Face Book Sheep Flocks

Face Book Sheep Flocks

I am hoping to collect followers who are interested in Sheep who will share photos and anything of interest about sheep

A Special Friendship 07/06/2015

Buddy and Larry have a little moment ....

Mobile uploads 17/04/2015
‘Sheep farming is another form of culture, just like Picasso or punk’ 28/03/2015

‘Sheep farming is another form of culture, just like Picasso or punk’ Shepherds are disappearing from the countryside — but there’s one in the Lake District who has 40,000 Twitter followers and an acclaimed memoir to his name. Over a day in the fields, James Rebanks explains why he’ll never give up on the life that has sustained his family for 600 years

Mobile uploads 05/12/2014

A ring of feeders. Nothing like opening a bale of hay with the smell of a hot summers day as frost stiffens the grass



Door Leiden met de kudde 12/06/2014

Door Leiden met raadslid Walter Peijpe en stadsfotograaf Rob Overmeer

Shetland 4 11/05/2014

Ewe lookin at me.

Timeline photos 05/02/2014

Vambora enfrentar mais um dia de calor...

Timeline photos 05/02/2014

Storm Tomorrow ! Pick up a Project Today ! We still have some great yarns on sale !

Timeline photos 05/02/2014

Komp a Tiszán Ada és Padé között.

Mobile uploads 05/02/2014

I think the girls are all pretty pleased to be in now, it's pretty rough out tonight

Timeline photos 04/02/2014

Um ótimo fim de semana a tod@s!

Timeline photos 04/02/2014

A vida está cheia de desafios que, se aproveitados de forma criativa, transformam-se em oportunidades.
(Marxwell Maltz)

Feliz fevereiro para vocês!

Timeline photos 04/02/2014

Aconchego de mãe, de pai, de amig@, amad@, irmão ou irmã...
é tudo de bom!

Tenha um feliz dia!

Timeline photos 04/02/2014

Tem colchão mais macio que este? :)
Bom descanso, galera!

Foto: Fazenda em Rotura, Nova Zelândia/Agrodome

Timeline photos 23/01/2014

O caminho se faz ao caminhar...

Feliz quinta-feira para tod@s!


With an ageing general population of shearers it is good to see some young ones picking up the handpiece and carrying on such an important part of Australian history. This is Jake from Wellington, NSW who just shore his first 200 sheep in one day.

Timeline photos 15/01/2014

Want to carry around Daniel's fuzzy face in your wallet? Sign up for the Farm Sanctuary Affinity card program! Details here: www.farmsanctuary.org/creditcard

Timeline photos 15/01/2014

Dia começando... vamos lá!
Muita disposição para tod@s!

Timeline photos 15/01/2014

Rebanho de ovelhas na região da Sardenha, Itália

Esta foto é de autoria de Francisco Mendes, que segue nossa página e nos enviou esse belíssimo presente. Obrigado Francisco!

Se você tem alguma foto que gostaria de compartilhar conosco e demais seguidores do Capril Virtual, envie uma mensagem com arquivo da foto anexo. Escreva o seu nome completo e o local onde tirou a foto. Teremos prazer em divulgá-la na nossa página!

Mobile uploads 29/12/2013

Storm prep is underway ... again. ;)

Timeline photos 29/12/2013

Well, we couldn't resist... we gave Jude two more Cold Valley ewes. Aqua is out of Cache Farm Susie (one of our original four ewes) and our very first ram, Smoke Ham Helmut. Kelly (front) has a great mix of our breeding lines, going back a decade.

Timeline photos 29/12/2013


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