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Hi. My name is Alexandra. I’m here to help non-English speaking job seekers and career changers transform their language skills so they can land a job they love.

How to prepare for a job interview in English - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films 26/05/2021

So, you have to prepare for a job interview in English and you’re panicking. I know how nerve-wracking it can be, especially if you’re a non-native speaker.

Awkward silences might happen while you’re searching for the right words during the interview. Or you might hesitate a lot and use more ums or ahs than usual.

We even tend to make more mistakes when we’re under pressure.

It’s no picnic, that’s for sure!

But I don’t want you to feel bad about that! It’s absolutely normal to feel more uncomfortable and nervous while having a job interview in a different language.

I also want to reassure you that it’s 100% possible for you to do well. Yes and yes! Even if English is not your first language. 💪

Read my blog post and find out more about 5 key steps to prepare for a job interview in English as a non-native speaker! See you on my blog!

How to prepare for a job interview in English - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films Find out about 5 keys steps to prepare for a job interview in English as a non-native speaker. The preparation must be different.



I started Visual English School 3 years ago hoping to create an online environment (Let’s call it simply blog!) where students from all over the world could learn the language in a more visual way: using picture cards, infographics, mind maps, and of course, films.

However, I’ve started to realize that my website didn’t really reflect what I was actually doing during my online lessons. My students didn’t just need to learn the language visually. They did need the language to get a job or find better career opportunities.

The “how they were learning" was still important, but “their why" was even more crucial. So, I decided to rebrand my website in a way that could truly reflect the work I’m currently doing with my students.

You will see that I’ve created online coaching programs specifically for job seekers and career changers. If you need advanced language skills for your job or you need to face the recruitment process entirely in English, you might find these programs useful.

I’m also focusing on creating business English courses where you can keep learning the language visually.

Here you can see my new website and read about some of my students’ success stories.

I’ll be back soon with new blog posts: I’ll be writing about visual learning and job searching tips as well.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!


🎄 This month, we’re going to learn English with Christmas TV commercials. We’ll also find out more about various animation techniques. So, get ready for some language and cinema-related lessons. If you’re not on my email list, you can sign up here. Can’t wait to have you in our email community. (UPDATE: This email list has been closed.)



Ladies and gentlemen and the Oscar goes to …...

Yep. That’s right. Today we’re going to watch an amazing Oscar-winning short.

This film will also help us to learn some advanced vocabulary that can be really helpful if you need to describe pictures during your English language exam.

Don't forget to check out your latest email lesson and download the vocabulary cards.

If you're not part of our email community yet but you'd like to start learning English with short films, you can sign up here! See you! (UPDATE: This email list has been closed.)


I've just published a new film lesson for you. It's based on a short documentary that talks about the COVID-19 lockdowns all around the world. (The music is simply amazing and the short film has such a powerful message!)

You can also learn adjectives to describe feelings in English with this short. I hope you'll like it.

A Social Distance - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films 24/09/2020

[NEW BLOG POST] 🎬 - Movie Blog for English Learners

I’ll never forget the moment I saw the video of Italian trumpeter Alberto Anguzza performing “Imagine” on his balcony.

It was March 2020.

That music was a glimpse of hope and a dose of positivity amid all the terrible news we were receiving in the early days of the pandemic. When filmmaker Ivan Cash saw this performance, he knew he wanted to evoke exactly the same emotions in his short documentary A Social Distance, which was codirected by Jacob Jonas.

The film gives us a glimpse into the quarantine experiences of ordinary people from more than 30 countries who generously submitted their own videos. Musicians of various nationalities also contributed to the realization of this short.

The result is striking.

Read my blog post about it and watch the short documentary now!

A Social Distance - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films A Social Distance is a truly collaborative work. The film gives us a glimpse into the quarantine experiences of ordinary people from more than 30 countries.


Hi everyone! I’ve just wanted to share some projects I’m working on during the summer.

🎨I’ve started a new project dedicated to Italian families and their children (aged 5-12). I’m going to teach English online to kids through ART.
🇮🇹 Ho appena aperto la mia pagina Facebook dove potete seguirmi se siete interessati. Vi darò anche dei consigli su come aiutare i vostri bambini a imparare l’inglese attraverso le arti visive. Vi aspetto qui: Visual English for Kids

🎬 My movie blog for English learners will be back and I’m writing some new film-inspired lessons for you. I’ve chosen some amazing short films that talk about diversity, social distancing and black culture. One of them is an Oscar-winning short.

📽 I’m also going to start an online international movie club starting in September. Stay tuned!

🇮🇹 Nel frattempo visitate la mia nuova pagina Facebook: Visual English for Kids!


