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Welcome to the Facebook home of the Paris Bands! Communication among our parents, staff, and student


Program for tonight's concert!

Reminder that student call time is 5:30, and overflow parking will be available at the football field in order to accommodate for the other events at PHS this evening.

We hope to see you guys there!

Paris Bands 2023 Winter Concert.pdf

Photos from Paris Bands's post 08/12/2023

Some of our students paid a visit to our future band members at Paris Elementary School this afternoon and spread some holiday cheer!


Live footage from our hallway Christmas parade at Paris Elementary School this afternoon!

Photos from Paris Bands's post 08/12/2023

What a game by our Greyhounds this evening, beating Danville in overtime!


Great performance tonight by our small group at the Rotary Club Christmas Concert, and great job to all who performed this evening.

Student performers in the small ensemble:

Piccolo: Dayana Lopez-Hernandez

Clarinet: Jovanni Mendez-Cano, Ana Melendez

Alto Sax: Christopher Hernandez-Salinas

Trumpet: Makenna Banks, Brittany Torres


Good evening and Happy Sunday, Paris Band!

Great job last evening in the Christmas Parade! Everyone gave a great performance despite the weather not being the driest.

Here are the announcements for the week of 12/4-8:

Pep Band:
-Thursday Night (12/7) at 6:00 and 7:30.

-Call time one hour prior to tipoff.

Elementary School Performance:
-Friday (12/8); students will be called out of 5th period to load the bus to PES.

-We will be back on campus by 7th period.

Concert Next Week:
-Tuesday, (12/12) @ 6:30PM. Free and open to the public.

-Call time will be 5:30PM

-Dress for students is Christmas-y attire.

Rotary Club Concert:
-We will have a small group of our students performing tomorrow night at the beginning of the Rotary Club Concert.

-Come out to Bedford Acres Christian Church tomorrow night just before 6:30 to see them!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]!


Join us in congratulating our two Middle School Honor Band members!

Both students competed against auditions from Middle Schools in Bourbon, Fayette, Woodford, Scott, Harrison, Franklin, and Jessamine County to earn their spot in these ensembles!

Way to represent Paris!


Pep band is departing Sayre. ETA to Paris- 10:40.


Also, a huge thank you to our Superintendent, Stephen McCauley, for coming out to support us yesterday morning!

Thank you for supporting the excellence in ALL parts of our Greyhound community!


Score update:

Your Paris Marching Greyhounds earned a score of 60.5 which placed them 13th overall!

The band placed behind the 10th place finalist by a margin of only 1.1, and BOTH Music Effect Judges placed us in 9th!

Let’s hear it for a great end to a great season for the Paris Marching Band!



Your Paris Marching Greyhounds gave an excellent performance this morning in the preliminary round of the MSBA Class 1A Championships.

While we unfortunately did not place in the top 10 to advance to Finals this evening, each student should be proud of the hard work this season that has paid off each and every weekend!

We will post our exact placement and scores once the recap has been released.

Our ETA to PHS this evening is 6:55PM.


One contest left. One more weekend to leave the field with .

Catch us tomorrow morning at 11:15 on the field of Simon Kenton HS at the MidStates Band Association Class A Championships!


Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Below are the announcements for the week of 10/30:

Tuesday 5-7 (Trunks of Treats 7-8)
Thursday 5-9

Football Game 11/3:
-Kickoff @ 7:30

-Call time- 6:00

-March to the stadium- 6:45

-We will dismiss after loading the trailer following our halftime performance.

Mid States Championships 11/4:
-Schedule attached below

-Students will need money for lunch at Florence Mall

-Orders are in for our fundraiser through Bluegrass.

-Please turn in money as soon as possible

-If you need to know how much you/your child still needs to turn in, feel free to send me an email!

-We have 8 students signed up to help with parking for Legends of Bourbon Co. on 11/9; signups are posted on Classroom and Facebook for any other students/parents interested in helping!

Winter Concert:
-Tuesday, December 12th @ 6:30PM

-PHS Auditorium

11/4 Schedule:

11_4 Paris Band Schedule.pdf


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here are the updates for the week of 10/23:

Congratulations on an excellent performance last evening, and thank you so much to the parents and helpers that made it a success! We have two more weeks to go before MSBA Championships, and I'm so excited to see this group continue to push for a strong end to our season!

