Rhi the Bat Rescuer

Rhi the Bat Rescuer

Here to share bat love! To help promote and support bat rescue and carers, to teach people about bats and to debunk myths and false information!

Operating as usual


Skittle has an white upside down heart patch on his nose 🤍


Named this little one Redbull because that's what I need to get me through this orphan season 😅


Berries feeling nice and fresh after a morning bath 🩷


Pop-Tart and Berries 🩷

Photos from Rhi the Bat Rescuer's post 28/11/2023

The Flying foxes have been doing it really hard here with how dry it has been. Very thankful for the rain, although that does mean thenectar will get washed out hopefully in the next coming days it will be better.
Also very thankful to see the native fruit coming out. This tree was full of bats having an early dinner

Photos from Rhi the Bat Rescuer's post 26/11/2023

Liquorice took it upon herself to warm up the fluid lines for the two new pups 🩷


Berries 🍒 one of two tiny pups that come in today needing IV fluids 💕


🧡 Fruit Loops 💚


This morning I picked up a deceased Mother and her baby girl Flying-fox from the side of the road outside the local high school. Mother had been hit by a car.

Mother would have been killed on impact but I don't know about her baby. So many people around saw them and no one called. I happened to come across her on my way to buy groceries.

Please if you see any wildlife injured or even possibly deceased call a rescue group! We may be able to save their baby still.

Regardless of how you feel about bats or other wildlife, nothing deserves to suffer like that.

For Gold Coast wildlife rescues

I am a vaccinated and registered bat rescuer. Please do not touch bats yourself!

Sorry for the distressing image. I hope blurring it helped


Liquorice waiting for her turn for dinner 🩷


Museli is the last of the 8 premmies to open her eyes. Just the right one though 😅 the other will open soon


Update on Liquorice! After daily nebulisers, three different antibiotics and supplements she finally has returned a normal blood result! We are still going to closely monitor her but this is such amazing news. She is truly a fighter!


The best is when I take in a batty that wasn't eating then I am greeted with grubby faces 🩷 the best mess


Pickle feeling fresh after his morning sponge bath 🩷🦇🛁


Skittles is up for sponsorship on website 🙏🙏


Our little gargoyle has opened his eyes 🥰


Macaroni 💛


🎃Happy Halloween from Pickles! 🎃


Baby bat or baby gargoyle? 🤔😅


Liquorice isn't feeling her best. With the help of the best vet in the world we are trying to get her back to her adventurous self.
Everyone please keep her in your thoughts 🩷🩷 she deserves a chance at life for being the brave little fighter she is


Butter is not a morning bat


It doesn't take long before the incubator starts getting full 🩷


Cuddles with the two most important pollinators 🦇🩷🐝


Be still my beating heart 🩷


He wouldn't need to save his dog if he kept it on a leash and stopped it from chasing the poor roo to begin with! Poor roo was doing the only thing he can to protect himself from being attacked by a dog!
Control your dog, leash your dog! Keep everyone safe.
I love dogs but hate irresponsible owners


May I interest you in a Hotdog? Welcome to the world little one🩷

Photos from Rhi the Bat Rescuer's post 03/10/2023

When you put them to bed vs when you go check on them 😅
Last season's pups W***y, Wally, Welly and Bean 💚


One handsome man watching me watching him 🫣


🩵Scotty aka Scottish Biscuits🩵
Found all by himself but thankfully sighted by kind-hearted people who called who sent out a rescuer to collect him and get him treated at
Scotty is premature and dehydrated. But we are keeping out fingers crossed for him 🤞🍪


🩷 Angel Cake 🩷
Just a little to small and under developed to survive. I hope you can come back in the next life and get the proper chance you missed out on.
Thankful to be part of the short life you had with us


Practicing not getting enough sleep as baby bat season is about to start any day now by helping over night this little brushtail Possum whose mum (who otherwise was the healthiest Possum ever!) Was killed by rat bait 💔


Not a bat but another kind of aerial mammal. Just cared for overnight to go to his new foster mum in the morning 🩷 Good luck Gunnah 🍀


Anyone catch me in magazine?
Very thankful for the chance to spread Eddie's story and spread some batty love! 🙏🩷


Montana trying her cute face to get out of physiotherapy 😅

Photos from Rhi the Bat Rescuer's post 08/09/2023

Montana says "no thanks" to early mornings 😅
This is the stare I get for cleaning up their mess and giving them their morning juice before going to work 😅


My first rescue and first orphan was in 2016.
Dear Lagertha was found alone in a tree. She was calling out for mum for three days before the owners of the home called for a rescuer 🩷 she is such a brave soul. Which is way she was given a Viking name


Any day now baby season is going to start. Little W***y was the first last season on the 18th of September 😱😱


We need your help!

Please take two minutes out of your time and read this really important petition below, asking Logan City Council to invest in a local wildlife hospital. The petition closes on Sept 4th.


Ways you can help:
✍️ Sign the petition
🖥️ Make sure you reply to the email Council sends when you sign the petition. This ensures your signature is counted
🗣️ Share the petition with your family, friends, colleagues and networks
☎️ If you live in Logan City Council, call your Councillor and speak to them about the petition and seek their support

Please support us with adding your voice and signature. Our collective voice is what's required for change 💚

Our rescuers and the local wildlife thank you! 🦘🐨🐹🐭🐢🦎🐍🦔🐦🐣🦆🦜


I wonder if he picks up good radio signal with those 🤭


Nothing better than the sound of Batties munching on bananas 🩷🍌

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