If you live in Milan, join the movie club and let's meet up!

Impara l’inglese attraverso il cinema!
Il 13 novembre 2019 parte l’ . 🎬 🤩

Quanta British Institutes propone un modo alternativo e coinvolgente per migliorare il vostro inglese attraverso la visione di cortometraggi d’autore e lezioni di conversazione incentrate sugli argomenti dei film.

Per avere più informazioni seguite il link :


📽🌰🍁 Autumn is upon us, and I love it. We can cozy up with mugs of hot chocolate, slices of pumpkin pie, and curl up on the couch to watch some great movies. If you're in the mood for autumn and cinema too, I'd like to invite you to join our membership site and sign up for a FREE 7-day trial period. Watch some amazing short films and try out some activities with your students.

You'll get access to the Cinema in the Classroom course (if you've already done it, just skip it) and two film lesson plans of the membership site. See you inside!


Calling all movie-loving TEACHERS!

I'm going to launch a new series - Weekly Film Lesson Plans for English teachers.

🎬In particular, this month, we're going to focus on animated shorts made by European independent filmmakers who dared to tackle difficult issues and unconventional themes.

📽Many of these animations contain little or no dialogue so no excuses anymore. You can use them in your classroom no matter what level your students have. In fact, our first monthly topic will be about how you can teach English with short films even when you have low-level students.

📌The weekly lesson plans will contain creative ideas and activities for teachers to bring films into the language class.

One lesson plan + film per week! Every month we'll focus on a different topic.

10 dollars + (EU VAT charges) monthly. That's only 2, 5 dollars per lesson.

You can cancel your subscription at any time even after the first month.

📌If you're interested in it, please JOIN THE WAITLIST here.

🎈I will send you a notification when the lessons are ready. (At this point you don't have to pay, I just need to know how many of you would be interested).

🍿I'm incredibly happy to get the chance to create a community of teachers committed to bringing films into their classrooms. I’d really like to have you on board.

How to Give and Get Directions—Not with Textbook English 23/09/2019

Do you really know how to give and get directions in English while traveling? I'm sure you remember the expressions "go straight on" and "turn right". That's what you learned from your textbooks. But do native speakers use these expressions? If not, what do they say in real-life speech? And how can you understand their answers? Read this incredibly useful post, watch the video and let's unlearn some"textbook English"!

How to Give and Get Directions—Not with Textbook English You may be surprised how native speakers give and get directions in English. In this lesson, get the real language that textbooks don't tell you about.

Join the conversation about solutions to Climate Change | Conversations With Kate 17/09/2019

Listen to this conversation about climate change and all the positive solutions we can implement right now. This is such an important podcast episode!!! And it's not just for English learners. If you find it difficult to understand, you can download the transcript and the lesson guide. You'll also find a list of resources about the environment and the upcoming climate strike.

Join the conversation about solutions to Climate Change | Conversations With Kate Cara Leopold is back on the podcast to talk about Climate Change and positive solutions in advance of the Global Climate Strike on September 20 & 27.


🎬It’s time to get back to school or, in our case, to the cinema. As you might already know we learn English through artistic and independent short films here at Visual English School.

📽We talk about lots of amazing shorts, use movie scripts instead of traditional textbooks and do film-based exercises.

📌If you’re interested in learning with me, here you can schedule your one-to-one lessons.

📌If you’re a teacher, you can bring cinema into your classroom! The Movie Script as Textbook online course for EFL teachers is also open for enrolment.

📌If you live in Italy, in particular, in Milan, you must know that I’m also organizing a movie club in collaboration with an amazing local language school. (I’ll give you more details later. It would be amazing to meet up!)

I wish you a smooth back-to-school-transition! Speak soon!


I'll take a break from social media, and I'll be back at the end of August. The online courses will take place regularly. I'll be active in the chat rooms as well. See you soon. Happy summer. Thanks for being part of this community.


🎧A two-hour drive to the seaside? Long-haul flights? Airport delays? All good times to listen to some podcasts and get some listening practice in English. I've prepared a list of podcast episodes for your summer. Some of them are meant for native speakers, so listen to them if you already have an advanced level.

📌Flight of Fancy podcast: Why everyone loves Canada

It's about digital minimalism and how to use social media and technology with intention.

⛱And then an episode for English learners.

It's all about summer activities in the USA and the UK.

Happy Listening!


13 Best Outdoor Cinemas in Europe

There's something magical about open-air cinemas. Whether it's in a park, high on a rooftop, or in the shadow of an architectural landmark, you'll find an outdoor cinema or open-air film festival all around Europe. Look for some open-air screenings in English (with subtitles) in your local town as well. And let me know if you have a favorite outdoor movie theater. Or if you're traveling, this article might inspire you to discover some fabulous places. These are the best outdoor cinemas in Europe where to watch movies under the stars in spectacular surroundings.


