Cycling across the UK for Sustainability and Environmental Education Along the way they will be visiting 30 schools and community projects.

Two of our staff will be cycling over 1500 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats for SEEd (Sustainability and Environmental Education). The trip will celebrate and capture sustainability in schools as our staff run student film-making sessions, teacher workshops, developmental discussion groups and twilight sessions on education for sustainability. If you would like to be a part of this exciting journey or help out please visit our webpage:


At the recording studio today to do the voice over for 'The UK's best sustainable schools'. It is almost ready :) !!!


Environmental Storytelling

Perfect combo to make the changes we need in the world. This is not worth missing! Take part in a weekend course of environmental storytelling at emerson college starting July 7th 2012. Click here for more information.


Michael Cutts and I did our first Webinar today with Hanna Plant at Change Agents. Awesome! Will post it as soon as it comes out. Thanks Change Agents!


Change Agents | Environmental jobs agency & education charity | Cycling4SEEd webinar Cycling4seed join Change Agents UK for a webinar about their journey around the UK talking to schools about sustainability


Visiting Lincolnshire schools

Last two weeks of cycling4SEEd on the road Michael Cutts Heighington Millfields Primary School It took us a little while to get in to the school but after we managed to make our way past reception we were greeted with the whole student body ready for an ...


Oakham to London option 2 - A bike ride in Oakham, Rutland, GB 96.2 miles A bike ride in Oakham, Rutland, GB, +4896/-4997 feet elevation gain/loss. Created by: Marika Ramsden -- Oakham to London option 2


Oakham to London option 2 - A bike ride in Oakham, Rutland, GB

2nd of June final ride.
Meeting places and times.
Leave Oakham 6:00AM -100 miles to go!
Kettering 8:00 AM - 80 miles to go!
Bedford 11:00 AM ( 11:00-12:00 lunch) - 50 miles to go!
15:00 St Albans - 30 miles to go !
19:00 Parliament Hill, Hamstead Heath. Finish 96.2 miles A bike ride in Oakham, Rutland, GB, +4896/-4997 feet elevation gain/loss. Created by: Marika Ramsden -- Oakham to London option 2


We have made!! We have reached the tip of the UK. We have cycled over 1000 miles and we have captured the voices of over 1000 students telling us their stories about sustainability. Please please please visit our website ( and make a small donation to help us put the documentary together. Every penny helps. Really it does!


Lots of different bits of Edinburgh!


Something very true about all of this..!


Cycling with University of St Andrews Cycling Club


Perth to Braemar


Filmmaker put out of action by thieves – Education –

Mike finds himself in the News Filmmaker put out of action by thieves – Education – Thanks for your help Scotsman Evening News! Although interview was not word for word (especially the bit about securi...


Visit to St Briavels Primary School and Wyedean Comprehensive in Chepstow St Briavels Primary School Our travels from Taunton to Chepstow took Mike and I on two separate journeys again as his tendons are still causing trouble. After a 77 mile cycle (2 hours in the dark o...


Adventures at Upton Cross Primary School After an exhausting ride over the beautiful Bodmin moors, passing wild ponies, the old mining ruins and the highest pub in Cornwall we arrived at Upton Cross Primary School. We’d been climbing fo...


Chepstow to Worcester - A bike ride in Gloucestershire, GB

It was a beautiful day for a ride from Chepstow to Worcester 24/03/12 68.0 miles A bike ride in Gloucestershire, GB, +3509/-3797 feet elevation gain/loss. Created by: Marika Ramsden -- Chepstow to Worcester


Up hill and up dale My ride yesterday was ridiculous! I got lost so many time that I ended up cycling an extra 15 miles. That doesn’t sound like much but when you have climbed up a vertical hill for 15 miles wit...



First few school visit blogs are up... Third one on its way :) Visit to Falmouth Primary School It was a really adventure getting to Falmouth Primary School from St Just Primary School. Leaving at 7:00 AM we had to get there by 1:00 PM to start our filmmaking ...


Land’s End ahoy! It all begins here..!

Read it read it read it!!! It has taken a while but we finally arrived at Land’s End and started our trek from one end of the country to the other! We got through the train conductor asking us to take our bikes off at ...


Look at Gok Wan showing support for Cycling4SEEd

Gok Wan modelling for cycling4SEEd! The colours really bring out the whiteness of his teeth and make him look so slim and trim! Beautiful Gok! ;) and remember... 'its all about the confidence' So we were at the Vodafone induction day for the winners of the 'World of Difference' programme when our brightly coloured cycle shirts caught the attention of none other then Gok Wan! Eager to sho...


Our first workshop – St Pauls Steiner School

Pictures from our first filmmaking session - the students stayed after school and wanted to continue after that... Awesome! Thank you St Pauls! We had such a good time with students at St Pauls Steiner School in London. Thank you St Pauls! They will be putting together their own story from the footage they have captured around their school...


Wow. Great kids and a great workshop. Film making went well and they really engaged with the subject! Happy now!


First workshop film-making session tomorrow. Really looking forward to it!


Rio+20: an introduction for children and youth

Great intro to Rio+20 This video introduces children and youth to the world of Rio+20. Rio+20 is a Sustainable Development conference organised by the UN in June 2012. It is a 3 day event that will focus on two themes—the green economy and the institutional framework for sustainable...


Cycling4SEEd's cover photo


Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future | Video on

Optimism is how we need to operate - and big picture views help us all contextualise our lives. Peter Diamandis makes a case for big-picture optimism -- that we'll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us. "I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems; we surely do. But ultimately, we knock them down.”


Making a world of difference

:) Both Mike and Marika succeeded in getting places on Vodafones 'World of Difference' programme and yesterday was their induction day at Newbury racecourse. Watch this short inspirational video about...


doubled our average website visits today... we must be doing something right :)


I’ll tell you a secret…

1st experience of cycling in the UK I’ll tell you a secret… I haven’t started training yet! I have over 1400 miles ahead of me in the coming months and I haven’t prepared myself in any way whatsoever. I’ve been too bus...


Attitudes Towards Recycling

Is your shopping addiction outweighed by your recycling addiction? Help Kathryn Isabel make this a reality. Take this short survey


Start Counting… 1 Month to go! Join us in our countdown to the day we start peddling up the country. With one month to go its time to introduce our recycled bicycle, Paul and Eddie. Watch our short video here

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