-Tuesday: 5-9
-Thursday: 5-9
(Thanks to Mrs. Sturgeon, we may have a couple of surprises at rehearsal for you guys this week, too!)

Football Game 9/27:
-Senior Night Game; Kickoff at 7:30
-Call time 6:00; we will march to the field at 6:45.

Fundraiser Items:
-Arriving TOMORROW during 7th period.
-Reminder that money will be due once orders are received; please have this in by Friday, 10/27.

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]!


Congratulations to our Paris Marching Greyhounds as they finished their 2023 KMEA Season last night! The band placed 11th in the KMEA Class 1A East Regional after an excellent performance of their show, The Last Ronin.

While they unfortunately did not place in the top 6 to advance to Class 1A State Semifinals next weekend, they will be competing on November 4th in the Mid-States Band Association Class 1A Championships at Simon Kenton High School.

Two more weeks to make our show even better and leave NO REGRETS on the field!


Update: We are back on the move. ETA to PHS- approximately 12:20AM


Update: We are currently in a traffic standstill on NB 89 just past Estill Co HS.

We will update our ETA as soon as we get moving again.


We are departing Estill County now:

ETA to Paris- approximately 11:15


My brain must have still been in Fall Break on Sunday Night:

I sent the schedule for this weekend via email and Google Classroom, but forgot Facebook and Remind!

Attached is the schedule for regionals this weekend:

Paris 10_21 Regionals Schedule.pdf


We have departed Campbell County HS; ETA to Paris- approximately 11pm.

Photos from Paris Bands's post 15/10/2023

Your Paris Marching Greyhounds came off the field with NO REGRETS this evening at Campbell County!

In class 1A, they not only EARNED 1st Place, but also:

Best Visual
Best General Effect
Best Auxiliary (Colorguard)
Best Percussion
Best Roadies Award out of ALL 13 bands there!

Catch us next weekend as we perform in KMEA Class A East Regionals at Estill County!

(📸 Jennifer Arnett)



Call time tomorrow is 9:15am with show shirts and black socks!

Weather will be cooler tomorrow evening, so bring extra layers in case you get cold!



Rehearsals tomorrow and Friday, 9a-4p!

Bring water and your own lunch!


HUGE thank you to McDonald's for their donation of $500 to our band this past Friday at the football game.

Both myself and our students greatly appreciate your support of our Marching Greyhounds!

(📸 Jennifer Arnett)


Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Here are the updates for the week of 10/2:

OUR WHOLE SHOW is now on the field! This means that all rehearsals here on out are dedicated to reviewing and cleaning! This is a GREAT spot to be in a WHOLE WEEK before Fall Break!

-Tuesday 5-9
-Thursday 4-7
-There will be NO REHEARSAL on Wednesday 10/4 as I will be out that afternoon for a Dr. appt

-We will rehearse Thursday (10/12) and Friday (10/13) from 9a-4p to prepare for our contest at Campbell County on the 14th.

Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday; 5-9 both days. No Wednesday rehearsals.

Fundraiser Update:
-All orders have been placed by Bluegrass Fundraising, and are expected to be in the week after fall break.
-Between our marching band and 6/7 Class, we sold well over 200 items!

Before you know it, the end of the season will be here. Let's keep pushing to finish this season strong!

As always, if there are ever any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]!

Photos from Paris Bands's post 30/09/2023

In just over 2 and a half hours, we went from first set of the closer to the last set of the whole show on the field- with 20 minutes to spare to rep and march through the closer twice.

We started a new tradition as well; seniors now have a permanent mark in their very last set as a Paris Band member 🧡🖤


An empty practice field now, but after today, it will have ALL the sets of our 2023 show marked and set!

9-5 Practice Day for learning the rest of our show!


Concession/Food Info for this weekend:

Concession Stand Workers for Friday, September 29th:

-Families of Lana, Kathryn, Kenely, Jorge, Oscar, Makenna, Caitlyn.

-Please arrive at the football field between 5:30-6:00. Thank you!

Saturday's practice meal at noon at the field:

Danica - burgers & cheese

Eleanor - veggie burgers, lettuce, tomato, cookies

Makenna- chips and water, Audrey - salad. Thank you!