Cinema in the Classroom - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films

🎬 [FREE COURSE for English teachers]

If used effectively, short films are probably the most powerful educational tools today to teach the English language – and not only. But why should you use short films instead of feature films during your lessons?

How can you create film-based exercises that go beyond the traditional listening activities?

And is it even possible to use movie scripts as textbooks?

You’ll find out more about all these topics, among many others, in this free, five-day email course dedicated exclusively to English as a second or foreign language teachers.

Amazing short films, case studies, film lessons, and worksheets for your students are also included. Learn more about this email course now and bring cinema into your classroom. Cinema in the classroom is a free 5-day email course for English as a second or foreign language teachers. Learn how to use short films during your lessons.


An Introduction to English Slang: 30 Wonderful Examples

You don't generally learn slang expressions in formal English courses, but you'll hear them all around you when you're talking to native speakers. Slang is a vital part of everyday communication. This guide will introduce you to some of the most common colloquial terms you might come across in the UK. English slang is varied, colourful and fascinating. Here's a guide to the side of the language you might not find in your textbook.


Martin Scorsese called for visual literacy to be taught in schools in his famous speech, "Reading the Language of Cinema." He believes we should reach young people to shape their minds and teach them how to interpret moving images critically. "Films tell us who we are, ultimately." We should all bring cinema into the classroom. But how? That's what we're going to talk about in my next free course: Cinema in the Classroom. I'm going to show you how I've used short films to teach English as a second or foreign language. I've also prepared some worksheets and film lessons you can use with your students. It'll be a free 5-day course exclusively for ESL/EFL teachers. It's coming soon.


5 smart ways to learn a language by watching TV and films - joyoflanguages

Why should we learn English with films? The characters talk at 200 mph, mush words together, and they do their best to stop language learners from figuring out what they are saying. Textbooks and audio courses have always given us a simplified version of the language. The problem is that they didn't prepare us for how people actually talk. It's time for a change. Find out why you should learn the language by watching films and 5 smart ways to do that. Bored of grammar and textbooks? There's a fun way to improve your speaking and listening skills! Find out how to learn a language by watching TV and films.


6 Creative Ways to Use Podcasts in the ESL Classroom - Visual English School - Learn English with Short Films

🎧If you're keen to learn how to use podcasts to improve your conversational English or use them as teaching resources in your classroom, I'm sure you'll take a lot of inspiration from this interview with Kate Fisher - conversation teacher and podcast host at Conversations With Kate. Find out how you can use podcasts in the ESL classroom. It’s official; we’re living in the golden age of podcasts. They can be amazing learning tools.


Audiobooks seem to be this summer's top listening tools. They're perfect for these long summer days. And the good thing is that you can find both free and paid options. Learn more about all the lovely features they have and how you can use them for your language studies. Click here to read the article.


The Present

A young boy seems to prefer his computer games to anything else. Nothing can seem to drag him away until one day his mother leaves him a gift. Watch this heart-warming and multi-award winning short film now!

After a very successful festival circuit, running on over 180 film festivals and winning more than 50 awards, we’ve decided that it’s finally time to…


Doodling: A Teacher’s Secret Weapon for Unlocking Learning

Doodling, so scribbling absent-mindedly is not a craft for distracted learners or daydreaming artists. Doodling can help us capture complex ideas, remember things better, and stay more focused during the lessons. Read this super interesting article about how to use doodling in the classroom. I really loved the part about visual note-taking. Leah Levy encourages doodling for both teachers and students when it comes to making learning stick. Read more in this article she wrote for Edudemic.


📌Pinterest is a visual search engine and a goldmine for language learners and teachers. Here you can look for all kinds of visuals—infographics, vocabulary cards, and illustrations. Now, let me share some of my favorite pinners with you. They create a lot of infographics and vocabulary cards for English learners. Follow them or have a look at their Pinterest boards. I'll list my account as well. I hope you don't mind. 😉
Speak Confident English
Next Step English
Visual English School


7 Little Drawings That Will Help You Remember English Rules Forever

Gabriel Clark from Clark and Miller is an English teacher who draws. There's no better way to describe him. He can even explain tricky grammar rules thanks to his little drawings. Check out his post. These 7 drawings are from my new book, 102 Little Drawings That Will Help You Remember English Rules Forever (Probably). Click here to get your copy. Some things in English are tricky. You try to understand a

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My name is Alexandra Kapinya.

I’m here to help all movie lovers learn English with beautiful short films.