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If you’ve been affected by this year’s layoffs, Scott Galloway says you’re probably in a better spot than you think.

Prof G sat down with us recently to talk about building wealth and what that means in terms of losing a job. His big takeaway: If you lost a tech job, you’re in a great spot to get another one.

We’ll leave the link to the recording in the comments so you can get the whole pep talk.


Class is almost in session for our AI for Data Analysis course, so it’s time to meet your instructor – Apple’s Amit Rawal. Here’s what he wants to say to prospective students:

For the person who feels intimidated by AI: “This is a technology that's being built with the most natural user interface in mind: our language. It’s not like writing code.”

For the person who thinks AI is not for them: “You don't need to have worked for big tech or have a certain degree to be able to get the best out of AI.”

For the person who doesn’t see the point: “Human creativity = AI augmented human creativity. And the divide between the augmented and non-augmented will become greater and greater.”

For the person who is nervous about change: “The only way to deal with fear is to take it head on. So if it's scary but exciting, focus on the exciting part.”

See him in action on April 18th, where he’ll share 3 tangible tools to bring value to your work and your life. We’ll drop links in the comments.


NEW MINI-MBA ALERT 🚨 Ready to integrate AI into your product strategy? We’ll help you brainstorm, design, and prototype an AI product in 2 months.

In this 8-week bootcamp, you get:

- 6 weeks of video instruction
- Weekly office hours with our AI expert
- Weekly live lectures with product leaders building AI products
- Lifetime access to a 150-person cohort of AI builders

Yes, really. Join the waitlist to claim your spot as soon as they’re available. We’ll drop a link in the comments.


Have you been window shopping our Marketing Mini-MBA? Here’s a sneak peek at one of the frameworks we’re teaching:

It starts with what sets you apart → then we break down the value of that to customers → then we craft messaging about it they will LOVE → then we compound that with proof points.

And the result is a marketing strategy tailored to your company's unique value-add, so you reach the right customers.

It’s all happening next month. You in? Link in the comments.


If you’re searching for ways to get AI involved in your work, look at your high manpower tasks and high brain power tasks:

🏋️ High manpower = Anything repetitive that you have to do frequently. This could be documents you write, templates you fill out, or processes you run.

🧠 High brain power = Tasks that require your best thinking. This could be any form of analysis, synthesis, or strategy.

Let AI be your assistant and thought partner to help you get these tasks done in less time. We stubbed out some basic examples, but what else is going on your checklist? 👇


GIVEAWAY: Did you love Elaine Lin Hering’s advice at our What I Wish I Knew in the First 10 Years of My Career event? We’re giving away over 140 copies of her new book 👇

“Unlearning Silence” is all about owning your voice. Enter to win your audiobook copy and claim your seat at the table:


Still scratching your head over Microsoft co-opting Inflection’s co-founders and team, leaving Pi dead in the water? Here are our CEO Greg’s theories on what happened:

💸 Pi’s freemium model was fundamentally flawed. Even with a paid version (which they hadn’t launched yet), paid subscribers wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of free users.

🧑‍💼 Pi doesn’t have an enterprise application, something direly needed to supplement their consumer model.

🚣 Microsoft provided an out for a team no longer interested in slogging through the AI startup world.

⚔️ Pi wasn’t the first empathetic LLM to market, and – which launched nearly a year earlier – won the market share.

Think Greg’s on the money or totally off base? Tell him in the comments 👇


Still wondering how to apply AI’s superpowers to your business? Try some brainstorming using our O.A.T. framework 👇

Pick the operating mode that best fits what you need and map out how AI’s superpowers can help you make it happen:

⚡Optimize – Focus on internal workflows, processes, and tasks that you could use AI’s help to streamline.

🏃Accelerate – Think about the business metrics you’re trying to drive and how AI’s capabilities could help you achieve them.

🦋Transform – With your competitive advantage in mind, how could AI power a new product or service that elevates it?

Which of these AI operating modes are you in? Sound off in the comments 👇


AI can be all of your coworkers in one–yes, even the one you vent to. Here are 5 roles we think it plays especially well:

The executive – Try this prompt: “Review this document, and give me feedback in the style and tone of an impatient, results-driven CEO who expects quick thinking.”

The negotiator – Try this prompt: “Using the backstory I’ve given you, speculate a few scenarios in which this person responds in a way I’m not expecting.”

The reviewer – Try this prompt: “I am trying to refine this pitch deck. Suggest 3 places where I can streamline the content to make it more engaging.”

The mediator – Try this prompt: “I need your help resolving a conflict between two team members. Provide impartial guidance on how they can move forward constructively.”

The debater – Try this prompt: “I want to make a new rule mandatory for my team for productivity reasons. Give me 3 approaches and the potential fallout for each.”

Do you roleplay with AI? We want to hear about it 👇


Hey leaders – the more silent you are about your stance on AI, the more your employees will assume the worst.