Happy Sunday, Everyone! Here are the Paris Band Announcements for the week of 9/25-9/30:

Homecoming 9/29:
-Call time @ 6:00; dress is show shirts and bibs

-We will do pep band during the first half of the game, and then play for the homecoming court during halftime.

-Students will be dismissed after halftime.

-McDonald's will be presenting the band with a donation of a $500 check, as well as a $500 Arch Card.

-This will take place PRE-GAME at approximately 7:10.

Saturday Rehearsal 9/30:
-9am-5pm; Our goal is to clean our ballad, and put as much of our closer on the field as possible!

-Thank you to the Overman family, who will be providing/cooking lunch for us at the practice field!

State Championships Update:
-If we place in the top 6 at Regionals on October 21st, we will advance to State Championships the next weekend at Bowling Green High School.

-Because our performance in Bowling Green will likely be early in the day, we will be leaving PHS on Friday Night, stopping for dinner along the way, and staying the night in the Bowling Green area.

-Since this is also senior night at Paris, our seniors will stay through halftime at the football game, and will meet us at our hotel later that evening.

-I have sent hotel info via classroom and email to Parents/Guardians, but feel free to email me if you did not get that.

-Depending on how many adults will be driving our seniors down that evening post-halftime, there will be one or two extra rooms in our group, however, I can also provide a link to the hotel's website if any other parents wish to come along.

-IF YOU BOOK SEPARATELY FROM US: Please note that we will not know whether or not we advance to State until the week before; therefore, I recommend booking a room with the free cancellation option just in case.

As always, if you have any comments/questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]!


Departing Morehead now;

ETA to Paris: 5:30PM


Your Paris HS Marching Band gave an excellent performance during the Prelims portion of Morehead State’s Blue and Gold Championship.

They scored a 52.05 overall, earning 5th Place in Class A, 4th Place Colorguard in Class A, and 3rd Place Percussion in Class A.

While we are unfortunately not among the finalists, our kids absolutely should be proud of the excellence displayed this afternoon on the field!


Meal Info for This Weekend:

Please bring food when you drop off students on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. We will merge the lunch supplies into 1 car to transport to the competition.

Kathryn - breakfast before we leave for Morehead
Aaron- pork, BBQ sauce, & pickles
Christian and Alex- hamburger buns
Aden - gummies and water flavor packets
Myleisha - snack cakes and water flavor packets

We have chips, granola bars, fruit, peanut butter, and candy that will be there too. We will be providing food for their Saturday practice next week. If your student was originally listed for this week & you don't see his/her name listed you will be contacted to help with next week. Thank you!


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here is the agenda for the Paris band for the week of 8/14-18:

Tuesday: Rehearsal 5-9
Wednesday: Rehearsal 4-6
Thursday: Rehearsal 4-7; Boosters will also meet at 5 to clean and organize the football concession stand.

Our first home football game is NEXT Friday evening, 8/25, at 7:30PM. We are well on track in rehearsals to meet our goal of marching the first two movements during halftime of this game!

Our first fundraiser for this school year will be selling meat, cheese, and candles through Bluegrass Fundraising, and will begin on August 28th.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]!


Reminder about our booster meeting tomorrow night at 6pm at the practice field. See you there!

Also, if you have not already joined our new remind, text "" to 81010


Calling ALL Paris Band parents:

There will be a Booster meeting this Thursday night (8/10) at 6:00 PM at the practice field. We will be going over parent responsibilities for this Fall season!


Good evening everyone!

Here’s what next week’s schedule looks like so far:

Monday 8/7: Big Orange Preview: 7:30 @ Football field. Student call time is 7pm at band trailer, wearing school colors/gear if you have it!

Tuesday 8/8: Rehearsal 5-9

Wednesday 8/9: Rehearsal 4-6

Thursday 8/10: Rehearsal 4-7

My Paris Schools email is still in the process of being set up, however if you have questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to send a direct message to this page!

Letter to Parents and Student 7/21/23 21/07/2023

Attn: Parents and Students-
We had a meeting during rehearsal today and I wanted to post this open letter so parents are aware and know about upcoming changes.
Thank you

Letter to Parents and Student 7/21/23 Dear Parents and Students of the Paris Band Program, I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for allowing me to serve as band director these past nine years. We’ve had ups and we’ve had downs and I truly appreciate all the love and support that you have given. With that being sa...

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