getting all of their answers correct as they complete the assignment. Try it. Then e-mail me about which topic I should cover next.


To thank all of our amazing followers-- especially those of us who are working over the summer on next year's material-- here is a link to a FREE 3x3 Systems of Equations Match-Up! Yes, FREE! No sign ups. No catch. My family has been incredibly blessed by all of you, so I hope to pay it forward a little bit. It may not be as good as a free puppy, but it's guaranteed not to p*e on your carpet. This is only active for a limited time, so download it while it's still here!


Virtual and hybrid schedules have been a challenge! What activities or other items would make teaching online easier for you? Let us help! Just reply below and let us know what would make your life easier.


Don't forget that today begins our 25% off sale! Please support this small business AND get yourself the gift of time... LOTS of time!... because we have done all of the work for you, creating quality activities that you will love to use in your classroom for years to come.


Match-Up is a life-saver! It drastically increases student engagement in learning and decreases their reliance upon the teacher, freeing you up to work with students who need it most. In the classroom, students work in pairs to find solutions, but this activity makes it impossible for one student to just copy. With virtual learning, students know they are getting answers correct without needing an answer key. Try one, and you will be hooked! There is even a freebie at our store!


Want to make 2021 less crazy? Need activities that work well virtually AND in person because... who knows how we'll be teaching?!? Leave it to us! Get 25% off everything in the store Monday and Tuesday, including our massive Algebra Awesomeness Bundle, which is already at a tremendous discount!

For those of you who want to support small businesses, this is your chance! Our sales have been drastically impacted due to COVID, so we are especially thankful for all of your support this year! Thank you!


Looking for things that work well both in-person AND virtually? Wanting a way for students to check their own answers and know that they are doing the work correctly? Match-Ups are the way to go! In each pair of factoring problems, one of the factors match. Students may work in partners (which works great in break-out Zoom rooms) or on their own.

This particular Match-Up is 20% off now through Friday! Try it, and you will be hooked! Then check out our many other Match-Up activities.


I just had a parent who was so grateful that I assigned this project that he sent me a gift card! A big one! This is the most important activity that I have ever done in nearly a quarter century of teaching. Students use their understanding of exponents to calculate payments, interest, and more. It is on sale for 20% off now through Thursday.

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To thank all of you for your support of Algebra Awesomeness, we want to give you a free gift. To make your life a bit easier, we are giving you access to a bunch of our math videos for free. All of them are taught by a National Board Certified teacher in the form of different animated characters. Our YouTube channel is

If you happen to be short on time, energy, or just want some awesome activities, our family would appreciate it if you checked out Algebra Awesomeness at or . The pandemic has really taken its toll on our store, so we are especially appreciative of your support at this time. Thank you!


With all of the craziness of e-learning and teaching from home, I almost missed the entire TPT sale! Everything in our store is now 25% off with coupon code BTS20 until midnight! This includes our massive bundles that are already at a huge discount! Happy shopping!


Thank you to all of the people who have been liking our page! With current COVID-19 trends, it is looking like we may end up doing a lot more e-learning in the upcoming months. Who would be interested in purchasing a set of videos for the year that your students can also access? (not just the teacher-only access that Teachers Pay Teachers gives) If there is enough interest, I will do it!

Algebra Clue Bundle : 9 Algebra CLUE Games for Algebra 1 03/04/2020

Terrified of e-learning? Try Algebra Clue to get students motivated!

Algebra Clue Bundle : 9 Algebra CLUE Games for Algebra 1 ***** Click here for a video demonstration of Algebra Clue. ***** These activities are ideal for end-of-the-unit or end-of-the-year exam review for each of the major units covered in first-year algebra: *solving linear equations *solving linear inequalities *solving equations and inequalities *grap....


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Our huge Back-To-School Sale starts tomorrow! This is your best time to get our enormous Algebra Awesomeness Bundle, which has everything you need for the entire year! Review games, notes, bell-ringers, tests, worksheets, and real-world activities will be at your fingertips and ready at a moment's notice! Let us do the prep work for you!

Algebra Curriculum Bundle : Games, Activities, Notes, Bell-Ringers, Tests 29/07/2019

If you'd like to add a little bit of summer vacation into every day of your school year, let me do the work for you! Everything you need for first-year algebra is all in one place. Spend more time doing what YOU want! Have your activities made for you by a National Board Certified teacher!

Algebra Curriculum Bundle : Games, Activities, Notes, Bell-Ringers, Tests This is a complete curriculum that you can use to solidly teach the entire year of Algebra 1. Unlike others, we don't just have worksheets and tests. This also includes all of our games and real-world activities, PLUS an entire year of bell-ringer / warm-up activities, along with bi-weekly quizzes.....


I am looking for someone to work through a quadratics lab to see if it makes sense. You get the final product for free in exchange for your help. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks!


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