In this week’s lecture our CEO Greg said: You need to be more transparent about the place AI has in your company, even if it doesn’t have one yet. You’re not sparing your staff anxiety by keeping quiet, you’re causing it.

Recording in the comments👇


Staring at a blank ChatGPT window wondering what to say? Try our prompting framework 👇

Not all prompts will require all 6 of these building blocks – you can create a good basic prompt with 2 and a really focused prompt with 4.

Ready to put it to work? Give this equation a go: "As a [Role], [Task Description] for [Context]. Please adhere to [List Specific Requirements]. Avoid [Boundaries]. Explain your reasoning for [xx]."

Let us know how you get on in the comments 💬


Start using ChatGPT as your “AI drill coach” in three easy drills:

Drill 1: Give AI more specific feedback on its ideas
- Ask AI to generate 3 ideas for a project you’re actively working on
- Tell AI to change one thing you DON’T like about its response
- Tell AI to do more of one thing you DO like about its response
- Now ask it to give you 3 more ideas … just like that one

Drill 2: Make AI think through its recommendations
- Identify a situation you need a solution for, and ask AI to simulate the scenario
- Ask AI for potential consequences of the course of action it suggested
- Ask AI to amend its original suggestion based on the consequences

Drill 3: Make AI do more of the heavy lifting
- Pick a manual workflow and ask AI how it can help improve it
- Pick one of AI’s strengths, and ask it to think of specific ways it could use that to help (e.g., “You’re good at content creation – how could you put that to use here?”)
- Ask AI for an action plan to integrate its capabilities into your workflow

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ICYMI: OpenAI’s product lead Britt Jamison shared the ways Product Managers can use AI to get promoted to a more strategic role 👀

60% of product managers we surveyed already use AI daily in their work - here’s where Britt told them to focus:

1. Find a workflow that saps your time or energy
2. Map those workflows against AI’s strengths (think research, ideation, creation, and synthesis)
3. Execute with a clear goal in mind and weekly check ins
4. Record your learnings and start on the next energy zapping workflow

The result? Your new junior employee (AI) doing all the rote tasks and you focusing on the bigger picture. So what workflow are you assigning AI first?👇

Photos from Section's post 08/03/2024

Can AI predict this year’s Oscars winners more accurately than our Oscars-obsessed Head of Marketing?

We asked Perplexity and Google Gemini to fill out ballots to compete against Rachel – who listens to not one, but TWO, Oscars podcasts and has personally watched all nominated movies.

How do you think AI did? Do you think Rachel will prevail? 🏆


If you’re getting mediocre–or even bad–results from AI tools like ChatGPT, it’s not because the tech is bad. You’re probably settling for mediocrity.

Jeremy Utley took over our Saturday strategy email this past weekend (are you signed up for that, by the way?) to tell us once and for all why our ideas aren’t getting better with AI.

The answer: We don’t really know what ‘good’ is – not unless we expose ourselves to more ideas. We crave the cognitive closure of receiving a passable solution, so we cut ourselves off before we have the chance to find a great one.

The solution: Never take the first answer. Even if you like the first one it gave you. Tell it that! And ask it to give you five more just like it.

Don’t get wooed into mediocrity! What are your tips for getting the best results out of ChatGPT? 👇


Our 5 favorite lessons execs shared in this week’s “What I Wish I Knew in the First 10 Years of My Career” event:

💡 Don’t be the person with all the answers, be the person with all the questions. Everyone wants them as a thought partner.

💡 If you’re an entrepreneur, you are the product. So you have to take care of yourself as the asset.

💡 Find a mentor who will champion and rally for you, who will talk about you in rooms you haven’t been able to get into yet.

💡 Rather than trying to borrow the halo of big corporations, find the place where you can make the most impact.

💡 If you don’t have your own definition of success, someone else is going to define it for you.

What are the lessons you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago? 👇


Get a course on your calendar for October - because nothing’s scarier than enrollment filling up before you get a seat 🎃

Section Launches Industry-Leading AI Curriculum to Build the New “AI Class” of Knowledge Workers 19/09/2023

Scott Galloway says that the companies that will lead in the next 10 years are investing in AI today (not in a few months or a few years). That's why we're announcing the launch of our ambitious "AI for business" curriculum: your essential curriculum to get ahead using AI. We have five courses enrolling now, with 45 more launching in the next 12 months. Join us to shed your anxiety about AI and make it your superpower. 💪

Section Launches Industry-Leading AI Curriculum to Build the New “AI Class” of Knowledge Workers Section, the business education platform founded by Scott Galloway, is launching the essential


It's time for everyone - CEOs included - to take an honest look at the parts of their job AI can take on in the near future.


It wouldn’t be back-to-school season without new courses to enroll in. Which one are you most excited for?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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