Bharat: Ek nayi soch

Bharat: Ek nayi soch

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After viewing 'Animal' movie, many aspire to become Animal, yet after watching Ramayana, few desire to embody Shree Ram. This stark contrast serves as a genuine testament to the striking similarity of our nature to that of animals, highlighting how we fall short of attaining godliness.


"Hindu, Muslim, Christian are not Dharma. These are names of religions labeled by Western imperialists. What you see below is actual Dharma. We admit there are a few bad examples in our society, but that is due to a lack of knowledge and information. Our younger generation has been brainwashed for years. Now it is our duty to help them understand the truth and how we deviated from our path of Dharma. We don't need to align ourselves with the West on the concept of equal rights for men and women. In our Bharatbhumi, there is no equal place for men and women; women always hold a higher position in our culture. We simply need to revive our great values and teachings. We forget that the great wars of Ramayana and Mahabharata happened because a woman's sanctity was tampered with"


Security personnel called off "Operation Gadool," which was the longest operation in decades. Four security personnel and two militants were killed during the seven-day operation. I have a simple question: How long will our brave soldiers continue to sacrifice their lives, despite being the fifth-largest economy and having the fourth-largest military in the world? Almost seventy-five years have passed, but the bloodshed continues.
# # # # # # #"There should be no ties with Pakistan." (Example: No cricket matches with Pakistan.) # # # # # #
"India should take control of PoK as soon as possible."
"Apprehend all traitors of Bharat."


Let's delve right into the heart of Indian politics: 'Hate Speech.' It is abundantly clear that regardless of what political party leaders say, every political party leader employs hate speech as a tool to secure votes in India—sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. Nowadays, politics has become intertwined with religion. This isn't wrong; we Indians are deeply religious. Our family life and social life are influenced by religion, so it's only natural for political life to also accommodate religious considerations. It's a very common occurrence. But religion is not the problem. The real issues lie with our politicians and political parties. All too often, they engage in hate-mongering. Some political parties advocate for Hindus, while others favor Muslims. Consequently, their voter base grows stronger day by day. However, in a broader context, they fail to grasp the toxicity and sensitivity they inject into society by spewing venom. This division could potentially lead to another serious riot, as India witnessed decades ago. Political parties naturally have differences, and there should be power struggles, but not at the expense of peace, friendly relations, and societal harmony. There must be strong laws in place to constantly monitor and mitigate this dangerous and profitable problem.

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